Nature Identification Contest (NIC) - win Steem Basic Income and have fun with nature - V.4

Hello all! Want to win some #steembasicincome and learn about nature?!

Thanks for making the last NIC such a great conversation and for all of your great contributions. Really cool photos and insight from all!

Last #NIC found - (feel free to click to see it here):


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What is this?!

cow! NIC.png
Hahaha! I think everyone knows this is a cow! But check out the really cool ring in his nose (original photo by @snowyknight) from Central Asia. I have never seen anything like it! Have you?!

Thus, welcome back to the Nature Identification Contest (NIC) v.4!!!!

We look forward to your contributions!

Basically it works like this:

  • post a photo that you took about something (e.g. a plant, animal, rock, etc) from nature that you would like help with as a reply below.

  • post context - maybe where you found it - forest, stream, desert, etc. How big it is (if it is hard to see).

  • other users will help to identify what it is as replies.

  • you do not have to, but feel free to repost or upvote if you are keen (if you like the contest - but not a requirement - but it helps support @SBI shares). So far I am funding this out of pocket so hopefully we start having self sustaining contests from upvotes, but I am happy to invest in the community until then! ;)

What do you get?

Well first we learn from each other = cool!!!!!!

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Hope you enjoy and that we learn from each other.

But hopefully there are some harder ones out there and some good participation.

Looking forward to your ideas...

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Thanks to @shasta for this great meme and hope you enjoy yaking about this below!


I know it's not the purpose of this identification thread, but I like the game of figuring out what something is and I have another beautiful exercise :D

So I already know what this is, but here is a nice geomorphological feature. What you see on the picture is a rock, it is not important what kind (in this case something similar between sandstone and limestone). The main thing to identify are these holes in the rocks. It is important to note that this rock is situated right next to the coast (The Mediterranean in this case) and you could really feel the seawater in the air from the waves crashing on the cliff.

The holes vary in size but it they are approximately a few centimeters wide. Anyone can determine what these holes are called and how they form?


@snowyknight, if you prefer to keep this identification thread for things really needing identification, just let me know and next time I will try to find images I can't identify myself.

I have no idea but it looks like an ossified fungus :))

Ohh that's a nose ring I have never seen before. As @deerjay I would also say it is to make sure it does not eat something it shouldn't. It remarks me that with such a setup he would not be able to eat anything above a certain height. Maybe it is also used to protect certain crops, tree bark...? Central Asia in my (probably inaccurate) imagination could look like the place where there is an agricultural mix with a variety of land uses in one place and where such a thing is needed.

Thank you so much @snowyknight!!
I have never seen that on a cow before but it makes me wonder if it is to keep it from biting or from eating something it shouldn't. If it is a young cow then it could be to wean it from the mother. I've seen different ones used for that purpose but none like what is pictured. 😉

That totally makes sense... weaning off of his mother. That would be easier with the big plate blocking access to the milk... good insight!

Poor cow :(
Don't know what that ring is, but I wouldn't want to run around with that plate in front of my mouth...or that ring in my nose. picture. But I will :)

Agreed. not really sure the main purpose of the ring/plate here, "control"? Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you @snowyknight! Had never seen that kind of nose rings either!

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No worries! Thanks for stopping by! That nose ring/plate is super unique...

Thank you @snowyknight!
I have seen bulls with rings on their noses. Like the ones in Spain. But never with anything like that.

I found this flower on my way to the supermarket. It was growing in front of another block of flats. I was about to make more photos but I heard a woodpecker and I started looking for the bird. However the photo is a close-up. Can you help me to identify this flower?



That is a beautiful photo! Thanks for posting it here! Hopefully someone can help us understand what kind of flower this is. The yellow-green centre is amazing!

Hi @snowyknight. I love the concept of SBI and was given some and have now given some myself as well, so I'd love to take part in your contest.

I'm not sure what this plant is. I photographed it when I stayed at Boomerang Beach, about 400 ks north of Sydney. It wasn't growing in the indigenous coastal bushland there, but a cultivated front garden. The garden was a haven for mainly Australian indigenous trees, bushes and flowers.

However some flowers like Proteas, that actually come from South Africa, handle Australian dry soil conditions really well and are grown in amongst our native plants in suburban gardens, with the result that Aussies have begun to think that these plants are Australian natives too.

The individual parts of the flower are similar to that of Australian native plants: Grevilleas as well as Waratahs. But I've never seen a flower quite like it before.

So it could be an Australian or a South African plant/flower. Do you know? ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


That plate in the nose seems cruel. Much to big for the poor animal.
The owner should be charged with animal cruelty.

That plate in the nose
Seems cruel. Much to big for
The poor animal.

                 - redheadpei

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks @halkubot. I’m a poet and don’t know it. 😂

I think that was a great poem and the sentiment was right as well. ;)