[Meme Mania] Meme Challenge on dMania - Winner receives 50 SBD !!! Go fun(d) yourself !!!

in dmania •  last year

dMania just launched a few days ago and there are already hundreds of amazing memes, funny pics and gifs on dMania. You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.

If you don't know what dMania is, check out the introduction post -> Introducing dMania

Now I need your help. To make dMania more famous and an amazing platform we need more people to post, upvote and write comments. To do that I am launching a new meme challenge called Meme Mania.

I think meme challenges or meme contests are a great idea. They bring new people to the Steem ecosystem. There are already dozens of meme challenges on Steemit and dMania should have one of its own.

Meme Mania

This is the first meme challenge and there are going to be a lot more. The winner of this meme challenge will receive 50 SBD!!!

All rewards from this post and most rewards from dMania are going to be used to fund the next meme challenges. This is just the beginning. I want to reward dManiacs with hundreds or even thousands of Steem dollars with Meme Mania. Together we can do this.

Topic of the first Meme Mania 

Why do you think dMania is awesome?

Create memes, funny pictures or gifs and tell me why you think dMania is awesome. You can also show with your meme or picture how dMania will bring down other big meme sites like 9GAG or 4chan. Be creative. You can use any picture or meme you want.


  • Include "[Meme Mania]" in your post title
  • The post has to be connected to the meme challenge topic somehow
  • Post your meme on dMania. Posts on Steemit can't enter the Meme Mania challenge
  • The winner will be the post with the most upvotes. That means that it does not necessarily has to be the post with the highest rank or highest reward. I want to reward the small fish with Meme Mania. You can win this challenge with a great meme, even if you have no Steem power, whale backup or voting bot support
  • The meme challenge ends on Monday, 09.10.2017 22:00 UTC

It is important that you upvote a few other posts on dMania. There are already a lot of memes on dMania, but they have not received many upvotes. Also some more comments would be great.

If you have any ideas how to make this meme challenge even better, post them in the comments.

Go fun(d) yourself

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Nice! Challenged Excepted!

@jumowa here's a meme challenge for us

Nice post

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Great idea ! It will bring more attention to Dmania and will encourage people to create original work. I will definitely participate !
But two questions:

  1. Can be any meme ? From what i saw in other meme challenges, there is one image that is worked on.
  2. Posting directly on Dmania kind make it impossible to Tag "memechallenge" right ? How the Posts will be verified, just by the title ?

You can use any meme, picture or gif. There are no restrictions. Be creative.
I don't want to see the same meme over and over on dMania, so I don't specify the image.

Posts will be verified by title. Just start your post with "[Meme Mania]"

I'm totally supporting this project. I've just made my first post.

Meme Mania is a great idea, let's hope this gets some traction!

Great idea

Hey bro i am the new member of steemit
Keep supporting me to give your important vote
and comment💛✌

I just post my first meme

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