People are leaving... Because..

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People are leaving... Because...

I hear this AND it gets said like it is a threat or a bad thing.

People leave because:

  • They don't make enough
  • They don't like mean words
  • They don't like flags
  • They can't handle unfairness
  • Its too messy too much spam, or other things they don't like

My response?

Okay, See ya.  It was fun to know you and I wish you luck.  Steem isn't for everyone.  This community is voluntary there is no reason to expect everyone to stay and like it here.

In my early days on SteemIt I was also quite focused on User Retention, but in my past career people paid to be on our website, not the other way around.   I've realized  a focus on User Retention doesn't apply here.  

There are plenty of creative and smart people here, they are figuring out how to get visibility and earn and they are adjusting their expectations.  I watch new minnows come in, ask some questions, get frustrated and then figure out how to make a space for themselves.    This is a decentralised platform with no leadership and 1000 people who think they are the only one who truly understands what Steem it is "supposed to be".  It's messy, it isn't for everyone.  That is okay.

 It isn't up to me to say who should stay on Steem and who shouldn't, but it has become clear to me that not everyone will be able to handle it in the current form.   Maybe some of them will come back when we have other front-ends and communities.  Why would we want to retain someone who is triggered by Memes or so focused on what others earn they can't enjoy creating their own content.  That seems cruel.

 Communities and SMTs will likely help to create a community that reflects your values, but not everyone is going to do well in the current situation.

SteemIt isn't for everyone

  1.  If you can't handle what other people say and do with their stake, this may not be a good fit for you.
  2. If you want to pull out a lot of money quickly, this might not be a good fit unless you already have a lot of stake
  3. If you suffer from envy and greed, this might not be a good fit
  4. If you came here thinking it would be easy to gain a lot of stake easily, this may not be a good fit for you.
  5. If you really like everything to be "fair", this may not be a great fit for you.
  6. If you need to earn a living, unless you have whale support, this may not be a good fit for you.
  7. If you need to be able to predict what the value of your investment is, this may not be a good fit for you.
  8. If you are impatient and need to see daily uphill progress, this might not be a good fit.  (I struggle with this one)
  9. If you think a flag is an act of violence or abuse, well...  This may not be a good fit.

It makes more sense if:

  1. You are a talented content creator wanting to gain a bit of investment capital while you hone your skills and practice networking and getting connections.
  2. You are already a content provider looking to supplement your income.
  3. You are speculating that crypto is going to take off and some of that interest will fall to Steem.
  4. You are talented at programming and creating applications and tools in a young economy.
  5. You enjoy writing and communicating and are willing to struggle through building an audience
  6. Hundreds of other reasons that do not occur to me at this moment.

There are thousands of examples, but it isn't a fit for everyone, consider your investment and content goals and carry on as it makes sense to you.

Proceed...  If you think you should.


PS Quit comparing your earnings to those on the Trending page and remind yourself what you were earning before you got here.

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I'm sharing a lot of your sentiments here. It's weird to me that there are so many people complaining here. Especially when it comes to how much money they're making.

I know we all have different views on what's valuable, but a quick test that will be applicable in many situations is asking yourself "Could I get paid to do this outside the Steem ecosystem?" and I think for most of the people complaining, the answer to that is no, and if I'm being totally honest it's actually HEEEEEELL NAW!

And when it comes to self upvotes and all that, I wonder if people understand that allowing someone or some entity to hold large amounts of your money is extremely valuable. If someone has $500k there are a ton(many involving zero risk) of ways to make more money from that $500k. Simply by people holding large stakes in Steem they are doing something valuable for the entire system. If they are active and curating and whatever, even better, but nobody owes anyone else anything simply because they have more.


You win the prize for situational awareness, sir.


That just got you a follow, never seen that before! Haha.

You offer some great points before joining steemit I was earning 0, now I earn enough to not starve in Venezuela and even afford certain luxuries like going to the movies once a month.

I know my case is especial because 1 sbd is worth more than 1 monthly wage.


Its not that bad! the last time i took a look at a cup of coffee... around 100ml of coffee... it was 400k VEF, so you can actually buy 3.2~ cups of coffee with a monthly wage but you can get 1kg of coffee beans for around 600k and make coffee for a few weeks, but its still half the minimum wage... malnutrition is running rampant and people are down 20kg on average from what they where back in 2015~


1 sbd is worth more than 1 monthly wage

Is this for real???


