Win a @steembasicincome share!

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Complete 3 simple tasks to win 1 @steembasicincome share!



  • Task 1 - Tell me what is your most favorite device and why.

  • Task 2 - Tell me one thing you like or dislike about bees.

  • Task 3 - Tag a friend's username in your comment.

  • (Optional) Resteem this post.

Winner of previous contest of 1 @sbi share each:

@brittandjosie and @bidesign

There are 2 SBI shares up for grabs.

This contest closes 24 hours after the post goes live. The winners will be chosen randomly.

Thank you for reading!

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Congrats to the previous winners!

1-My favorite device is My nikon camera even tho it's old and falling apart because photography is like active meditation.

2- I like bees because our natural world exist because of them, and they are so adorable when their tiny fur coats are covered in pollen.

3- @handofzara

Ohhh dear sweet Wednesday you started off great thank you I loves SBI share , @bidesign congratulations too

Woow Congratulations. Have a nice wednesday. 👍✌️👏 Thanks a lot @jznsamuel

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🔸 Most favorite device is my HP laptop, because it lets me connect to Steem & Discord, store my music, photos, & artwork, and is my lifeline to so many things! 💖

🔸 Bees are awesome because they pollinate flowers so we have even more flowers and trees and food! 🌺

🔸 Tagging @jamerussell to see if he wants to play along for a chance to win SBI 😊

Here is my entry made into a blog and put it in discord steemterminal for our members to join too !
Great contest, have a great hopefully sunny Wednesday my entry for Steem Basic Income. Thanks @brittandjosie for tagging me ❤️

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Thanks @brittandjosie for the mention :)

  1. My favorite device...uhhmmm Is a bassguitar a device? That's my favorite for sure. Making music reliefs and gives joy.
  2. I like the way bees are so busy within the flowers in our garden. Hard work the accomplish.
  3. Well @tijntje , he is a good friend on- and of steemit.. :)

Thanks!! Nice contest :)

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Thanks @verhp11 for the mention and putting this under my attention.

Task 1 - My most favorite device at the moment is by far my Nikkon D5500 in combination with my Nikon AF-S VR 70-300 f/4.5-5.6 IF ED. I am a great photography enthusiastic who loves animal photography and with this combination I can get great animal portraits without being spot by the animals or get them when they hide in their habitats at the zoo. Besides animals I also love making portraits of humans without they knowing it so you get the real face expressions.

task 2 - I like bees because without bees no flowers, fruits or vegetables without genetic manipulation, so we have to take good care of these buzzing workers producing jummie honey.

Task 3 - @qwerrie, @ellenripley, @Hangin are a few steemians in my follow list with whom I have regular contact here.

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My favorite device is my cell phone, because I can constantly communicate with my loved ones, I can anywhere check my steemit account and take pictures.
I like bees that produce honey and I invite @jdbs

My entry....Sorry about your name

Tagged them on the post

After @fredkese invited me here my answers.

  1. My most favourite device is my mobile phone. It is a Samsung. I do everything with it except calling. No ringtone either.
    It is my computer, photocamera, mailbox, and so much more.
    It is the only device I can still lift and hold, take with me, works long without electricity and which Ican use during my #hospitallife and days in bed.

  2. Bees... They are good for mother Nature but so are other insects. I do not need their stuff humans make honey out. I am allergic to honey. Stealing those animals their food is the same kind of abuse as stealing milk. You make an animal work harder to provide in your own need/greed.
    I don't like them plus the honey etc because of their smell. My father kept bees so I know all about it.

  3. @fitinfun @bxlphabet @mr72bussi
    Good luck to all.

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Thanks for participating

Hello to you and sorry for taking this long.
I haven't even had time to go look at this contest behind your response.

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No need to say sorry. It is your life and no time is no time. Enjoy your day without stress 💕

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I have just been to the shops in the nearby city of Pori and I can sum up with this YouTube video.

I'm warning you, it's about parenting and it's 95 % true with my life

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I will see if I can see it or download. don't worry I am not easily shocked I am what is left over from heavily child abuse, fighting parents, a dad that left and a dangerous crazy mother.


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Oh, I didn't know that about you.

Now, I'm shocked. And feeling sorry about your past.

Although, just last week, I said that even as I went through the mental and physical teasing, in my school years, I felt that it made me the person who I am today.

And I am with great personality and I enjoy my own company and my thoughts.

How are you feeling about your past, in these days?

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I have no feelings of hate or love against my parents/family. I build my own life. It is far from perfect. I have the broken body and health issues but my mind works fine.

I have a strong will, am creative, never had a lack of self-esteem even not as a kid, so I do not suffer from fears and all those problems people have. I guess I am lucky if it comes to that.

Kind of you to ask.

You cannot change the past but the future is in your own hands. You are not a victim but a survivor.

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Really nice to hear that and I am happy that you are a survivor.

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By the way, I wanted to return those favors to you somehow.
I don't know if you already know this...

I found myself to the and got already one testing task from them.

Here's my link to that website.

I started to be a tester for the Tata app.

And they pay with their crypto currency to post from them.
And I will get a reward for testing that from the

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I am taking care of since I am 11 years old.. a teenage mom once and single and single till today. I have 5 children, had 11 foster children and 2 times a full time job outside the house plus my own business for 14 years. Since the past 40 years or longer I never had a second for myself. No matter if I shower, sit on the toilet, eat, sleep, am sick. I always have to share my food, my stuff, and give in,show up, drive, arrange.

There is no social life, rest, privacu, me-time as a parent.
My youngest 2 are still not adults. At the time they are my life is over if I am still alive and believe me I have very easy, well raised kids without outdoor hobbies and modern wishes.


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I understand that no privacy.

I'm super happy and enjoy my bus driver job.
It's the one place where I am with myself more than half a thought. And I feel that where I am really good at.

And I make people smile...

You see, I'm the bus driver who says goog morning to every single customer that comes through the doorway.

But the biggest reason I came to the Steemit platform and I love it, it's because.

I needed, needed, wanted, I HAD to get some sort of, even how small, a little steady earnings of money.
I was trying everything I can think of for years, before I found this platform.

And I'm really happy to be here.
And I'm really proud of the actifit currency that I have earned.

Posted using Partiko Android

Good to hear you like your job. Mygranny always gave the busdriver a tip. It really makes such a difference if thereis a friendly driver.

It is good to hear you like it here.
You know you earn tokens with @appics too don't you?

So you have that token to next to @actifit and here.
Have you seen the tips I wrote with my other account @wakeupkitty.pal?

Try to join as much contests as you can and if you have a lack of time use @appics. With a picture you can earn more as with writing and a post is a post.

I really hope you make that extra income. You have potential and this work can be easy and fun.

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Task 1 My favorite device is my digital clock because whenever I go my device or gadgets always at my side especially when it comes to lunch LOL!.

Task 2 I don't like bees because of their needles LOL!

Task 3 I nominate @che-nie, @charnie, @vhinz88, @dcrealyn, @crystal-maiden to join the contest thank you and god blessed.