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Dear Steem community,

I discovered Steemit just 2 months ago and was fascinated that a website and a community like that are even possible. I immediately recognised the huge potential and the possibilities that Steemit provides.
When I saw the posts about @dtube and @dsound, I knew I had to create something myself to help the community grow and give the Steem community something unique that hasn’t been created before.
So I present to you

>>> dMania <<<

What is dMania?

dMania is basically 9GAG on Steem. You can post memes, funny pictures, gifs or your favorite cute kitten pictures. dMania allows you to browse through those pictures in an easy and user friendly way.
Because dMania is based on the Steem blockchain, you can make money by posting, commenting or upvoting posts. That means you can actually make money with memes 😉.

Steemit is a great platform, but it isn’t perfect for every kind of content. Steemit is great for blog posts just like on Reddit or Medium. For other kind of content, Steemit isn’t the best choice. That is why there is a need for other apps on Steem like @dtube, @dsound, @chainBB and now @dmania.

For a lot of people (me included) writing blog posts isn't easy. Many aren't talented writers, their native language isn't english or they just are not interested in writing blog posts. dMania provides them an alternative with memes.
Memes are simple, everybody likes them and everybody can make them. They are an easier form to express your opinion or your thoughts.
On dMania you are not just limited to memes. You can post anything that you think is interesting or funny. A post on dMania only consists of a title and a picture. This way a lot of people who were just consuming content can become content creators themselfs.

There is already a meme category on Steemit, but you can not browse through memes like on 9GAG or other meme sites. I am a big fan of 9GAG and I love to look at memes all day long. I could not do that on Steemit. So I had to create my own version of 9GAG on Steem.
The name dMania means decentralized mania or dollar mania and describes the upcoming trend towards decentralized platforms with direct monetization and rewards for their users.

When I was creating dMania, I took the best parts from 9GAG and Steemit to create something better. The current version is just an early alpha version and I am going to improve it in the upcoming weeks and months.
Just like @dtube and @dsound, @dmania collects 25% of the rewards. Those rewards will be used to fund further development and cover the costs for hosting.

How to use dMania?

  1. Go to
  2. Click login
  3. Enter your Steem username
  4. Enter your private posting key.
    You can find your private posting key in your Steemit wallet -> Permissions -> Show private posting key:

dMania won't allow logins with your Steem master key.  It just isn't safe and you shouldn't give away your master key to anybody else.

Hot, Trending and New

dMania has three categories for memes: Hot, Trending and New. I switched the Hot and Trending category from Steemit, because I think Hot should be more important than Trending. 9gaggers are also used to the fact that a post on Hot page is the highest achievement in life. 

Upvote and Flagging

Upvoting works basically like on Steemit. To adjust your voting power, click on the power symbol in the upper right corner.
Just like on Steemit, only users with at least 1 million Vests in their accounts will be able to adjust their voting power. Everybody else will always vote with 100%.

I changed the behaviour of flagging or downvoting from Steemit. In my opinion an upvote is basically a tip.  You can decide how much the post should be rewarded. On Steemit you can also adjust your voting power for flagging or downvoting. It will decrease the payout and therefore indirectly remove a tip from another user. You can't take away a tip that was given to someone from another person in real life and neither should you be able to on Steem.

Flagging on dMania should only be used to mark inappropriate content that should be removed. A flag on dMania is a downvote with minimal voting power. If you dislike a post, just don’t vote. Only flag the post if you think it should be removed.
I think it is the better and fairer voting system. It won’t allow a whale to just remove all rewards that you have collected from hundreds of other users.
The more upvotes a post has, the harder it will be to remove it. A post with zero upvotes can be easily removed with a few flags. A post with hundreds or thousands of upvotes will need a lot of flags to remove it.
The dMania community (or dManiacs as I like to call them 😜) will decide what should be visible on dMania and what shouldn’t. I will never censor or remove any posts by myself.
All posts that are flagged and not visible anymore are still stored in the Steem blockchain and are accessible by everyone. 

Posting on dMania

To create a post you only have to provide a title and a picture. You can upload a picture from your device, drag and drop it or just provide the URL to the picture. All pictures are hosted on Google Firebase Hosting. In the future dMania will probably switch to IPFS. For now I think most IPFS hosting solutions do not provide the availability and performance that is needed to provide fast loading times for all users. I think solutions like EOS Storage are going to change that and dMania will use them when they are ready.
If you don’t want that your pictures are hosted directly on dMania, just upload the image to some image hoster of your choice and provide the URL to the image.


I designed the dMania user interface as simple as possible. The main focus is on watching memes and having a good time.

I want that users are able to use dMania on any device. dMania is a progressive web app that will adjust to your device. You can watch memes on your smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop. There is still a lot of work to do, to make it look really good on all devices. I will try to optimize the site for all devices in the upcoming weeks and months.
If you think something can be improved or you have some ideas for new features, just tell me and I will try to make it better.

Meme Mania

I just started a new Meme Challenge on dMania called Meme Mania. I think meme challenges or meme contests are a great idea. They bring new people to the Steem ecosystem. All rewards from the meme challenge posts and most rewards from dMania are going to be used to fund the next meme challenges. This is just the beginning. I want to reward dManiacs with hundreds or even thousands of Steem dollars with Meme Mania. Together we can do this.

