Nature Identification Contest (NIC) - win SBI and have fun with nature - steembasicincome V.3

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Hello all! Want to win some steembasicincome?!

Thanks for making the last NIC such a great conversation and for all of your great contributions.

Last #NIC found:


all winning a share of #steembasicincome! Thanks for participating. It will take a week or so for your @sbi shares to show up in your account.

What is this?!

It is big and cold and an amorphous solid and is good to put in a drink... original drone photo by @snowyknight. Note this photo is to get the "ball rolling" hahaha. But hopefully we can figure out what it is too.

Thus, welcome back to the Nature Identification Contest (NIC) v.3!!!!

Basically it works like this:

  • post a photo that you took about something (e.g. a plant, animal, rock, etc) from nature that you would like help with as a reply below.

  • post context - maybe where you found it - forest, stream, desert, etc. How big it is (if it is hard to see).

  • other users will help to identify what it is as replies.

  • you do not have to, but feel free to repost if you are keen (and upvote as well if you like the contest - but not a requirement). So far I am funding this out of pocket so hopefully we start having self sustaining contests from upvotes, but I am happy to invest in the community until then! ;)

What do you get?

Well first we learn from each other = cool!!!!!!

Second #steembasicincome!

I will donate 100% of the earnings (from upvotes) of this post back into #steembasicincome for the participants.

I will also promise to have at least 4 shares of steembasicincome as bounty for the participants, irrespective of the earnings of the post. Obviously, the more that participate, the higher the potential shares of @sbi to be given back. Hopefully a whale will stop by and give the potential for many shares.... ;)

Thanks to all of the above for the participation. (as always it may take a week or so before your shares are connected with your accounts).

What is @steembasicincome? Well just click on the name (@steembasicincome) to learn more, but basically it is a system to help support our community through upvotes.

Hope you enjoy and that we learn from each other.

But hopefully there are some harder ones out there and some good participation.

Thanks as well for @mountainwashere for stopping by. This is a contest they started and I am hosting until they decide to come back! ;)

Looking forward to your ideas...

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Thanks to @shasta for this great meme and hope you enjoy yaking about this below!


Thanks for fostering engagement. Beautiful photo. I've no idea what it is, though. Glad I'm not there :)

Thanks for the resteem and for stopping by! ;)

Haha ice ice baby! Nice submission for a snowy Knight 😉. Btw is this a glacier or just regular snow on a mountainpeak?

Actually I also have a nice picture! It does not really need identification because I took the picture today and already know what it is. But maybe it's a nice exercise for a geologist or Google phanatic! It's a remnant of the region's 'explosive' geological past. Found in South Eastern Spain near Capo De Gata.

But there is a plant however that I have seen here a few times that I cannot identify. I recognise it from somewhere but can't think of its name. I'll try to take a picture of it tomorrow 😊

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Nice shot! Can't identify it :)

Amazing photo! Beautiful shot and thanks for stopping by! Not sure about the plants or the rocks but perhaps someone here has an idea?

The rock in the background looks like a fan a bit...

Nice guess! The rock ik the background is indeed the interesting feature. But although there are a load of alluvial fans in this region, this rock is not one of them

Basalt fan structure???

Maybe it is a difficult one because you can't walk around it to inspect it further. But it was actually the core (pipe) of a volcano! When the volcano cooled down, the vertical cracks started to form because the material shrinks as it cools, such as in many famous basalt columns. Because it is a harder material it doesn't erode that fast and now these columns are sticking out the landscape. They used to mine those nice, rectangular, hard rocks to make roads, that's why you see so much debris lying around 😁

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Awesome! Basalt rocks! Really cool shot and great explanation!

is that place famous? columnar basalt is cool (or at least form when it cools -hahahaha).

Seems like it would be good for roads... Would love to know more about the history there... have to do some google searching for volcanic history of spain... could be an interesting future post.

I still need to try the debate website... sorry, soon, I will...

