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STEEM AUSTRALIA is now LIVE but I need your HELP!

in steemaustralia •  10 months ago

Over the last few days I've been working on a little something for the Australian Steem Community. And now I'm proud to announce we have our own STEEM website which can be used as a reference point for the general public.

Introducing the

But why do we need a website?

Well we need to formalise the message, for up coming projects and the standard STEEM website isn't tailored for an Australian audience.

More specifically we need a place we can send the media, to get resources for stories relating to Steem and the Australian Steem community.

Yes, Team Australia is getting more organised, and hopefully we can get a few projects into the public arena in the coming year.

Now, it's nowhere near complete, but this is where you come in.

I need your HELP!

I'm putting together a Media Kit and need to source content to make it as impressive as we can. Now I'm sure some stuff is already available if you know where to look but other stuff might need to be created.

And since Team Australia is a multi-talented group I thought I'd put a list of items out there to see if we can all pull together to get this done, in true Aussie style.

Media Kit Requirements 


When a journalist is doing her job properly, she will need access to real people who can be interviewed and quoted.
Now I've had a couple of nominations already, @mattclarke and @gohba.handcrafts, but it you want to be Steem Australia famous we can always do with more volunteers.

You'll just need to be happy disclosing your identity.

If you're interested then please leave a comment below.


Can you think of some Frequently Asked Questions that you needed answering when you first discovered Steemit?
I want to put together a list of commonly asked questions, so we have a reference if ever asked.

If you can contribute, then please list your Q and A's in the comments below.


When you watch a news story it's common for the editor to add some b-roll footage into the story to help strengthen the message and to keep the viewer interested.

Currently we don't have any TV quality footage we can share with the media, so it's time to get those video cameras out and start  making movies.

Now I'm not sure of the format required, but it'll at least need to be 1080P quality. Perhaps there is someone with TV experience like @angusg that can steer us in the right direction on the required format.

The video should be around at least 10-20 seconds long so an editor has something to work with.

Here's a few ideas for B-roll Footage:-

  • Male or Female typing at the keyboard publishing Steemit posts
  • Male or Female claiming rewards and commenting on the platform
  • Similarly, people using Dtube and Dlive and Dmania or even show making content for those platforms
  • Two people transferring STEEM via an app like eSteem or SteemPay
  • A witness showing their verbose output of a witness server (mining example)
  • Also a high quality animation would be great if you have the skills and ideas
  • And finally a person making a purchase from a vendor using Steem

(Now this last one would be easier if you live in Brisbane as there are a number of merchants taking Steem in that area. Here's the link for you to investigate further -

And this last one would be best with a couple of people so you can get the action shots from multiple angles and don't forget to get clear images of the screens.

Now I know video work can be an effort, but you can also share it in Dtube and it might actually attract a few decent votes if you explain what it's for.

** But please remember I'll also need it in a higher quality format, not Dtube quality.


Images are pretty straight forward, and hi-res images of the Steem logo or even a t-shirt design would be cool. And I'm also putting together a merchants page so a high-res version of a 'Steem Accepted Here' logo would be awesome if one of the Aussies artists want to put something together. See below.

And please consider standard sticker sizes when designing the artwork, as it'll be great if we can have a few on hand just in case we are asked.


And finally we need to hunt down some quotes, relating to Steem and Steemit from respected publications or personalities.

If you've seen any please let me know in the comments below and of course we will need a related source link.

Too much?

Of course, I'm only asking if everyone can do a little bit to help out, so we can all prosper in the success of Steem. And make sure you write some posts or publish any art and content on Steemit and Dtube and hopefully you'll get a few extra upvotes for your work. 

That said please use the #STEEMAUSTRALIA tag so we can keep track of who is doing what.

So thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope we can all get together and help each other out as much as we can.  And even if you don't have the skills it might be a little fun to give it a try.

Please consider RESTEEMING this post so we can get the message out to as many Aussies as possible.

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Hey guys can I also suggest to use dlive to upload videos? They actually do have the video option and does not take a 25% cut from the payout after 7 days. I’m in the dlive team so happy to answer questions if need be. We have two aussies in the dlive team :) btw great project!!


Dtube takes 25%!?!?! This is what most people don't know about Dtube. Will check out Dlive. Who is behind that project btw, other than you?


Ohh I didn’t make dlive I’m just part of the team. You can check it out on discord as well. But yes the 25% is a big hit. So I hope whoever is doing the clip think about coming to dlive and not get hit with the cut. We want to keep the most $$! for developing this awesome project.


@travelgirl I was watching @benleemusic yesterday on Dlive and the quality was great. Although, his picture was small. What resolution are you using on dlive? 720?
And I also had problems with the donation button. It's said it worked but didn't take the SBD from my account. Is that a bug?
Anyway great suggestion on dlive, but I suspect a few dtubers are enjoying the fat paycheck from the dtube account when they get on the prefer dtuber list.

And for future reference what it the cut dlive is taking?


Hey you can upload videos in dlive and I use 720p as well if I can. Dlive doesn’t take a cut as I previously mentioned so that money can go back to this project.

What is a dtuber list?

Re donation button where do you see the error? Can you send me a screenshot please?

As owner of the first, official, South Australian Steem-Mobile, I feel like I am obliged to take part. :)

I also have a history in Visual Art and Design, have camera gear, and recently live streamed the Adelaide Steemit meet up, which re-occurs on the last Thursday of the month at the Jade Monkey, on Flinders St, in Adelaide.