The winner of the first meme challenge gets 50 SBD !!!! For the details go to Meme Mania Challenge

Upcoming features

I started developing dMania just a few weeks ago. The current version is an early alpha version. A lot of features are still missing to make it as good as 9GAG or even better. To support dMania, upvote this post or create and upvote posts on dMania. I have a full time job and can only work on dMania in my spare time. If things are going well and you guys keep upvoting, maybe I can start working full time on dMania 😍

The features I am going to work on: 

  • Profile Page
    A user profil page with all posts, upvotes and comments from the user.
  • SteemconnectV2
    The login with the private posting key is cumbersome, especially on mobile. SteemconnectV2 is going to provide an easier and safer way to login on Steem apps. I will integrate SteemconnectV2 when it is ready.
  • Videos
    Looped videos like on 9GAG would make dMania a lot more fun (They call them GIFs on 9GAG, but they are just looped videos).
  • Comment Preview
    A comment preview for markdowns and images just like on Steemit.
  • Custom Tags
    At the moment all posts are tagged with dmania and meme. In the future you will be able to tag your posts with custom tags. There will be dynamic tag pages based on the latest most favourite tags.
  • Following and Follower
    Follow your favourite meme poster on your own feed page.
  • dMania App
    An Android and iPhone app would greatly improve the experience on mobile devices. 
  • True dezentralization
    At the moment the app and images are still hosted on a server. I will try to make dMania truly decentralized in the future. 

Bringing down the giant

I have been a 9gagger for years and I still love 9GAG, but there are a lot of things that can be improved.
9GAG is censored and the admins decide what should be visible on the platform and what shouldn't. In my opinion the community alone should decide what should stay and what should be removed.

With dMania I tried to provide a familiar platform for 9gaggers. I want to bring as many 9gaggers to dMania and Steem as I can. It will be a better version of 9GAG when it is finished. Browse memes, have fun and earn money by doing so. Want else could you want?

dMania is going to bring down the meme giant 9GAG and will become the best meme website out there.

Last words

I hope you like what I have created so far. I would really appreciate some feedback. Tell me what you like and what you think can be improved. Post your feedback in the comments or contact me on the steemit chat.

dMania on Twitter
dMania on Facebook

To support dMania resteem and upvote this post and follow dMania on Twitter and Facebook. Go spread the word, a new sheriff is in town 😉.

I hope you guys will all become dManiacs

Go fun(d) yourself

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow i resteemed snd followed! I have over 2900 followers and ill show this to and @fyrstikken and @neoxian and @stellabelle snd @thejohalfiles and @papa-pepper and @sweetsssj and @tj4real and @tytran (just showed him) and will show more whales and Uhh yeah you do have a full-time job it's called working on D Mania. You need to work on this full-time and soon you will once you start earning enough from The Profit the same way D sound and D to make a little bit of money from their percentage they take which seems to be a little high and I'm wondering if I just missed the article where it says how much you're going to charge and I honestly don't care and I'm sure it's fair and I really love the idea of people finding out about this website D Mania before they even find out about steemit and I think the one thing that D Mania D tube and D sound all need is the ability to register new users independently of steemit which means they need to actually register steemit users so maybe you could even create a button to register new users to the steem blockchain and have the button basically redirect someone to the registration form and then the button should also won the person this button will redirect you to steemit where you'll be registering a steemit account and then instructions on how to get that posting key now that seems like it's a little complicated and people need to understand crypto currency to know why they need that posting key why there's four different passwords but I think it's fun after knowing about it and I like the process but we have to realize people like me like that process they're going to really not like having to go get a posting key they're just going to be too complicated and so people aren't going to want to have to register on steemit and then go over to permission to get there posting key and paste it is a simple process and maybe we could make it more simple maybe we can have the ability to register on steemit instantly and then repost they're posting key without them even knowing about it like somehow take the posting key data from their account and go use it like all inside a pop-up window maybe one pop-up window can allow them to register on steemit allow them to save their master key and then it'll automatically copy and paste they're posting key maybe give him a little dialog box that says you know would you like to take your posting key and give it to the Mania and have a little dialogue box that could tell the user what's going on showing how they're taking the posting key from the new account and giving it to D Mania while at the same time it could allow the user to copy down their master key for steemit and yeah I think that way we could really make it easy for people to sign up and I think that would overcome a big barrier but even if we can't do that we're still going to attract a lot of people with this website man you created something really amazing here and you basically just created the 4chan for steemit and this is going to be incredible and this is going to be incredible I have been trying to tell people to monitors memes for a while now and I even got banned from the reddit sub reddit "meme economy" after suggesting that people monetize memes and I am just so glad monitors means and I am just so glad that we finally have someone with the sense to replicate the whole image only posting for steam it and yes I also noticed that gap between D tube and D sound and I'm glad that you created the image version of that this is exactly what I knew would happen but I'm just glad you did the work and you are going to reap the benefits now I suggest you dedicate time or hire someone because or or find a free intern because you're going to be the leader of a very popular website and you're you're going to need new features and you're going to want to create new projects or you could keep just one big pet project like this and make it better and better maybe you could create the system for generating posting keys for new users that is more user-friendly so that D tube and D sound can register new users without needing steemit while still staying on the steem blockchain maybe we could just start with the idea of having a button to redirect people to the steemit Registration site anyway thank you so much for creating D Mania I am typing this out using the Google voice to text so I'm not really typing and wow this is very very easy to just talk and have Google type out your words for you. So basically I am realizing that people should use steemit with voice recognition software like the basic Google Voice to Text on your phone or tablet it makes steemit so much easier when you don't have to type

Yes, google voice recognition is great -

punctuation maybe not it's strong suit.

most perfect gif ever.

