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RE: Revival of the Nature Identification Contest (NIC) - win SBI - steembasicincome V.1

I have stumbled upon your post thanks to @shasta and I love the idea. There are many plants and creatures I photograph and I don't know how they are called. I will look through my photos to chose one.

And for the big animal I think this might be yak.


Hi! Glad that @shasta resteemed to bring some great people here. You are totally right with the yak! Winner!!!! #winner!

Would be great if you have the chance to look through your photos to help us all together better understand nature!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wow, I am the winner! Thank you! 😀

I have captured this flower the other day. Some neighbour planted in the garden in front of our block. I really don't know how it is called. Would love to see if anyone can help.


Nice! You could try this app: PictureThis.

I haven't used this specific one but I have used others. They are pretty good!

Thank you for the advice. I will try this app.

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Great flower... not sure... I can give it a go. But beautiful photo. Maybe someone else knows?

Let see, may be someone can guess .

is it maybe a type of yellow daisy???

The leaves look like it?

It looks like. I am hopeless when I have to tell what the flower is. There are so many varieties.
I have a mate at work who may help me to identify it. She knows much more about flowers than me. :-)

Hello nelinoeva!
Can you get a pic of the leaf?
It might be a bulb of some sort too. Maybe a longer angle including overall size including what it looks like coming out of the ground (stem).
Is the flower fragrant?

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I took another photo and hope this can help better to identify it. :-)


It kinda looks like a Ligularia (leopard plant) without spots. The leaves seem to be thicker with a waxy finish, and the growth from ground (stem) more a tuberous type, with all growth originating in a sprial from a central point (monocot).
Nice pix! Curious to know what the actual id is.

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Thank you so much for this detailed description. Maybe I have to find who from my neighbors planted this flower and to ask 😀