Steemit - Did you CURF today?

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Did you CURF today?


Steemit is all about connecting to people, promoting people you like, helping when possible, getting help when needed, learn, share, motivate and get motivated. It is a great place to be.


While having all the above fun, there is more, you can earn a few bucks. Writing good content, whether it is entertaining, informational, educational or anything in between, is a good start. After that, it all comes down to CURF.

What is CURF

You have been on Steemit for some time and don't know what CURF is? Let me explain. CURF is the most important thing on Steemit. Curfing is a way of life.

CURF is...



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lol I've never heard of this acronym before.
Thanks for the info! :D

I invented it, wanted to see if it would catch on.
Glad you like :)

In my posts I use this banner, little more colorful