You mean GIF't, don't you?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

i didnt even think about it but youre right, not a single period in the entire post, it's like I use commas instead! someone just said it's james joyce style, but wouldn't he go on for multiple pages in the same sentence? i think stream of consiouenss in rapid fire is only acurate way to express your mind, becvause the thoughst cant be expresed with english but iuf u speak enough and get it all out fast and keep expressing how you feel opver and over woith differemnt descriptions of your feelinsg and idea then you wil eventau;;y uncover the idea like you have evebtually we will get enough data to piece togethr your thoughts ......anyway, when you constrtict yourself to multiple sentencs and use periods, maybe your cutting off the thoughts u may be better off leaving in a string!

you have been followed

I am following everyone here in this list of people who upvoted by crazy long $7.48 Voice to Text comment because if you liked that you will love hearing more of my maniactic rantings

And I am still unable to understand how this system works? can anybody help me how to grow with steemit ?

heres a quarter kid

and a tai lopez video to start u off

this too

Here are seven steps to start immediately.
Apply social media on yourself. “Start marketing yourself,” Lopez explains. ...
Pick lucrative niches. ...
Create packages. ...
Win clients, quickly. ...
Tell engaging stories to attract followers. ...
Track results. ...
Hire staff.

I think this is what you meant to link @ackza

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

hahhaha this is hilarious, MEMES, getting a lot of money! memes!

"I saw a guy get shot in the dick when I was 5 years old, I sent that guy a coffee table book"


"My dad was a ferrari fucker"

"I can tell you a less painful way.... Oil up the butt!"

"people ask me, dude, how do I get puissy? you have to be Nice... You know, This is tit fuck headquarters here where I live here"

Oh man this is amazing , heh, fuckin, heh, fuckin, amazing, heh, especially if you wanna make money, heh

This is gold.

Ha, fucking hilarious!!

one punch man song included, sold!

this had me ROLLING just now!

Also, read a book a day in your library/garage in front of your car. ;)

only 47 lamborghinis in my lamborghini account hah ,man these are such gold

It's like having your tongue in front of your eyes and can't see a word you're saying! 😵

Thanks for your great feedback. I really could use some resteems or upvotes from a whale. This post doesn't get the attention I thought it would get.
I am going to improve the login and registration process as soon as it is possible. The new version of SteemConnect will make this process a lot easier. Then you won't have to copy your posting key anymore.

Omg, that would be amazing. Upvoted and following you so I can stay up to date on the project.

nothing more calming that working on a program or website on a laptop/tablet at a coffee shop or home while talking to peopel around the world, and knoaing that your gong to make money all online, especially from using your own mind, its quite the rush!

You are smart for wanting to do work like this! Any work on steemit like this willbe a win and there are so many things to do even creating a bot ius something a youtube commercial told me I was alrady behind in lol i literally saw a youtube ad for some messanging app Bot creation service that began with 'If you're not buildinga bot, youre already behind" anyway man, the android app @edgar-trem is something ui will have fun with or i hjhope u will! its a lot of fun building an app and doing it skiow and relaxing, it's just very calming when you realize that urban sort of feeling of doing dot com tech work, like being in silicon valeyy or sanfranscio and working at Google before they really became big, or like imagine that feeling of workng at uber or pandora befoe they got big, and havingtha tfeelking of making money online with some app of software, its justsuch a rush!

get into software! go on and learn about stuf people like @inertia do like his bots he creates and @gyzimo and his chat bot @curisoity and youll be able to learner lot from real web developers and programmers and business people and writers and just cme on and learn! get int the spirit of web development! the feeling fo mamingmoney online fromsofytware creation is so fun!

I'm going to keep sharing your site w/all of my meme loving friends. I love a good meme, and plan to start contributing, but for some of my friends, memes are what they live for. I showed them your app, and that's what convinced them to take a serious look at Steemit. Keep it up. You're on to something. Bookmarked it in my mobile browser, too, so I easily remember to visit it.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

wait realy?? so whaty will steemconnect do so thaty u wont need to use posting key anymore?? wel what would u login with then??

and hey I believe my resteem worked! I helped get your post up to $270! hahaha u have upvotes from @donkeypong @booster and @dtube even! decentraioed media platforms on steem blokchain UNITE!

hey man look at that, u got an upvote from the might @thejohalfiles wow nice one ofthe biggest whales and one who really supported me when i first started here! i am So happy my call to him and other whales all worked nd that he pushed your post up to where it deserved! I tOLD you i would do something about it i saw an undervalued post and i had to do something and i KNEW the whales would apreciate the sheer technical neciecisty of a site like this when we already had daudio and dtube but no stil image meme site....and this Dmania site will really fill up in teh future peopel will get hooked on making money with mmes and we will see people perfect the art of memetiucs on Dmania! ... oh and seems i was rewarded with wow a $7 comment upvote wow nioce! thank you all!

wow man u REALLy got some whale upvots here! look!

Thank you for your support. Those upvotes helped a lot

I can't tell you hao disappointed I am that you didn't type that.

I thought for a minute there, you were a reincarnation of James Joyce.

I was also surprised to find a period.

Shhh but I actually honestly id type it all out lol and so to disguise my laziness and craziness I just claimed that i had used the Google voice to text feature, but if you check all my posts and especially comments you'll see a lot of 10 line run on sentences all over the place but can probably keep going for many pages like james joyce did, because look I dont have any sort of filter between what I think and what i say, and what I say is what i type, there is no difference, it is the same ego speaking and it doesn't need to concern itself with arbitrary "punctuation that doesn't ever help me anyway because I need to not be constrained by limits but what I do need is a better microphone and better voice to text software but until then i will be happy to leave punctuation out of all my sentences if that is what you really want because i feel the more I can express in one sentence the better and why stop at an arbitrary number or words or lines I mean who is to say when a thought begin and another ends and why should I cut my thoughts up like sausage meat when the human mind and language are continuous flows of information and emotion and why put limitations on how much your mind can express itself?

