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I entered the cryptospace with Steemit, and the possibility to be rewarded on the site by putting in nothing more than your effort and time seemed enticing to me. It is going to be nearly a year on this platform for me now, and I've had a pretty exciting journey thus far.

I've also been searching for other projects capable of capturing and holding my attention, where the idea, concept and execution is something that spells long-term and looks sustainable. There's only one other crypto-related site I've been equally active on apart from Steemit, and this is one project that has got immense potential to revolutionize the public opinions as we know it today - by means of its balanced binary voting mechanism. The site has been fully functional, it's been undergoing a lot of developments even before the ICO, and finally as the token sale approaches and the marketing push will take force, I'm sure it will get all the attention it truly deserves.

It's something much better than cryptokitties, a concept in existence before cryptocelebrities and an idea that could truly spark a needed revolution.


I'll keep the introduction brief, you can read in detail about them on the PR network thread.

On, you can create unique cards of public entities like celebrities, sport teams, music bands, companies - tokenize them, influence public opinions by voting on them and generate passive income by being active on the website.

What are some of the cards that I have on the prn site?

Well, take a look below,

An interesting mix of celebs:

I've got @ned's card:

And @dan's too:

There are a lot of unique cards still waiting to be created. It could be some local celebrity from your country, a famous international musician or your favorite football club. Reserve your card of choice now before someone beats you to it, and don't miss out on this exciting opportunity.

You can join by clicking on this link.

Joining through my link above will just give me an additional blank card to create 1 public entity on the pr network.

I'm planning to conduct contests and giveaways here related to PR.Network. In case you end up registering through my link, do let me know.

Join the PRN discord to know more - here.

Be active, keep voting and let's go to the moon...

Thank you for reading!


Amazing initiatives/communities I'm part of - Click on the images to find out more.

1.png 2.png 3.png


This PR.Network seems to have a bright future ahead. I think the idea is simple but unique and exciting. I hope this will be further develop because it's very interesting.

thanks, it surely is going to be a project to watch out for!

For minnow like myself, success on steemit looks like a hell of work. But I believe tenacity will make the difference and at the end of it all, it will worth the time. I will like to know more about your PR Network please.

just register on the site - vote daily and accumulate points. you can create unique cards for your favorite places and people and those will also generate tokens for you in future :)

Looks like an interesting site but could not understand what to do after creating card. Will read the details.
Thank you for sharing

after registering on the site - you have the option to create new card of a public entity (for every blank card you own)... it's pretty easy once you get a hang of it... apart from that, vote daily on existing cards with + or - and accumulate points :)

Your PR. network is very for me. pls advice what the advantage and risk here. I think post will be very helpful to us to earn here.
Thanks for value postlike-all.png

No risk since it's all free, advantage is going to the moon :D


I think with this our dreams can come true. Thanks for the post. I wish see the site brighten my way the more as steemit will.

it surely will be a success, see you on pr :)


What should we do with points after getting?

They can be traded...

p.r network looks very interesting... A r rahman is my hero. he is one of the best music director of the world.

thanks, i'm his fan too and that's why i decided to create his card ;)

sounds super interesting
i will definitely make an account over there
I also entered the crypto world with Steemit! cheers

i guess steemit is the first step for many people :)
yay, you should join pr and be active... it could turn out great...


hay your article is very good, I've follow you, please follow back @obicryptos and we can help each other. thank you

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