My entry for keepthelink contest @ijmmai

in keepthelink •  last year  (edited)


I replaced this with fan regulator which is almost of white color just as plastic card and made up of plastic.
Circular just as coin and has numbers like phone.

I am living on rent and other colors were present from very beginning or I can say that's landlord creativity.
Hope you like this one!!

Contest link:(

Hope you like this one!!

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Thanks for your entry. Did you read the new rules to the game?

Yes, only 1 item isn't it!!
But, I added the second just for creativity!!
Is anything wrong!!

Go easy on the !-mark, you are shouting when you do that.

You didn't specify why you picked this object, how it relates to the three objects in the original image.

  ·  last year (edited)

Gentleman I edited it! Hope this time it is fine.
You can check it now.

Sorry, I was not knowing that. I read that ! Mark is used to show your excitement.

No idea about this one. I just replaced question mark with! Mark.

  ·  last year (edited)

There is already a mobile phone in my image, so I wasn't expecting to see any mobile phones in the entry images.

The idea is to find an object that is not already in the image. This object however should relate to each object in the given image, either by color, by usage, by material by ... the list is endless.

Maybe it is too hard. I will probably change the rules for the next contest.

The first time that came in my mind was pc or laptop but unfortunately I don't have either.

So, respecting your words I am trying to think if there is something I have.
If I find something I will notify you.

I have added some additional info on the contest page in a comment. Maybe it will make it easier for you, and everyone else.

Thanks for your guidance Gentleman but still I don't have any but I edited this with the other stuff.
You can check. I have no other choice except introducing this image.

Gentleman, do you checked the new image ??
Is it fine?

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