Now that you mention it, we do rather resemble animated sausages...

you have followed

@ackza so this is legit? I am skeptical on having to enter private keys on anything but this site.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

yes it is safe because it is just your POSTINg key (for posting, commenting, upvoting) and its not your Master key that can be used for wallet transactions

your posting keuy can ONLY be used to make comments and upvotes, thats it, dont worry, and youcan change that posting key using the master key,

and iu had the same concern when signing up with chainBB for the first time which lets u login with steem account and posting key to post and comment and upvote stuff in a forum type setup but iyt steem blocckhain, and so i looked it up learned about it and realized from @jesta the creator of chainbb that u cant go wrong using the posting key becauese u can change the posting key using teh master key anyay so yeah, ur good, but it is tristhworyty, if u ever did catch susipous activity of yoru account upvting stuff u never upvoted or maing commentsu never typed u canujust change your posting key but this site shouldt ever give you that oroblemi will let @zombee explain

Okay thank you ackza. I am loving it! This steemit platform is amazing.

yes you are fine. You use SteemConnect yeah> steemconnect is safe its from steemit inc and son it will even get battle tested hopefully so we can see how it stands up to a biog attack, i wanna be able to know i can trust tr with my owner key, but even if owner key was comprimised and password wad changed i could always do a account recovery procedure which is NOT to be used if YOu forgot your Owner key that is NOT what it is for.. you MUST haveone of your origional passwords to do the recovery process... and yes steemit inc has smeone working at an office hired just for recovery service, BITCOIn doesnt have an account recovery service! (Anyone can be assigned to be yoru account recovery person though so its not just stemit inc who can do this u can set it to be anyone you want ) It works because the Blockchain records everything so they can tell who the attacker is and they can also easily verify you with a picture in a comment etc and then tell whose comment is the actual original owner and who the attacker or poser is... its amazing... steem accounts are MUCH safer to load a lot of money onto ... bitcoin doesnt have that sort of feature! if youre hacked in Bitcoin world youre fucked!

ANYWAY sorry for loong answer but tryto just use postingf key to login to third party front ends hen u can, i know dmania got rid of the posting key login to opt for Steem COnnect which is much more advanced but posting key might be better for such a website, but steemconnect is SU{PPOSED to be safe i just dont think steemconnect should even have owner keys they should make do with posting key and active keys

Anyway its an ACTIVE debate currently still going on within steemit itself sbut you will be fine!

:D dont worry you are ok!

Thank you brethren

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

So users who post memes on your platform are rewarded from the limited Steem reward pool? :|

This is a great idea for your own Smart Media Token, but it quite honestly goes against everything the platform is about and is a huge step in the wrong direction. Steemcleaners are already swamped with people high frequency shitposting.

The Steem reward pool depends on the number of users on Steem. This app is going to bring more people to the Steem community and the reward pool will grow.
Just like or, dMania is another app on the Steem blockchain and provides you with a different Steem experience.
Steemit was just the first app on Steem and there are going to be a lot more in the future.

People don't understand that most applications are already possible without Smart Media Token. Smart Media Token will make it possible to reward your users with your own token. You will be able to customize that token for your application. Everything else still runs on the Steem blockchain.

All posts on dMania are also visible on Steemit, but they don't have to be. They are visible because Steemit decides to display posts from external apps. In the future the posts are probably only visible on dMania or maybe in a separate Steemit community.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

No it doesn't at all. The Steem rewards pool is limited. The more users on the Steem network, the less rewards pie for each user. The more people shit-posting memes, the less rewards for original content creators.

Don't be fooled by the lack of critical thought in the comments - every person I've shown this too has immediately had the same reaction. This will be bad for the platform. Very bad. I seriously hope you reconsider.

And what do you know? You are already raping the rewards pool all on your lonesome with copypasta meme bullshit. This will be great for the platform. Truly awesome.

Ultimately, @bulleth, every objection you raised is a positive for the Steem blockchain. The limited pool (not just of rewards) is what drives the value, unless you don't believe in Steem and SBD.

Without a doubt best thing that could happen to Steemit would be if say Medium decides to build on the Steem blockchain. Not with an own currency, with SBD.

What you mean though, what your objection actually expresses is that you want to limit (throttle) the number of users and thus have a bigger influence yourself and need to share the pool with fewer people. But with that also comes lower currency strength.

If all the Medium heavy hitters, especially the VCs and startup founders would bring their content (production) to Steemit (whether as Steemit users or via a platform built upon the Steem blockchain), more investors would focus on SBD and Steem.

Same with dMania. But you don't like the virality of dMania. And I can undestand those worries because of the drowning out effect that virality can cause.

Yet, as @zombee mentioned in their comment reply, maybe that is a Steemit platform design which needs to be raised and improved.

But I understand your concerns, @bulleth. They are valid thoughts to have. Yet @ned & Co. will ultimately be the ones deciding what they want: Steemit to become a huge Everything bucket aggregator or Steemit itself to continue to be a vertical with force too.

If everything bucket, yes then every app built on top of the blockchain and making use of Steemit will be a threat and can endanger the SBD as we know it.

But, in se, more users vying for the same will increase the value of anything limited in offer.

