Steem Price $ 1.14 USD - Power Up Your Steem

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The low price of Steem gives you the opportunity to buy Steem and build your SteemPower

What do you think about buying Steem now and building up its Steempower?

 I've previously posted this video, but think it's in its place to run it again  

                      Wondering how Steemit works, read Steemit FAQ?


Thank you for posting @xpilar.

Appreciate the reminder.....the price had gotten past me....really just had not given it a thought..

You are would be the time indeed.

All the best to you and yours. ^__^


NB Appreciate the reSteems......very kind of you.

Thanks for stopping by @bleujay

A small reminder may be in place now.

Have a great weekend

hi @xpilar

my opinion

this time is the right time
by buying STEEM using rupiah
if I am in aceh

besides being able to invest in #STEEMIT
other benefits we can also get
Very many rewards
after waiting 7 days
at the time of payment for each post

maybe I'm one of the very lucky ones
already 1 year in the #steemit community
I now have SP. 1,241
without power down

Regards @sultan-aceh

Hi @sultan-aceh

Yes, you are a living example of what Steemit can do for the individual with hard work and posting good posts every day.

For those who have not read your story they should do it now.

"Steemit gave me and my family the opportunity to build a new home" click here


#STEEMIT house
costs using #SBD and #STEEM
build that beautiful house
yes @xpilar

  1. I already have a house now

  2. and I also have friends and relatives at #steemit

  3. now is the time, gather a lot of #POWER #STEEM


takk @xpilar

Yes, and now others can do the same as you have done

good person @xpilar

is that home @ sultan-aceh
he is great
able to build a house with steem and sbd
good luck friend @sultan-aceh

good person @xpilar

is that home you @ sultan-aceh
he is great
able to build a house with steem and sbd
good luck friend @xpilar

thank so much @viviesteem

glad to hear @viviesteem
I hope you can build a house with steem and sbd

regards @sultan-aceh

Nice to hear @viviesteem

That is a great opportunity tho, no one ever think steem could come down this low, I think it best chance's to Power up.... Thx for reminding us this.... Very important fact... Thanks Snr. @xpilar

Hi @davidad

Yes, It's important to think about it now and see the opportunity in Steemit

Yes very much correct, Steemit is way different from other crypto currencies... Steemit offered uncountable opportunities to Steemians.... It is best to buy at low before its starting grow bigger..

yes, it is

You are tottally right @xpilar. When cryptocurrency is depressed we can do manything. I am so happy to join with steemit and meet good people. I feel come to my family. I am guided and directed to the right path and i keep on this right way. i hope you, as a whale support us. And You have done it.
As you said it's time to power up. i just did it I change sbd to SP. I change 1.13 SBD then I get 1.020 Steem. i also power up 1 steem to 1 SP. Unfortunatelly I just have a little steem and SBD. If i have more iam sure to power up again and again to make my growth in steemit.
thank you for your kind to guide us as new comer. i just make a word to comment your post. i hope you accept it.

smart way to deal with depression cryptocurency.
because the worms won't complain when there is a fire nearby.
he will only move and look for a place that is cooler.
working on quality content is much better

it's better to do than just complain and keep complaining
Enjoy the platform with pleasure while singing
singing a storm song must have passed
because this depression will end fast
change with glittering light
keep going right

complaining doesn't belong to a tough soul
continue to work with enthusiasm to achieve goals
remove your soreness and sorrow
changed yesterday's sluggish day with a happy tomorrow

warm regard from Indonesia

Hi @rokhani

Thank you for a nice poem

you are wellcome @xpilar. i know your post is support us. as a minnow we want to grow well. i agree to power up, and as your direction i did it. will power up with out power down in order to increase my SP and will give benefit to me and also my society in this platform.

glad to hear @rokhani

Yes @xpilar I want to be useful for the others. Make good atmosphere in this platform as you did. Iam so glad to be your follower then i know better hiw to work in steemit.
Once again thank you very much..

Nice to hear that I contribute in society, thanks

Theoretically it is a good idea to buy some Steem now everything depends on current on your budget, I have to repair my roof so the bill from roofer is not really cheap in UK. Luckily we have sunny days and I just pray that it stays so for a little while longer until the works done :) Therefore, I believe that for many of us it depends on their daily expences, if there some extra money that you do not need in near future, then of course, that is a great and wise time to invest!