Hmmm...looks like ice! I have a photo of a tiny flower that I found on a trail here in Maryland. It is a small bell shape, white with green dots on the lower part of petals. First time seeing it and wondering what it is. I don't know if it opens fully or stays in the bell shape.

Looks like some kind of snowdrops. But I can't be sure.

Yes!! Thank you Neli!! That is what they are. Had never seen them before this walk but they sure are pretty and now I know what they are! xoxo

Nice teamwork! and beautiful flowers too!

Thank you @snowyknight!!

Hello Snowyknight,
I just wanted to say thank you for providing such an interesting post!
Anyone know this plant?
Found in field in Baytown,Tx.
Fairly certain it is a bulb and has strap like leaves.

Beautiful flower photo and thanks for this contribution.

Hopefully someone smart here can help out! ;)

Cool idea! Thanks @bashadow for helping me find this post! So here it goes: cool lizard resting in the train tracks near Ella, a mountain village in Sri Lanka. Any idea of the species? Probably from Agamidae family, but...?


As for the photo, cold and to put in a drink... Ice? :)

Not sure what the lizard is, but cool shot. Hopefully someone else can help?

Ice is right! Cool!

Awesome contest! A few days before Easter I found the beautiful egg of a blackbird in the middle of my cannababies. The martens must have left it there the night before. Since it was obviously an Easter gift I buried it below one of my plants to dung it.

That is a beautiful photo and egg! Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks! I am glad I found your content! I know I am in the right place when I see things like that: Bildschirmfoto 20190524 um 07.46.14.png


I like the blue heart! Where do you see that!?

But yes, it is really cool to bring people together. @mountainwashere gets full credit for starting this.

I simply followed his lead but great photos this week! ;)

Using the @steempeak frontend. This is the way your upvotes look.

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Ok cool. I'll give it a go!

Thanks for the recommendation!

You'll love it! I promise. :)

ok cool! Just need some time! hahahahaha

This is the plant I was talking about! It is similar to the shape of aloe Vera at the bottom but there is a large stem coming up with insect-whisker-like leaves. The image is nog the clearest but I hope someone can help me 😁

Also found in Sout Eastern Spain, not only near the coast but also land inwards

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maybe? I like the frame of the photo with the blur... cool!

Oohh I think that must be it! I looked it up and that is the type of plant they make tequila of? I would not have guessed! Thanks! Well, the picture was taken from a driving car, but I'm glad it looks artistic 😁

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I think it is in the same family! But no expert! The driving car photos could be a good tag... #movingcarphotos.

hahahaha... what do you think?


This is a tree called Fikos. i took this photo in village Salakos, Rhodes Island, Greece last weekend.
it is in the center of village square and it is a big one. i believe is more than 15 meters tall. Just check how little the chairs looks near it.

That tree is huge!

Two other observations:

  1. you are the second dragon I know here (after the one of a kind @swedishdragon). Great name!!!!

  2. it looks like a great place to relax in the shade on a hot day and have a drink.

No clue the tree though... @samve is smart and well travelled, perhaps they know...

you hailed?? ^^:P
<twiirrl her tail; woop woop Thats MeEee ;)


Did you know dragonblades???

Thanks for stopping by! ;)

Good morning swedishdragon

nice to meets you.

2 dragons in this post make us Double Dragon.
This is another game from my childhood.

Hi , pleased to meet you :D
Ha ha game is on ;) LOL
Im born in the year of the dragon and there for go by the nickname 'Dragon

i like dragons a lot and medival era too.
dragonblades was my wow warrior name

thank you :D

English translation ( from google ) is Ficus and indeed is great to sit there and relax ( i've done it )

Cool... Time for some ficus for me as well! Thanks for stopping by.

All nature creations have their own beauty and magic, from a rock to a mountain, from a leaf to a tree etc

Spoken like a true lover of nature!! Cool!

nature is something special we have to lover her so she can love us back.
we are travelers and our time in earth is limited. nature was here and will be here for our children.

Ice! The answer must be ice.

And now let me ask you what this flower is?