NICE reply and you deserve that $20 upvote, seems liek someone wanted to make a point about @bulleth and how he may have been a lil bit too harsh AND a little too overly optiomistic aboyut Dmania, hah because he is basically upset that it will become TOO succesful and get TOO many users joining steemit lol if Dmania brings in more contenta nd more users it can only be a plus! You cannot seriopusly be talking about steemcleaners having a hard tine LOL steemcleaners is NOT a part of steemit inc and it is just a random guy who decided to make a bot and if his bot cant keep up with the steem blockchgain thats his prioblem and he WILl adapt and we will see other users coming in with more steempower fighting with steemcleaners and rightfuily so as no one can just claim they hget to make the rules and enforce them, peope lwill enforce their own rules, and we shouldnt just talk about steemcleaners as if he is in cjharge of steemit, hes not the official steem police and no one is and we should remmeber that this place is decentralized and if peopel can post crap here they WILl post crap here!

Let the masses come! ;let the shitposters post and flood steemit! so what, it is BOUND to happen sooner or later, and we might as well deal with the problems NOW rather than latrer, we hjave to understand that human freedom and free will will create probelms we cannot avoid, we will simply have top deal with the fact that we will get the same sort of content that is found everywhere else on teh web because all the same users will ecventually find steemit!u

Lets not focus on things that constriuct steemit, lets focus on things that HELP steemit! And Dmania is a GREAT tool and I dont think it is very fair or very helpful to shoot it down like this and say it "goes against what steemit stands fpor" because thats subjective first of all, and i think a lot of early steemit users confuse their early adoption of steemit with them having some sort of authority or representing the interests of steemit

the facts are that ANYONE can come in here and buy steempower and have authoprity! We should not get too comfortable with any set system and realize that things can change fast and yeah whales might not be able toi make a smuch money as they did in the past, yeah we might find the reward pools getting diluted when more and more peopel are fighting for the money! But that is a good thing if we have more users thats great,

I think a lot of people forget that just because teemit is working for them, it doesnt mean steemiutr si working for everyone else, and things will have to change and we will have to allow EVRYTHING because HOW would we go about "filtering" info??? People shouldnt have steemcleaners going around flagging them, and steemcleaners should realize someone will get angry and someone with money to burn will just buyt steempower and flag stemcleaners ! They will get into flag wars! So much arrogance on a platform supposedly about freespeech etc, i think we should not be teling others how to behave or what to post, if the comunity doesnt like it, they wont make any money! but we should not be flagging people jhust because we dont agree with what they post, because look oif others enjoy it and upvote it, who are we to flag it with a high powered account? Its just bully behaviour, and we should not tell people that they cannot post high frequency memes to steemit, why not? hat if that is someones posting style?

I just think a lot of steemit users seem to have a type of autism where they get stuck in their ways and dont liek change and theyt are set up nicely and want things to remain the same...its human nature....but peoiple dont like to admit when they are wrong and also people dont like to believe they are wrong, and i feel like we are going to see a HUGE amount of flagging in teh future,

imagien when the real toxic types come in to steemiut and start buying steempower JUST to argue with peopel and flag their enemies,

imagine when something like Antifa comes in, backed by george soros to buy steempower and starts flagging anyone who supports the right, imagine the civil war just inside politics, then imagine the men vs women the black vs white the race and sex wars we will experience, oh man, it will be really crazy, people will be using flagging and steempower as a weapon! hah it will get so crazy but we will all get to laugh to the bank as steem goes up as more and more people want steempower to have influence here! and as this place becomes the defacto political forum because of how you cannot delete posts and it is censorship free, then more and more peopel will migrate here and so it will become more and more relevant!

Steemit is going to become so relevant as more countries find out how it is xcensorship free and how comments and posts cannot be deleted, it will attract ALL the best political thinkers and will result in steemit being banned in many nations after it is used by poilitical dissidents, but decentralized websites are hard to ban and we will always have backups for people to use, aps and even darknet sites that still use the steem blockchain, so peopple will always be able to acess steemit! And it will become a political tol, but this will also make steem skyriocket similar tio bitcoin, people will see steemit as the Bitcoin of social media, oh man we have yer to even experience how popular steemit will become!

we are ALL SO LUCKY to get to be on steemit this early! i am SO grateful to you all for being here helping to make steemiut happen anf i know @bulleth hasbeen a supporter of steemit for a long time npow and i apreciate all you have done for steemit!

I cannot wait for the next few years to see how much of a change on teh world steemit will have! The money will be like a Bonus but will also be the main factor for many of the worlds poor, and once people start making money they can relax and use steemit for social reasons! God I love steemit so much. I love watchjing how excited people get for Bitcoin as bitcoin moons and i cannot wait for steemit to moon to get to expoerience the same sort of feeling, the same sort of excitement! And Steem is only 240 million coins while bitcoin is 21 million, so steem will still be in the $100s and actually WILl go to the $1000s as its marketcap will reach facebooks around the 400 billion, and it is around 400 million now so 1000x price of now is $1 so $1000 is price of steem at facebook marketcap level, so yes i do believe its going to hapen, and i do beliecve holding just 1000 steem will make u a millionaire in the next few years , so i already feel like I am a millionaire in waiting!

Whats most exciting is that I have finaly found a real system that allows someone to go from nothing to wealth all for free, and i hav ebeen looking for a system like this to learn perfect master and then educate the worlds poor to use, because steemit could allow the worlds 1 billion chronically undernourished and seriously poor to become part of the global middle class and never have to worry about going hungry again! because steem has $0 transaction fees and will be made free to people all over Africa like Facebook has, and will even give out free smartphones and tablets to africans in need, then steemit WILl become potentially as big as bitcoin because peopel will use steemit more than bitcoin!

Well I got my answer lol thanks brotha!

As said, I understand the concerns @bulleth raises. If Steemit is your main focus, then of course the expandibility - with Steemit as a central hub - will add only more noise and competition.

There's two sides to it though. Maybe even three.

