Steem Basic Income Contest - Writing Topic - 15 shares Rewards

Some topics aren't written very often on Steem, so I will be using these contests as a way to hopefully spread knowledge

The Reward

The reward for this contest will be 5 basic income shares for the first person to fully accomplish the task, and 10 for the best post submitted within the next 7 days.

The Rules

  1. Do not create a piece based on modern propaganda, write something based on historical ideas. Many historical books on these topics exist, use them.

  2. Make a separate post and link it down below, do not put the whole thing in a comment.

  3. Each person gets a single submission.

  4. Wikipedia is a great place to start, but if that is one of your main sources you will not be counted.

  5. Anything from reactionary news media (Fox News, Infowars, and even CNN for many of these topics, etc) will immediately be rejected. This should be based on first hand research made by the people who support the ideas, this includes books.

The Topic

The topic for this contest today, is the concept of "Marxism". Pure and simple in its meaning and is understandable enough, yet most people are completely unable to define it.

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I did the best I could, I'm not that well read, but I really put some thought into it.

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Marxism? as in Karl Marx?

I think i could give it a try. i'll see how much free time i could cough up to get writing.

LOL. the rules are quite standard, i'm drawn to venture into an unfamiliar niche..


yes, as in Karl Marx, one of the founders of the field of sociology.


seems like the competition isn't very strong, you could probably win this yourself if you work at it


I'll Resteem for exposure. I might have friends who would be interested

Challenge accepted!

Here is my post about Marxism. I leaned very far left in my youth, yet I have a much more nuanced view of Marxism as I grow older.


You never understood Marxism, you probably went as far left as social democracy and called yourself socialist. Do research next time, as you have no understanding of any ideology within the far-left.

I'll definitely hop in on this one sometime this week! Been planning to do a post on Marxism and the environment for a while now.

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Here be me submission for this contest. I hope I don't do a spookity spook to new people entering in. Anyways, good luck to all the contestants!