Keep the Link #7! What a fun game! I hope I win the SBI prize!

in keepthelink •  last year 


The original picture has a coin... well, where do you think I keep all my litecoins, bitcoins, steem coins and so on?
The original picture has a cellphone... well, I do the same things on my phone that I do on the computer. Like, exactly the same things.
The original picture has a plastic card... well, not only is the computer mostly made of plastic, it's also got my passwords saved on it. Which is how I prove things are authentic, like that Prada certificate of authenticity.

As a bonus, it also has the picture open on the screen of the way I would have chosen things if I was supposed to choose three things again: a cell phone charger, a wallet, and my sag-aftra card, which is my certificate of authenticity for proving I'm a real, live actor!

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Thanks for participating. Good luck!