First of all, more noise tends to also lead to more eyeballs. More users is also a higher chance of upvotes. But more than upvotes it can mean profile/brand. Just like any other popular UGC platform Steemit will continue to give new experts a platform they didn't have before. Like LiveJournal, Blogspot, Twitter, Linkedin, etc all did and especially the platform which historically is possibly closest to the Steemit... Squidoo.

Second, we need to remember that, indeed, Steemit is an app built on the Steem blockchain. As such, it's a layer. Whether a central hub or not, it is a layer. That meaning that when discussing whether dMania and other apps are valuable or not, the discussion is bi-fold.

Are you/we talking about the Steem blockchain or Steemit the app?

Lastly, the structure of the Steemit blockchain allows anybody to build an app on it. If people think Steemit has become too noisy or has too little quality [for them] on average... everybody can build their own niche on top of it. Even take with them their SP too. Then of course, the catch 22 kicks in and promotion is needed.

Summarized, I get it. But I see the larger benefit. Please, everybody, please keep building. And while the SMT are good for the broader online community, as a Steemit user, I would prefer everybody to build using Steem. That will bring Steem above $100, very quickly.

ojh hell yes the more aps and dapps and stemit bells and whistles and new features peopel build the higher steem goes because the mre value and function it will have! hel ys $10 steem soon by next year and $100 steem by 2019

@bulleth I am not talking about the limited reward pool of Steem, I am talking about the reward pool valued in Steem Dollar or Dollar.
If more and more people find out about Steem and Steemit, more people gonna buy Steem. Then the value of Steem will increase. The most important thing for a social media platform is growth.
Most people here are not seeing the bigger picture. Steem is the most undervalued cryptocurrency out there. It should be in the top 5.
Most people just don't know about Steem. We have to promote Steem and make it bigger.

Maybe you think memes are "shit posts", but there a lot of people out there who think memes are great. There is a reason why there is a memes category already on Steemit.
If a meme makes people laugh and happy, it is valuable to Steemit and the Steem community.

Steem is the most undervalued cryptocurrency out there. It should be in the top 5.

This. It is difficult not to be bullish about Steem.

If this were Medium, in a Medium post, it would be the Top highlight.

No it doesn't at all. The Steem rewards pool is limited. The more users on the Steem network, the less rewards pie for each user. The more people shit-posting memes, the less rewards for original content creators.

The distribution of the reward pool is not correlated to the number of users or posts. Thousands of people can post thousands of posts at zero value. The reward pool is rather directly influenced by the Steem Power put behind the voting.

Don't be fooled by the lack of critical thought in the comments - every person I've shown this too has immediately had the same reaction. This will be bad for the platform. Very bad. I seriously hope you reconsider.

If like you say, a lot of people are not enthusiastic about the idea, then I would guess that those same people don't usually vote on meme posts and thus should most probably still continue not rewarding this type​ of posts in the future. So I have a hard time understanding where the fear of having the reward pool being drained by meme posts comes from.

The entire argument sounds more like a desire to keep newcomers away from the platform than about the reward pool.

I used to hate memes, but I have developed​ a taste for it since I have been on Steemit. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that the first iteration here of meme contest was to promote Steemit outside of the platform. Now, from times to times I post memes in French for the purpose of growing the francophone community's interactions and that has certainly not stopped me from also doing long-form​ posts. These meme posts of mine always have small rewards which I think is pretty fair and indicative of their true value. And who's to say that people coming here for memes at first will restraint themselves to such short posts when they will realize that reasonable people like you and me upvote more and at a higher percentage when we read deeper thought posts?

No matter what is the content and the level of influence, what we might be looking for as a potential culprit (if we must absolutely point at one) for irregular draining of the reward pool is self-voting and/or circle-jerks and both of these are, I would bet, here to stay.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The distribution of the reward pool is not correlated to the number of users or posts. Thousands of people can post thousands of posts at zero value. The reward pool is rather directly influenced by the Steem Power put behind the voting.

It is not correlated? I think you mean it is not co-integrated. There is most definitely a correlation greater than 0 though ...

If like you say, a lot of people are not enthusiastic about the idea, then I would guess that those same people don't usually vote on meme posts and thus should most probably still continue not rewarding this type​ of posts in the future. So I have a hard time understanding where the fear of having the reward pool being drained by meme posts comes from.

Very true, seems to be working for the moment ... but these posters could easily start using boosters.

The entire argument sounds more like a desire to keep newcomers away from the platform than about the reward pool.

Not at all, I just don't automatically equate more users with good for the platform. Would love to see even more quality content creators and curators on Steem.

I used to hate memes, but I have developed​ a taste for it since I have been on Steemit. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that the first iteration here of meme contest was to promote Steemit outside of the platform. Now, from times to times I post memes in French for the purpose of growing the francophone community's interactions and that has certainly not stopped me from also doing long-form​ posts. These meme posts of mine always have small rewards which I think is pretty fair and indicative of their true value. And who's to say that people coming here for memes at first will restraint themselves to such short posts when they will realize that reasonable people like you and me upvote more and at a higher percentage when we read deeper thought posts?

No arguments there and as I said to Cath in the other thread, I don't hate memes at all - I just don't want to see the platform drowned in them or memes receiving a ton of rewards.

No matter what is the content and the level of influence, what we might be looking for as a potential culprit (if we must absolutely point at one) for irregular draining of the reward pool is self-voting and/or circle-jerks and both of these are, I would bet, here to stay.

I don't think good authors circle-jerking is a problem. Fact is, if you don't have a network supporting you, your content disappears in a flood of shit-posts before anyone even has a chance to read it. The more crap content going around, the more good authors will have to band together to support each other and ensure their work is actually seen.