Hi @stef1

Of course, the budget must go up before investing.
But many also sell steem because they are afraid of losing weight compared to the course
But as you say the accounts must go up and not in minus.

Hope the sun will shine for several days so your roof will be repaired.

I think all those people giving up are going to regret in the coming months . Steem is gonna rise again

Hi @journeyoflife

Yes, many give up too easily and do not see what Steemit will be in the future.

The price will rise and I'm sure we'll see that Steem reaches new heights again

Hai @xpilar
I will continue to strive to improve the steem power, of all the awards that I got all I invested to steem power

Hi @kimki

Supert, It's smart to strengthen your steempower now

I would like to have to invest in Steem but unfortunately in my country we must survive and I who have 2 children is even more difficult.

Hi @yanes94

It's right as you think, your family comes first.

You have a good reputation (62) Carmen Yanes and you are building your Steempower with good posts.

You are a very skilled artist and you will get many followers ahead and surely it will be good upvote as well

Thank you very much for your nice words @xpilar.

I hope that my reputation keeps rising more and more and I get a decent SP to help my other fellow artists and also to give my support to people like you who support my work.

I am going to buy steem and power up at this levels.
We will all scretch our heads in a few years for not buying more Steem!

Hi @amahovac93

yes. It's about thinking smart now and looking forward.

Alot of great news are out there at the moment.
Have you heard that Steem is accepted by Samsung in the Baltics (Europe)?

Hi @amahovac93

Woooow, this is good news

Thank you for the link

No problem mate, followed :)


hello good guy @xpilar

I have thought
it turns out steem power
the only one that is the mainstay in steemit

I will do it
like a hint you're a good person @xpilar

Nice to hear, thanks @viviesteem

I sure the steem will strong for long time future..

yes, It will have a good course in the future

Yup right steem gona rise now buy it 😊

Hi @littleeasy

Yes, those who have the opportunity should buy steem and PowerUp

Thank you for UpVote 😊

you're welcome

Price is so cheap like long ago. Bought some the past few weeks, lost some value, but still I'm bullish long term as Bitcoin will rise and alts will follow.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes, it will rise again @bumshak

excellent price! Friend, you are at a good level.

thanks @ahlawat

Excellent time for everyone many were waiting to buy now is the time golden opportunity :)

yes, it is @blazing

I am very glad to hear it
I have to finish college first
after this, maybe I'll catch up on the post
and power up


Hi @andesilesteem

finishing college is important, but you can earn money by posting and voting on others. For example, when you comment on posts here

I was tired of playing steemit first
but after seeing someone
have managed to make a house
this means that it has been manifest in the world
I will repeat your instructions

thank you @xpilar

If you are speaking then you must be speaking right
I will definitely buy
I resteemed your post

Nice to hear @shubhamsinghdude

I think that I might have to power up with my liquid steem because of the low price, it definitely is the right time. @xpilar

Hi @cryptopie

It can be smart to do it now

informative video

thanks @steyn

I also have faith that as soon as possible this platform will return to its best time.

Hi @betaniaj

Yes, Steemit is only in the beginning and we are going to see an amazing development of this platform in the future

I agree with you @xpilar a not too distant future

it's a good time to buy, thanks @xpilar for this important information

yes, it is @glorimarbolivar

Great post dear @xpilar

thanks @amranahmed

But remember to write more than just "Great post dear" otherwise you may be seen as spam

Hi @xpilar !

Yes you're right, now Steem = 1.06 $, I already made a post about it it's been a long time, it's the best time to buy steem, but unfortunately many people are just waiting for the price to increase without benefit of the down, unfortunately now I do not have enough money to buy but I hope the price goes down again to buy a lot of steem once I have some money to do that.

Hi @redouanemez

I think that when steem goes under the course of SBD we will see big acquisitions.
There are many who hold large stocks of SBD and will buy Steem at the time

Yooo its powerup time friends lets rock steem to the moon

Yes, let's do it @hassanabid

Resteemed and Upvote..

thanks @alom23

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