Shoot me a message on discord, holoz0r#7605, we'll chat. :)


Got this for B-Roll footage, too:


Sweet! I forgot about your ride. That could make for an interesting clip.



Sounds good. Must have @choogirl in the mix for interviews, she has been building this community longer than anyone and looks good on camera. I also think @benleemusic would be an ideal choice to put in front of a camera for mainstream media consumption. We have our very own real-world celebrity here and if he doesn't mind the extra exposure he could really be the x-factor we need to reach the masses.

We needed this, but I had no idea we needed this.
I once tried putting cold sorbet on a hot pancake. Great idea; but this is even better.


Well, you could make a video doing pancake art :-P @holoz0r has some great ideas so get your heads together.

Cool. I'll be interviewed if required. Assuming a mutually convenient time can be organised (probably the biggest issue).


Oh, that's great. It'll show we are widespread but still call Australia home [queue the music]

@just2random Can I be part of it, maybe paying a bill with Steem, I'm not so good with computers etc


For sure that would be great. I assume you mean via Living Room of Satoshi? Just try to get the best quality video you can. You don't have to show your face, just you typing and the screen of course :-)

so we not using the #Teamaustralia no more ?

Resteemed it

Happy to reveal identity , its also in my introduceyourself post

You don't need retinal and fingerprint scans , right ( I hope?


yes absolutely keeping #teamaustralia. This just a more formal way to represent STEEM in Australia.


so #steemaustralia is to track progress toward the website
#teamaustralia is general TA content.

did I get it ?


Correct, #steemaustralia is just a tag you use if you want to create content to be included in the website.

oh this is very awesome :D you are a great steemer, @just2random! and a great aussie :D #TeamAustralia going for bigger and greater things ! \o/


Always shooting for the moon!

Hi @just2random, this is a great initiative that I definitely would like to be a part of. I will have a think of which areas I will be best at contributing to the website. I will start by think of some go FAQs.

Will we be communicating through the PAL #teamaustralia discord page?


Great, I'm on there. @just2random.

Hi! I love this idea and I think a new website could open up some nice features to make the steemit life a bit easier.

I think I have some good Q & A:

Q: What is steem power?
A: Steem power gives you the ability to post and upvote people's content. The more steem power you have the more your upvote is worth!
Q: How do I sell steem dollars for steem?
A: In your wallet, if you click the dropdown arrow next to your steem dollars amount, you wi see market. Click market and then sell Steem dollars for Steem.
Q: How do I earn steem dollars and steem?
A: You can earn both of these by creating content, and commenting on other people's content. When people upvote your comments or content you will be rewarded with steem.
Q: Who should I tag?
A: You should tag the topic that is most relevant to you, and always tag STEEMaustralia and teamaustralia
Q: How do I add pictures to my steem posts?
A: You can add a picture by dragging it from your computer and dropping it into the location you wish to put the picture in your post.

These are just a few that I thought of right away.

Side note - In this new site, If possible maybe add the ability for users to put their posts into folders. So if you did posts on blockchain, you could have a blockchain folder. Or if you created some sweet music you could have a music folder. And above the folder layout, you would be able to have the 5 more recent posts from the publisher. Picture for a rough example It should be prettier than this :P



Ha, it's not a new interface for Steemit, but rather a reference point for people interested in learning more without having to go down the Steemit rabbit hole. But that's not a bad idea.
And thanks for the FAQ? That's exactly what I was looking for.


Glad to help :D I'm happy to help in any way I can, Even if you need some web development help. I'm happy to jump on board :)


PPS: You've got a really good idea for a website there. You could build an aggregator website where people can get a much friendly user experience. And a profile page that has the different elements you mention.
Although I'm not sure how you'd fund it. But perhaps via a % cut in curation rewards. seems like a decent name.
Then people would type to get a user friendly version of that persons account.


I thought about this, But as you said, I am also unsure of how I would fund that initially :P

I found this late but think its a great idea, I am a nobody in the scheme of things but I am happy to do interviews from a plankton point of view. Great initiative. Will bookmark now!


Awesome, I'll add you to the list and I'll need some contact details, but you can PM me in discord.

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A steem new Zealand site would be good too


Yes, I agree. Get onto it! :-D

This is a good development. I commend you guys for such.

Great Initiative. The team is growing so fast! Exciting times!!

great work for the community.. cheers:)

This is a marvellous idea. I could do some proofreading of things if needed.

It may be worth adding to the list of places where you can earn steem, Busy is just a nicer overlay for steemit.


Also, steepshot, Which is instagram for steem.

resteemed. trying to get in...check my blog for a guide on how to deposit your STEEM directly form Coinspot to Steemit, as the only guide i could find was through multiple transfers, which is just not necessary.

@just2random are you on the teamaustralia discord? I'd like to help out further, and if we could have a chat on there, that would be great :D


Yes, you can PM me in discord.

I'll get involved for sure.

I'll hopefully have some progress on the Steem Australia T-Shirts this weekend as well. Will give you a heads up.

Australia steemians @justrandom

I know you haven't mentioned it specifically, but since I was doing UX design related work over on and also for a couple of other groups/teams on Steemit, if you need some input to improve the user experience of the website for steemaustralia I am happy to help (even if it is just coming up with a favicon)!

Cool, can I be the treasurer?


lol. It's just a reference website. But if you want me to put your name down as treasurer you can answer all the calls from the ATO :-P