I think comment voting is a needless drain though, I'd prefer a tipping system.

It would be a good thing if upvotes on dmania have a limiter just like the flags have. Like if you are a whale you should only be allowed to upvote memes with a small percentage.

I really digg the idea behind it and it will make steem grow immensely. I just want you to be aware that there will be resistance if whales start using your platform.

You need to establish a form of original content protection, so that reposts won't get rewarded. If this becomes another 9gag with all the social behaviors 9gag has nurtured over the last years then I will probably have to watch the dmania tag in an interface that allows for 100% flags...

This is not a thread, just a friendly reminder to please think about these issues and find a solution to them before whales will find a solution that essentially kills your project.

Why should a meme not be allowed to receive 100% upvotes by whales? Who says a meme can't be as valuable as a blog post? I am not going to limit anyone if he thinks a post should be rewarded.

If you see a repost, you can flag it. If enough people think it is a repost, it will be filtered and won't receive rewards anymore.

Well, your interface filters out flags, why not filter out upvotes too?

And sorry I don't have the voting power to flag all the stolen memes I saw just today. That is probably a job for the steemcleaners...

Well if we are going to be drawing these lines about stolen memes, then why not police ALL iomages used by steemit users? I can go through the steemit trending page and find all sorts of images that are "stolen" also plenty of youtube videos, all sorts of images "stolen" used in posts where maybe they have a lot of their own original content but where do we draw the line? and what if someone gets mad at steemcleaners for makeing themselves the content cops and buys their own steempower to "fight" steemcleaners? (;D I hope they DO buy lots of steempower and people get into steempower wars and the price of steem can skyrocket! )

Do you see how from a minnow perspective, whales seem to only slectively enforce rules? I always wonder where we draw the line, and about the arbitrary seeming decisions of content ownershipo and wether your making money from expecttaion of having been the creator OR if youre just making money by SHOWINg us the cointent??

Many peopel claim that they upvote a post not because they are rewarding the poster for creating it, but simply for SHOWINg it to the community, that literally bringing up what you call a "stolen meme" to the community is good enough to gain a reward and this is how many people think, and it makes whales seem draconian for claiming that all content posted on steemit has to be original or it deserves a flag...... see the big issue here? It may not be that important to whales but for minnows its very emotional and good leaders should be aware of that, and we should consider all whales leaders and any whale who does not want to be a good leader should realixe they are being very selfish and it probobly won't realy help them in the long run, or it might, dunno, i just know that it seems strange to minnow swho dont have steempower

when you DO start getting steempower you start to realize that you can do whatever you want because its your steempower and that you cant stop others from doing things and if peopel want tof lag stuff they can, i think people just want to address how leaders tend to create norms and make it OK to flag pots just bevcause they arent original content, when there has never been a rule about that, so i just wanna bring that up, and please understand that I know about the whole argument about steemit being flooded with crap or trash but again the definition of trash is all subjective 100% subjective , who knows we might end up with a majority userbase that enjoys "trash" posts, u never know, so we should let the audience decide what deserves to be upvoted, and maybe we should accept that steem is just going to be awarded to people, wether we like it or nogt, and yes we can flag stuff but flagging is not going to help anyone ina case like this, people are going to post "stolen" memes to steemit and we should be careful when drawing the line of whether or not someone deserves steem for reposts ....i dunno i dont think it will ever be such a huge problem, because people are just going to post whatever they want and u cant stop them and even if you create bots etc your just restructuring the entire steemit space, it is like a virtual centralization, i think steemcleaners goes against everything that steemit represents but whatever, i have just never seen what steemit would look like WITHOUT steemcelaners, i guess there would be uber powerful scammers with tons of steempower walking around? I guess that would be really bad so I should be thankful for steemcleaners! I just have an automated aversion to people making their own online police forces, and I fel like we should just let the free market take its course, and i guess steemcleaners counts as part of the free market as well but something inside me makes me want to make sure people can know that this discussion is important and that we should ask ourselves, what is the difference between having a centralized moderator who can flag stuff and having a high steempower account that can flag stuff, is there really any real difference? If someone could do tghis with bitcoin, like reverse a transaction if they had enough bitcoins they were staking or something, man no one would ever use bitcoin!

No one has ever been used to a system like steemit where the more steem u have the more power u have, its an alien system to people that ANYONE could get power if they just have the money! its almost like a plutocracy? Rule by the rich, no it IS a plutocracy, and we shouldnt pretend its any other way!but this is an ADVANTAGE! Steemit is ruled by the wealthy who are statistcaly more inteligent! and the more money you have the more responsible you probobly are, AND those who have mroe steem SHOULD be in charge of steemit because i would trust the bag holders with the most of steem to want the best for steem becaiuse its in their self interest!

Ok anyway sorry if you ghot upset aboput anything i wrote here, i just washaving fun with my thoughts, i only wrote it this l;iong becaiuse i was just rambnling and having fun typing, not because i feel super strongly about the rule of the whales or steemcleaners anymore, im way passed that stage in my steemit career, now i symptahize with whales more than new users, and i am on my way to becoming a whale myself so i understand their issues more and mpore and wy they do what they do, and i dont mistake the whales knowledge for arrogance anymore, well i try not to,

now i KNOW why the whales might sound like they sound, its the attitude of someone who gets a complaint about something they have heard over and over and so they get SUICK of peopel complaining about stuff they dont have any uidea about!

Steemit is very interestingt to study just as a human opyschology experiment, and i think i just figured out the suibject of my next post! XD


This is the most important part! What is destroying 9gag is not only the censorship but mostly imo all the reposts. Sometimes you see no difference between Facebook and 9gag :(

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No. That's not how it works.