Yes, 1 average Venezuelan monthly wage is worth around 1.300.000 VEF some people even earn a bit below that.

1.300.000 VEF = 1$ = around 720k VEF AirTM source AirTM is where most of the USD/Crypto to VEF transacctions are done, so you are looking at around what? 1.80-1.90$ monthly wage and a sbd is worth around 3$.

I can provide more information or sources if you have more questions.


Holy fucking cow, 1$ monthly wage 😓 you gotta recruit more Venezuelans to steemit mate. It may change their lives.


We're on it! The community is growing around us. :) It's still a bit slow because Steemit is slow at the beginning, as you know, and people need to work everyday, so they don't have time for testing a new platform most of the time.

However, I've persuaded many to stay and it's been worth it for them. :)


I can't believe this... So how do you live with that, what kind of prices are at the shops in your region?


The government gives the poorest citizens a bag of subsidized food and you they have to manage with that, those of us that are lucky to know english and have access to the intertnet to a certain extend are able to participate on platforms like steem or do freelancing.

Regarding prices, a 2L bottle of soda, for example, cost around 280.000 VEF so if you work for a month you can buy a whooping 8L of Coke!

Food is really expensive if you want to just go and get it, this is where the queues you have seen online in photos or videos happen, hundreds of people queuing for hours/days and camping in front of stores trying to get cheap subsidized food.

The last time i dared to look inside a Mcdonalds, a big mac was around 1.000.000 VEF lol


Lol, your comment makes me wonder what world are we living in... you should open a school of English and teach the children so they will have the chance to a better living. I don't know why the world's wealth is distributed like that...


Its more a problem of mismanagement of wealth rather than a distribution problem, we where sitting on a pile of diamonds when oil was at 100$+ and every oil producing country managed to get richer and get an amazing savings account with that....

Only the Venezuelan government managed to turn a pile of diamonds into a pile of shit and poverty....


Indeed I knew about that piece of history, but I didn't thought it got so bad. I am really sorry to hear these things and I hope that in time, your country's economy will get better so that everybody will afford food, education and comfort without any overwork.


I'd like to learn more from you.



Stop by the steemspeak discord server.

THere are many people who leave but, the numbers also lie. I don't think the number of signups is representative at all otherwise there would be a hell of a lot more introduceyourself posts. Even now, half of them there don't even qualify as new users.

There are people on all platform that disengage. I haven't posted to instagram or twitter for ages and Facebook very rarely. The disngagement numbers just aren't made overly public as it is not great for the advertising revenue.

If you suffer from envy and greed, this might not be a good fit

Greed seems to work fine for many, large and small.


Sign-ups mean nothing when spam networks have 21K accounts through the Steemit Inc faucet abusing delegation.

I use vote/post last 7/30 days as a more accurate metric.


Yep, those networks once Identified should be dealt with. I know they can't be (at this point) but in time, something is going to have to happen.


about the numbers.. you would probably seen it but. just a reminder.


Actually, really good points. The numbers do not always add up.

People go inactive they come back when the prices are up. Overall though, it is growing. It seems obvious though it is growing.

I don't know who decided we are going to take over Facebook, but I don't think we will. I also don't think we need to.


We will take over Facebook when the CIA decides they no longer want to support Zuck ;)

I'm still here but it sure would have been nice to know about stuff like the .02 earnings threshold when I first got on and I think it should be lowered to .01. I thought all the upvotes on here counted but I was wrong.


what would you have done differently if you had known?


Not wasted about 1,000 or more upvotes and I probably would have started using bots sooner so my votes would count.


What? I've been on Steemit for a year and a half and I didn't know there was an earnings threshold. Could you point me to a post where this is explained?


Thanks for the link. I don't think ignoring dust is a bad policy, I just would have wanted to know that in advance. Especially because my vote for comments was usually worth 1 or 2 cents.


Your welcome. It does suck wasting 1,000 or more upvotes plus the curation awards. I think we need to do a better job of educating new users.


Rounding down dust votes isn't robbing. It's an anti-spam measure.


I think .01 would still work fine and help more people stay on the platform.

I love this place and it is mainly because of the people who do the 9 things you posted that SteemIt isn't for everyone. If more people would just do their own thing and stay off of all the blogs that just complain everyone would be so much happier.

Everyone is not going to agree and that is what makes it social media, tokens are just an added bonus after all things are said and done. Sure some can make this place a business but the average user needs to learn how to be social before expecting a paycheck.

