@steembasicincome Contest - Free Upvotes For Life!

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Listen up! I have decided to hold a contest that will reward the winners with shares in Steem Basic Income.

That means you will get upvotes on your posts for life!

What do you have to do to win and get these juicy upvotes?

Upvote this post? NO!

Resteem this post? NO!

None of that crap is required. This isn't about me, this is about YOU! This is about making Steemit stronger.

What you need to do is go and find someone that is creating AWESOME content and isn't getting rewarded to the level that the content deserves. Leave a comment with the link to their post. I will judge all submissions and decide the winner on Wednesday night, 2000 Pacific timezone.


  • Find someone making awesome content (all types considered - art, photography, writing, video, etc.) that isn't getting rewards to the level of their content. Hint: The author should be relatively active (at least one good post per week).

  • Leave a link in a comment below and a few sentences why you think they should get more rewards.

  • Multiple entries allowed. BUT if you start spamming links without good reason, I will void all your entries. So be smart with your submissions.

  • The top 10 authors (by my sole decision) will be chosen on Wednesday night, 2000 (8 pm) Pacific time zone.

  • That's it!

Rewards For The Winners

  • Both you and your submission will get 1 'share' in @steembasicincome - upvotes for life.

  • Your submission will get at least one 100% upvote from myself on a future post of theirs.

  • Both you and your submission will get mentioned in a future post of mine.

Now go out there and find those people that deserve more awareness for their content!

The Window Of Time For Submittals Is Now Closed - Please Allow Me A Few Days For Judging

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This contest has come to a close. The response was excellent!

Please give me a few days to judge the winners! Be sure to follow me for results and I think I may do another contest like this in the future. :D

I nominate @dedicatedguy

He's really active and posts interesting stuff. I love reading about psychology. I've read dozens of articles and some books about human psychology. This guy posts a lot about this topic. His posts are really well formated as well!

Here's an example post

Hi @getonthetrain, thanks for this contest, awesome initiative. I want to get my own share for a while now. But before I have enough funds, I might as well nominate some other people for it :) My nominations:

  • @xwalkran, I'm following him from when I just started on steemit. He is able to convey his opinion on stuff in a very funny and sometimes sarcastic manner (e.g. this post. He also has a lot of interesting posts on tech related stuff and he writes nice short stories sometimes.
  • @riverflows, I've met her a couple of days ago on Steemit. I've noticed that she had written quite nice posts on a regular basis (e.g. this post about a lorry she had been living in). However, she doesn't get the rewards she deserves for it in my opinion.
  • @brittandjosie, is someone that has been supporting me for a while now. She, however, is a very active member that writes good content. I really think she deserves more credits for her work too!

Finally, I was wondering how the rewards for this contest will be divided when multiple people nominate the same person?

Again, thanks for doing this, great initiative!


I can vouch for @riverflows too I love her posts 😊


Good content needs to be rewarded :)

My nomination. Is @nosmas here the link to his post. https://steemit.com/air-clinic/@nosmas/have-you-lost-your-mind

Little attention have been given to his blog

I'm not taking part, but I'll just name myself anyway. You can put me up against anyone here, as far as writing goes.

But the platform isn't about quality.

So we can’t nominate ourself if Ido understand correctly 😁 Smart decision!
If I stumble up a good one, I will let you know!
Can we nominate you?

Well i got two people i think are worthy and deserves this
First is @kodeblacc he's a good detector for errors on apps he does it really well and i think that will help a lot
Here's an example

Next is @tony-duke a good writer poetry, motivational quotes and all types of writing
Here's an example

Hi, I like the part "without upvote or resteem" :D However I would like to suggest @pipiczech she is really good and she is trying to help people on this platform. She even does a competitions so you can win steem. Thank you

I would like to nominate Jordan Simons aka @thelifeofjord

Jordan is a professional photographer and filmmaker who travels around the world, sharing his works on Steemit and DTube. He invests part of his profits in crypto. I’ve noticed that his posts are often hit-and-miss: some of them earn decent payouts, but many wonderful posts get stuck with less-than-a-dollar rewards, like this one, for example:


Life of a travelling freelancer is challenging enough. I feel that @steembasic income can bring a little bit more stability to Jordan’s earnings on Steemit.

This seems like a wonderful opportunity to extend support to new and unestablished quality writers!
I would like to nominate @yesaye for this contest. He's a comedic writer who's pretty active on the platform.
He actually reads most of the content here and posts witty comments on them. You can check out his post on How not to Steem It! and go through his comments for a laugh!

