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The idea

This contest is for everyone who likes to take pictures. I am not looking for pitch perfect pictures like other contests do. I want to see some creativity. If your image is not completely in focus, no worries, just make sure the object in the picture is recognizable.

The rules

Every week a picture will be posted. This picture will contain 3 objects. All you have to do is find an object that has a relation with all three objects given and take a picture of it. The relation can be color, usage, shape, material, weight and so on.

It is NOT about finding the exact same objects, it is about finding an object that has a link with ALL the objects in the picture. Okay, that sounds way more complicated than it is.


If there is a crystal vase, a book, and a dice in the given picture, then your object can be:

  • a pair of glasses
  • - made of glass, like the vase - needed to read a book - two glasses, the dice has a side with 2 dots
  • flower with 5 petals
  • - flower can be put in a vase - the color of the flower could match a color of the book - 5 petals, the dice has a side with 5 dots
  • jar of ink
  • - jar is like a vase - a book is written in ink - the color of ink could match the color of the dice, or the dice dots. Or you could use 1 to 6 jars of ink

How to participate

  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem if you like, it is highly appreciated but not mandatory
  • Take a picture of your object
  • Create a new post. Add your picture to that post and describe how your object relates to the given objects
  • Use the tag #keepthelink so I can easily find your post
  • Also put a link to your post in a comment below
  • Only one entry per participant


The prize for this contest will be:

  • 1 SBI for the winner
  • SBD payout of this post will be divided between all other valid entries.

So spread the word, more participants means bigger prize.


@girlbeforemirror has pleasantly surprised me with a gift to promote this contest. This week I will add 1 SBD of that gift to the SBD payout of this post. Since the SBD payout will be divided between participants, you all profit from it.

Contest End

The contest will end at payout of this post.


You can describe your objects in your post in Dutch, English, French or German.

These are the objects to combine

The items shown are: coin, cellphone, plastic card.

Good luck everyone!

twcv2ybhl8.png cv4vuo7j2f.png k1yae65nrk.png sujz10trkz.png 31gt2yw58u.png


It seems, with the new rules in place, the contest got harder for many people.

To make it easier I will list some specifics of one of the objects:

  • the prada card
    square, white, letters, blue, fashion (because of prada), plastic, eclipse/bracelet (circle on the card), certificate, card

I hope this helps you all