One of the best written and most grounded lists with reasons I have come across about this platform so far!

So many people start out here with the wrong reason just to make some quick money and expecting instant succes. The ones who would actually have a blog regardless monetary rewards and really enjoy it all which makes them willing to be patient and put a lot of time and effort into are the rare exceptions. These are the ones who will have a very high chance to make Steemit into an extra bit of income without making a monetary inestment.

A mindset that really helps when starting out, is to think in relative earnings instead of absolute (very few people do this). The growth percentage in relation to the steem power you own. Smaller accounts are able to easily crush all the big whales when looking at earnings this way.

It takes work to build success here and not everyone can get rich, but everyone can make something. If that's not much then make it fun. Billions use other sites that pay nothing, so something must keep them coming back. Hunting the money is hard work and abusing the system gets you flagged.

"5. You enjoy writing and communicating and are willing to struggle through building an audience"

Yep. That's why I'm here. This place is a damn mess but I'm doing alright so far.

Very level-headed assessment.

Steemit simply isn't for everyone-- and that's ok!

Even for me personally, sometimes steemit has been good to me, sometimes it hasn't. Right now, it's good.

As you say, there are different ways of going about doing this thing. No way is "wrong" per se, but that doesn't mean actions don't have equal and opposite reactions.

I found myself mentally nodding my head as I read through your posts.


Thank you.

One of the characteristics of maturity in any field is the ability to keep your eyes on your own paper. There are at least a half-dozen communities I've found in less than two months here that I'd be happy to be a part of even if the entire rest of Steemit disappeared into a wormhole. The problem for me isn't lack of engagement, it's figuring out which of these great options for engagement to spend my time and energy on.

Hello @whatsup
You are right
Before i got in here, i was earning nothing to be on those sites and we all stayed there posting daily without expectation.
In steemit we have a platform and hope to earn all we need is to change our mentality.

I'm in complete agreement. We all have different views and will appraoch things differently.


I thought of you specifically the other day as a newer user who is exploring different groups of people and different ideas to grow your account and gain visibility. I see you as someone who will do well here.


Thank you really. You've encouraged e.

Well I'm definitely sticking around here. Steemit is helping me develop skills and previous interests I have forgotten. Haha.

You raised absolutely right points and you said the truth because everyone is different and there is nothing mandatory to think like one, and in my opinion the Steemit is for the opportunity creators means whatever skills you have use it in an good way by converting skills into idea, if we point out others and about their pay out then we are limited means, if next person is getting that much amount then, they invested that much amount of time on the Platform or they used opportunities from different project so we cannot blame anyone instead if you want to grow let's work on your strengths and start with basics on the Steemit Platform because Steemit is not an one day dream come true stuff, you have to invest, time and efforts and you will enter into an evolution growth, but if you truly invest time and effort then it's for sure you will not going to stay where you are standing now. So your post is more open visionary post which directly giving the answers to those who are saying we are leaving. Thanks for sharing this informative post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

It's really great to speak with you on SteemSpeak and thanks for your kind clarification regarding my doubt towards payout calculations.

Firstly thanks for the cool post.

Secondly this is the sort of message that people like myself need. I need posts which I can share with the zuckerberg of doom to inform people about the steem environment. It's not for everyone, and even the people who it is for don't necessarily love the entirety of steem, but we make it what it is through our collective efforts.

I am researching witnesses for my


This is how I ended up on your blog, because @reggaemuffin resteemed this.

I will be sharing this out with the 8k + folks on my facebook feed, and dropping by your blog more often.

Thanks again for your perspective on #whatsup.

I think everybody on this platform should read this post once. Hidden truth is explained in this post. So decide accordingly you want to stay here or leave. Resteeming this post. Thanks for sharing. Good luck.

I just assumed everyone was getting space aids and leaving because they were lame. Quite a few times in my life I’ve seen people leave to chance after “better opportunity elsewhere.” Then a year later they drag there sorry behind back and try and act like they did not give everyone the middle finger while calling them all losers because they never expected to see them again. That is when they learn the community despite how self-important that person thought they were moved on without them. Even if they were welcome back it usually never lasted long.

Good post, good points.

I ran a website for 12 years. Towards the end I had finally managed to build up enough traffic to sell ads and I got about $200 a month. Which was nice, but... as I said "towards the end". For most of that blog's life, I got paid exactly $0. Exposure maybe, and writing practice certainly, but money? None.