To be totally honest I mean I deserve way more upvote on post like this
And this
And this
I put down lots of effort and time to make and produce it... My English in unfortunately not so good yet... But I'm working everyday on it... To make better content and text... It a part of the steemit journey I love it even if I dobt get any whale or big upvote.. I believe one day I will succeed.. I do it mostly for my self development and happiness... And if I'm lucky i might be able to inspire some people in time... Thanks for this opportunity... It's like steemit treasure hunting.. Haha... Your a good guy.. Bless you ✌️🙏🎯

Trying to nominate someone is quite hard, i have way too many choices since you said to nominate people that should be getting more rewards for the level of their content my nominations are going to be low SP individuals, low rep(<55) individuals that I know are active and that write good posts....

  • @skiponline - he just started and his posts are really funny! link to post
  • @themanwithnoname - he likes to write stories and stuff about how to make steemit better! link to post
  • @nathan290595 - i don't even know where to begin with this guy, since i joined steemit him and me have been the best steemian buddies, helping one another through and through, he provides awesome content for the blockchain!! Right now he just got a job so the number of posts he does has decreased a little until he has is life all sorted out, but when he posts he provides really good content, ranging from science, investing, crypto daytrading, cryptocurrencies, passive income sources... he does it all - link to post

All three of them are my followers and read/comment my posts xD

I could be here all day nominating people since most of the content i read is done by low rep individuals :D But i'll stick to these three


thank you so much for mentioning me, I really do appreciate it.


I always try to help out my followers, i know how hard it can be at the beginning :) let's keep grinding our way to the top! Our minnow friends of today are our whale friends of tomorrow!!


Thanks for the mention, man! I'm glad it's still entertaining enough that you'd recommend it. I have a few more ideas I'm working on, but real life has been distracting me. Hopefully I'll be able to get them out soon. :)


I know the feeling man, i had to stop writing for almost one week because i had to study, and that was just for 1 exam, very soon i'll have full months of exams, i'll probably won't be able to write anything, or at least write 1 post a week
Life comes first!


Yeah, I need to start prioritizing some things better. Good luck on studying for your exams. :)

I'm doing some nepotism for this contest :)

My son is @bxlphabet and he is trying really hard here while under a lot of stress. I was lucky enough to get him to open an account here last summer, but he only set up autovoting with @steemdunk in the beginning.

Finally in mid-January he started posting and commenting, and I am so proud of his work. It is a way for me to "see" him although we are across the world from each other. He tries to post when he gets up in the morning and then again before bed. He lives in a place of chaos so this is not easy, but he has been doing pretty well.

This week I gave him the contest lists from the posts of @moneyinfant and @artz and he found the killerpix contest. He had photos for the theme and entered. I found this entry to be very moving:

Great idea for the reward. I was given a share of sbi early in its set up and then have given one to my son already. Just seeing that vote each time is very rewarding - regardless of value. I think it is a wonderful idea and I'm glad very to be in it.


Neoptism...ha! Nice that he got to go to Ireland, and I liked the shot of the young couple in that small chapel. Well composed I thought. Maybe next week he'll choose a writing contest :-P

Looking like ist gonna be great contest out there look forward to this and join it

Great initiative. It is getting harder and harder to find proper authors and many of them get lost because steemit promotes quantity over quality and eventually they might give up. Personally I'll be going through the links and hope to find people who should get more views, don't have any to contribute at this time, the good under appreciated ones have all stopped posting.

I want to promote my brother @gydronium. He has a very good drawing skill, just look on his last post https://steemit.com/art/@gydronium/fullmetal-alchemist-fanart.

I nominate @ricpicks
He is very consistent with what he posts and always includes interesting information relevant to the photo he is posting. Us plankton in the mid 40's have to just have the stamina and patience to become worthy and its great to see you doing this to help us along!


Wow! 💛💛💛

I would like to nominate @littlenewthings. She has been a great support and friend. She has this mission to raise a 1000SBD fund for her parents' medical fund. She has been super busy juggling among work, family and also Steemit (especially Team Malaysia discord channel). She is also dedicated to helping newbie Steemians or veteran Steemians onto a better Steemit journey. Here's one of her latest post Steemit Bootcamp @ Sunway Nexis - Recap.