That's pretty cool! How does the reward works? Do you get your steem that you earn at dmania in your steemit account wallet? Or do you have a wallet in the dmania account and can you transfer that to your steemit wallet?

I'm really interested in using Dmania, can someone please answer my question that is above this message. Thanks!!

Great post.

Working on Firefox, IE and Edge support.
Firefox should work fine now. IE >= 11 also. Edge is still work in progress.
Tell me if you have any issues.
Chrome is still the best browser to use dMania atm.

nice post thank you very much :D

Go take part in the first Meme Challenge on dMania and win 50 SBD !!!!
The challenge ends on Monday, 09.10.2017 22:00 UTC.

And another D to the team! :) Great idea! Already had a lot of laughs with the memes on dmania! ;)

I also love DSound. You inspired me to create dMania. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work. Lets make Steem great together! :)

Hi @zombee, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

If you’d like to nominate someone’s post just visit the Steemit Ramble Discord

Thank you for the support. Great post about Steem apps.

Great idea very constructive and useful for the bloggers who have less interest on writing quality blog.
Upvoted and resteemed.
Best wishes @zombee
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Thanks. @joendegz

sure open the door for more copy cats :( and turn this place in another fb with repeating content instead of motivating people to create something new.

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Just recently came across dMania, I cant wait to post more memes!

As a big fan of 9gag, I'll definetely keep on eye on that!

Yeah 9GAG is awesome. A 9GAG where you could make money would be even better :)

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good article!

Good job @zombee please have a look at my first meme at dmania and upvote if you like it

can i translate in indonesian ?? I want to inform my friends. I wait for your reply @zombee

uploading is not working. Neither image url nor image uploading. I tried on laptop and mobile too.

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Interesting platform! Will definitely try out.

So glad I cam across this! Steemit always getting things interesting !! Best wishes. - @splendorhub

WOW. Good one, Keep posting...

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now I understand what is Dmania and I really love your work and from now I am a Dmania community member

Nice and Cool Stuff I Like and I wish Better Days For Future Thanks For Sharing Make Sure To Follow Me I will Follow You Back @hakeemshah96

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Congrats! Now somebody needs to build a Tumblr on Steem.

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very nice keep it up :)

Woah @zombee check out what I saw on the front page of they made a toosoon las vegas shooting meme about how they had it coming because they were 9gag fans, and its a harsh joke about how 9gag fans are cancerous and deserve to die, i am not endorsing that humor, i am just wanting to bring up how the 9gag logo showed up and made me think of this post!!!!

here is the screenshot from r/dankmemes on reddit

when steemit has the new "communities" function where we can finally make oru oiwn subreddits, we should really establisgh a dankme,mes substeemit so we can fuckin finally MONETIZE MEMES and make a documentarey about a kid who we can groom and show how to use steemit and create the very first professional memer, where we show how he is able to earn like $100 a day off posting memes here on steemit and Dmania and it can even me a mockumentary where we justmake the srtory up BUT we COULD do some liucve posts of spome memes and have him make $100 in a day and ue that as the proof that he does indeed make a living off memes, we will use this mockumentary to advertise Steemit AND dmania it will be GREAT

Lets make that mockumentary! we just make a fake backstory have a steemit user start making like $100 a day posting dank memes and we showcase him as the very first person who is able to actually pay their rent from memes! it will really make people think!

That is just poor taste
People should know where to draw the line
Even dark humour has its limits

Thanks for the perfect post! @zombee

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

i don't see why should this be a problem? I mean of course it would be great to have an 9gag on blockchain! What if more & more join , steem price will go up , and everybody shares the cake , a smaller bites of cake , but expensive ones. I personally think this is a great idea , and at least we shouldn't be so harsh and skeptic about this one. We should at least compliment the guy and we should give it a try. It is hard to create something , but its very easy to destroy ( put down ). Si think we should all give this one a chance and see how it goes :)

It seems very promising.
Keep up the good work.
I will keep an eye on it and maybe even try it soon.
Good luck!

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nice post guys,.,.,. :)

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Sounds great will keep following you on this and have resteemed also :)

Would There Be A Version For Sarasm And Other Popular Facebook Pages ? :)

Dude I appreciate your talent and your hard work, I love humor and luckily this is the place to share some humor with others :D

hmm interesting..

i will make them love u!! followed

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Hahahah 😄😄😅😅😅

This could be really fun! Thanks, @zombee! I know that some of my friends are completely addicted to memes, and so this might be the right entry point into Steem/Steemit for them :) This app is a total game changer. Upvoted and haring now.

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This is really interesting. A useful guide for the newbies on this platform. That is how sombody has affected his/her world.

So when people post memes they are rewarded from the steem pool? Sounds cool

@splendorhub Humor.jpg
Best wishes !


And I am still unable to understand how this system works? can anybody help me how to grow with steemit ? Thanking in advance

Hello !
I am new on Steem it ! , But I have a great idea for an App here, Will you guide me on how to make an app on Steemit?
I am doing Mechanical engineering so Don't have much experience developing but I am working with Software developers to Make it Happen.
Please guide me on how to Make an App on steem it .
Thanks Already

Read the posts from @jfollas on chainBB to get started
Those posts explain more or less everything you need to know.

very good article..someday i will try..

Zombee is Rombee..Nice Post

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This could be fun.

I enjoy meme's, making meme's, viewing meme's... having meme contests. This could be a great addition to Steem! I hope it catches on!

Resteemed, joined and posted a meme! haha

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are you Zombee on ?

I am zombee on