I think most people are in the same boat. Very few bloggers ever see a dime. Which makes it kind of crazy that they then come here, start actually making some money, but then whine that it's not enough. Not enough... compared with the zero you were making before?

Yeah yeah, I know. I studied psychology in school. I realize and understand why they do this. But even so, that doesn't make it any less silly.

Anyway, you laid it out very well. Thanks for a great post.

When I first started out back in December, I was quite naive upvoting people's comment until my voting power ran low. Fast forward 4 months later, I finally understand that I must use strategies to earn an income here, as you said, honing my writing and reading skills.

I ignore all the "dramas" which was happening here because Steemit gave me a lot of benefits such as blogging about my country which forced me to walk a lot thereby increasing my fitness. I will leave with this quote and ponder.

"I may wield my sword only once but I have spent 10 years honing my blade"

By Sima Yi, one of the strategists in Three Kingdoms. Upvoted!

Thank you for your post. You are totally right. In the german community we are talking about it too. Out of this discussion there are some projekts getting started like :

  • writing posts about "What can i do for STEEMIT today? Because it is all about win-win (in communities)
  • the creatives developed "advertisement" for steemit. That#s a way to see, what steem(it) is about (and what not)

It is a great fun at the moment - look here:
Steem Heroes

Quote Twist Memes - "In Steem we trust"


This is an other way to activate people and to think about Steemit. Everyone can choose his own way.... that is steemit.
Greetings from Germany - hoping you can understand my english ;)


Danke fürs verbreiten!
Erst jetzt gesehen ;)


Gerne doch - leider ist mein Englisch miserabel, sonst würde ich da noch mehr machen. Ich mag es, wenn ich "Nischen" finde, in denen ich jemanden oder etwas "platzieren" kann. Trotz "Kette" befinden wir uns ja in einem "Netz" hihihi LG Kadna

Ouch! I am so sad I haven't seen your post earlier, it highlights the problems of our mindsets, but again, as I said before, my belief is that a lot of users leave, not because they don't earn enough, but because they fail to build connections with others and posting an article for which one receives no comment, is much more discouraging than getting a few upvotes and a small payout.

Great post! It does indeed take a lot of hard work and dedication to try and make it here! I’m happy I made it through my first 100 days, many more hurdles to go over, but betting on it going all the way. 🤞🏽 You feeling positive about the platform growing?


Absolutely positive. Look at the number of projects, front ends, etc. If people would stop complaining about SteemIt and embrace the future of multiple platforms, front ends, communities, all the sadness would stop.

I love the fact that Steemit is not for everyone, at least you need to find what is working for you.

well put out @whatsup

I keep telling my friends the same thing ..
if they want to survive (if I may use that word) here ...
better stop looking at the other peeps's wallet and just enjoy the ride
nothing more nothing less ... for the rest is but a bonus ^ ^

am glad @edb resteemed this

Steemit is usually a complicated platform for others, it is not for people who want to make easy money, it takes time.

It requires your certain investment of time to get known and create quality posts. I do not have a lot of time in steemit but i'm starting to like the platform and I feel very comfortable, I do not think i'll leave this wonderful community, have a nice day.

Love it!!!
re-steemed, think many people need to read this ;)

whats-up are now decline their popularity

I really like this post... it's just the kind of thing newbies need to read early on and the rest of us need a reminder of. A sort of 'how steemit really works' guide.

I'd add in - to steemit isn't for everyone....

  • If you have socialist leanings, you'll probably find this place a struggle because the people who set it up and set the algorithms* are very wealthy and the system is designed to reward capital investment over creativity.
  • If you're a socialist and sensitive to marketing that puts up an ideological smoke screen claiming a system rewards content creation and capital investment equally, steemit's probably not for you.

It makes more sense if....

  • try comparing the problems in global society to the problems on here, it puts it in perspective.
  • there is some evidence that people as a whole on steemit are actually more community minded (more charitable) than people in mainstream society.
  • You keep in mind that many of the people on the trending pages have bought their votes.
  • You put your blinkers on and only interact with people in your communities (once you build them) (not sure that's that positive!)
  • And yes, lots more!

Whatever the issues are on steemit, and I do have a problem with many of the above, just seeing the workings laid out like they are actually helps and makes it more likely that I'll stay.

If I had more time I'd've organised this comment a bit more coherently (but I work full time and I gtg hit the coal face!)

