Nature Identification Contest (NIC) - win Steem Basic Income and have fun with nature - V.5

Hello all! Want to win some #steembasicincome and learn about nature?!

Thanks for making the last NIC such a great conversation and for all of your great contributions. Really cool photos and insight from all! A bit late on this update, but better late than never!

Last #NIC found - (feel free to click to see it here):


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What is this?!

Hmmm.... any thoughts? Note a friend's boot for scale. Found this near the beach, a rocky beach at that.

Thus, welcome back to the Nature Identification Contest (NIC) v.5!!!!

We look forward to your contributions!

Basically it works like this:

  • post a photo that you took about something (e.g. a plant, animal, rock, etc) from nature that you would like help with as a reply below.

  • post context - maybe where you found it - forest, stream, desert, etc. How big it is (if it is hard to see).

  • other users will help to identify what it is as replies.

  • you do not have to, but feel free to repost or upvote if you are keen (if you like the contest - but not a requirement - but it helps support @SBI shares). So far I am funding this out of pocket so hopefully we start having self sustaining contests from upvotes, but I am happy to invest in the community until then!


What do you get?

Well first we learn from each other = cool!!!!!!

Second #steembasicincome!

I will donate 100% of the earnings (from upvotes) of this post back into #steembasicincome for the participants.

I will also promise to have at least 4 shares of steembasicincome as bounty for the participants, irrespective of the earnings of the post. Obviously, the more that participate, the higher the potential shares of @sbi to be given back. Hopefully a whale will stop by and give the potential for many shares.... ;)

Thanks to all of the above for the participation. (as always it may take a week or so before your shares are connected with your accounts).

What is @steembasicincome? Well just click on the name (@steembasicincome) to learn more, but basically it is a system to help support our community through upvotes.

Hope you enjoy and that we learn from each other.

But hopefully there are some harder ones out there and some good participation.

Looking forward to your ideas...

#passitforward #SBI #steembasicincome #life #nature

Thanks to @shasta for this amazing meme and hope you enjoy yaking about this and exploring nature below!


Hello @snowyknight!!! :-)
I found something lol A bird I don't know
the name of. Perhaps #natureid can help?


Wow @shasta, that is a beautiful bird... and great photo... is it the back of a magpie??? Don't know... Thanks for stopping by and this contribution!

I also have something I actually need help with. When in spain, I found this poor little broken branch of some plant. The flowery like leafs where still closed and it was completely dark purple. It put the little fellow in some ground and it started to open up! I only have no clue what this is or how to take care of it.


Hahaha, succulent, I believe. Best thing to do with it, is, nothing! They like to be really dry. Awesome shot...

Maybe someone else knows about these too?

Thanks! I love the way the colors are. I seem to remember that the plants where I found them were entirely dark, but these leaves have a nice effect as well!

Thank you so much @snowyknight! I wish I knew what the rock is in your photo but I haven't a clue..sorry!

It is the thought that counts!

;) thanks for stopping by.

I haven't got the vaguest idea...but I love the photos your followers are coming up with. Beautiful!
Resteeming. You might get some more interesting shots.

Thanks for the resteem and for stopping by. The flower photos this week are really beautiful and nothing like that popping up on your screen...

I have no idea what this rock is. I hope someone will guess.

Ps. I am hoping someone with really awesome nature photos like @shasta or @bashadow will come to the rescue with some cool observations to stump us all... ;)

I took some flower pictures yesterday.
DSC_7351 spike ball flower small.jpg
This was in one of the Top of the Hill Homer Pullout flower beds. I didn't take a picture of the pictures that tell about all the different flowers, so unless I make another trip down there I won't really know what it its.

It looks somewhat like a thistle type flower but is very soft, sorry no leaf pictures to go with I was trying to practice with my macro lens. It is an interesting spiky flower ball but not a sharp stick-you if you grabbed it spiky flower ball. That's about all I remember about it. Kind of like a giant sized chive flower, these were about two to two and a half inches around bigger than a golf ball but smaller than a tennis ball.

Hi @bashadow! I'm probably wrong as I don't know that they grow in Alaska but it does resemble an Apache Plume. Whatever it is though, it is pretty!

On our next trip down I will try and remember to take a picture of the placard like I did last year, plus I am not sure if there was more of a bloom stage to it or not, and not having leaf pictures is not helping the matter either.

Looks like it is blooming to me, but a totally awesome close up shot! Thanks again...

Wow! That is a beautiful photo! Looks like the flowers are blooming really well! Spring has sprung! No clue what it is though...

Thanks a million for stopping by and for this contribution and great description. Hopefully someone here can help?

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Wow cool! Thanks for stopping by and really exciting tech! Listening to it makes me want to make sure I write it well. :)

Thanks again!

Ooh! interesting picture! Should we be looking at the object in the bag or the stones at the beach below it?

Hey! Hahaha, yeah, not the bag (this time)... but yes the rock below the bag...

Thanks for stopping by and for your contributions last time too! Cheers!

It looks like some sandstone with quartz veins... Did the beach also have a cliff or where there dunes after the beach?

No cliffs there, really really flat... could be what you said...