Yay, I love contests like these! I did one myself a little while ago and think I'll do so again soon. the steembasicincome project is a nice little bonus to show appreciation to someone :-)

My nominations for this are both @binkyprod and @teutonium. Their posts get overlooked most of the time and besides that, they are wonderful people who always write meaningful comments.

Here's an example for their posts:



Thank you for nominating me <3 you are also a wonderful person!!

I nominate @dannyshine for his promotion of steem and his thoughtfully provocative videos.

I wish to nominate @barski he has a 12 year old son who can really play the guitar, actually the daughter plays well also. I'm not sure of her age.


I'm putting myself up if there was any reward for being creative or original I might have a chance however these bots and the big fish seem to reward dog shit posts. The fact that no one even views your post hard to get any feedback. oh well just a lil bitch moment there never mind

Hey there, thanks so much for giving this opportunity, I wanted to sponsor him now, but I saw this initiative, so please check out @occupywallets, he's a very smart and talented artist and poet. I think he deserves much more credit then he receives!


I myself am an artist as well :)

Flying blue whale small.jpg

Thanks and best wishes!

I nominate a super talented young lady @honeydue, very active on steemit, a great story writer who also writes insightful posts on life/philosophy with the wisdom of an ancient sage.
Her latest Post is a perfect example of her work, always questioning the whys.

Thank you @wonderwop for a warm tip, friend, thank you! My daughter is 14, but such a prize deserves a person with a big heart, and this is you @wonderwop ! I vote for @wonderwop ! For me, friendship, more expensive than the prize. https://steemit.com/freewrite/@wonderwop/my-finds-at-the-local-gold-and-silver-shoppe

I want participate in this contest

Actually i don't want to do this but in my opinion if i will not help myself then no one will. I am an dedicated and active Steemian and joined Steemit Platform almost 6 months back (160 days) and i create my original content in section of, Quote Series Video, Photography, Positive Word Series, Original Poetry and Quote Series Writing. I will share my one link of all section so that you will get an idea, as what i do. Please have a look and if you think that my work is not producing any value then you can ignore it.

Quote Series Video:


Random Photography:


Positive Word Series:


Poetry Series:


Quote Series Writing:


Thanks for this opportunity and keep up the great work. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

NOTE: I am already 1 Share member of STEEM BASIC INCOME and i am participating in this contest for more exposure. Thank you.

Oh boy, oh boy! super excited about this one. On my way! :-)

I nominate @dinglehopper for he is a great artist and also good in writing short stories. He is always making good quality post here in steemit. You can check his account if you want.
Here is one of his beautiful works

I'll add here for your consideration one of my followers, which I discovered recently. He seems like a great programmer (he also mentioned some of his previous work) and posts Ruby lessons daily I think. Here's the latest one:

I nominate @possumworks as I love listening to his podcast stories about toads bait shop n fishin every day 😊

Hi! I want to nominate @scorpii . A genuine nice person that posts from inside Syria.

My voice goes out for @ubuntuhof

They are part of the german steemit community and create a lot of good videos, pictures, howtos... A familiy trying to live in a non- commercial and social powered life! I give a lot respect to this way of living and they should receive what they deserve! I give most time upvotes, but my votingpower pays never the work for their sharings!

This video is about a self-sustaining meal from nature and garden!


Thank you!

@fulcoverbetting, recently joined Steemit. Blogging about several things. The ones I really like is about crypto and his Steemit journey.

@anouk.nox, also blogging about a wide variety of subjects. And she is working with passion for the Dutch Steemonians to create and build a nice community.

Btw, I was not totally sure if I needed to link the user or only 1 post?


Thank you so much for nominating me @crypto-econom1st
This is very very much appreciated! Good luck :)

I nominate @leighleigh rights good stuff about life and deserves more. here is here post. https://steemit.com/familyprotection/@leighleigh/abandoned-did-child-welfare-fail
I also Nominate @themanwithnoname always helpful and gives good advise in his posts. here is post. https://steemit.com/steemit/@themanwithnoname/wallet-fix-stop-the-scams-spam

My lady of the hour is @mamajeani.

She makes wonderful posts, about all sorts of things, from cooking, to gardening, homesteading, to photography and all in between. Heres a recent post she made on next adventure in supplying Bounty Baskets...
And one recipe one, on making them awesome Hawaaiin rolls...

Thanks for the opportunity! :)

I nominate @eunireal1
She is a young pharmacist and a good writer as well but don't get enough rewards for her works that relates most times to her field like this article