*actually I don't know who besides @ned runs steemit (no one seems able to tell me) so I'm now just going to keep saying this until one of them comments yay or nay.

Oh mehn! You deserve some accolades
You know most people come here with the mindset of get-rich-quick and this has never paid off in any way.


I'm not a content creator thankfully so I'm not going to nag about it.

I'm just unable to find anything interesting in here, btw I just realized that I'm not even using steemit. I'm still going with Utopian, contributing to open source projects and getting my reward. Without it, I would be gone in my first week as you suggested or get into that bid bot habit.

Yeah nothing interesting going on around here, there is a bunch of people using their stakes to get their RoIs, front-pages full of vote-buyers, under that people either busy flagging it or writing about it.

Maybe I'm the most unskilled person to use steemit's search to find something fill my expectations from a social network or it's just all about that. Some vote buyers, some haters, and people talking about vote buyers.

While everyone flooded with the same subject. It's not that easy to turn your head to somewhere else to see the beauty(?) in steem


lol, well if you look for shit you will find it. Maybe it just isn't interesting to you. I don't want to read little plastic articles that seem like they were written for English 101. I like dank memes and some music, Open Mic is fun. I like Steem opinions, ... Eh, I guess I am just not as picky.

Been seeing a lot of people bitching about stuff lately in Discord. People gotta realize that as much as we want Steemit to be a utopia, it's still going to reflect the old world in many ways. It's an evolution, but expecting everyone to act civil here, not cheat, and not be dicks...that's a lot. People are going to use bots, upvote themselves, and rape the reward pool if they can. People are also going to give and give and give to each other in an attempt to, there's balance here. Gotta decide for yourself what to focus on, and, like you said in this post, look at the reasons you're hear and what's realistically possible. :)

I think some complain only because of envy. If they didn't see others making so much money for little effort, it would be alright to earn a little. But we are not earning anything (except bragging rights) from "likes", are we? I have tried a couple of other incentivised platforms and I found Steemit more interesting and easier to understand. That's why I'm still here.

I like this post. Good words. 'Each to their own.'

Creative people has NO reason to leave Steemit...So keep calm and Steem On !!

I am new on steem and i have made a goal to earn handsome earning from steem and i have beleive i will sucessfull in near future

remind yourself what you were earning before you got here.

So true. Steemit has helped me so much since i got here.

I really hate the fact that so much new users focuses just on the fact that you can earn quite a lot of money here.Steemit gives us so much possibilities but silly people still care just about the money.Healthy community is the main factor that will make Steemit grow.Im really happy that my account finally got registered and I can finally upvote some good quality content and help to make Steemit a better place.

you have to stick to it to make it : )

some people come here for shortcut money ways, but here continuously hard work is needed

I share what you write. I recently read a post that said that Steemit is a network for all and for none; and that those who really understand it remain


I completely agree with you, people are too impatient and they hardly ever contribute to steemit and then expect huge rewards, it doesn't Work that way!
Nice post @whatsup

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This post makes a lot of sense and also offers a lot of direction. I am relatively new to Steemit and I do get frustrated sometimes if I write a halfway decent post and it goes unnoticed. Then I think about life and it's basically the same formula. You have to work your way to the top. Some people get the easy road. Most do not. Find where you fit and keep working hard. Good things happen for people who try. Period. This post offers a lot of guidance if people choose to follow it. Thanks!

This post has received a 18.88 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @whatsup.

There are people on all platform that disengage. I haven't posted to instagram or twitter for ages and Facebook very rarely. The disngagement numbers just aren't made overly public as it is not great for the advertising revenue.

Well, when people say they are leaving for some reason but they are still living on earth, I wonder what's the difference. Steemit is just like the real world, anything you perceived as wrong on Steemit is cause by members human nature which you will have right with you except you live alone in some rock in the moon.

Hi, thanks for your valuable post. Very oriented., I am in option 5 of the second part: He likes to write and communicate, and is willing to fight to build an audience.

Hi @Whatsup,
I enjoyed this post, there are lots of cute endearing phrases which encourage people to continue on a difficult path, but sometimes you just have to tell them that showing up and participating doesn't guarantee a win. You must choose to focus on those aspects which make others successful instead of focusing on those aspects which make success difficult. The later yields only sorrow and frustration, the former yield happiness and self-fulfillment. I think I just made that up, but because I read so much, I am never quite sure. :)
In any event, you have my vote for witness and I will follow you for other no nonsense posts.

hummm nice post @whatsup