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"STEEM Business" Idea
for better STEEM coin mass Adoption !

STEEM Faucet


The first Bitcoin Faucet ... originally gave out 5 bitcoins per person. :D

Is there some STEEM coin Faucet ?

I thought that I am the 1st or the only one to come up with such a natural question. Nah! Just kidding. Of course I didn't really think so. However I decided to check about it, naturally.

Apparently I am not the only one and not the 1st one. For example this person asked the same question:
But it got very little attention at all (27 upvotes and only 5 comments). incidentally that was his last post though. Here are just some earlier related posts and questions:

that's 2 years ago. at present moment that website mentioned there - is dead.
well, both author of that post and the creator of that Faucet (BTW a Witness) - are still around.
I suppose there were some reasons for such an outcome, but I decided not to ask them directly.
(some people though did ask that in comments, and author answered one such question there last month)
I am just glad that it was already attempted once and this idea is not the new one.

Simple Definition of Faucet given there:

A faucet is a website dedicated to giving you free crypto in small amounts.

Basically that's what it is, yes. And I guess the owner of the Faucet usually earns something too. (I guess from Captcha, usually; although there might be some other ways too)

STEEM Faucet

then few more results...

this one also 2 years ago, but that account has gone inactive after 58 posts. another related, also 2 years ago. this too.

some website says can get "Free STEEM". TBH I haven't tried it - but among few offered options there, Faucet is not mentioned. so, it's not a Faucet after all - more like some kind of GPT website ("Get Paid To" complete some tasks). IMO it is not really "FREE" or not as Free as from Faucet. :)
Some fellow Steemit user though has written about it too, showing screenshot of his win. (although that was some 8 months ago)

A bit earlier another person has also asked similar question and then offered his own Faucet. not sure though it still works.

Someone claimed in Bitcoin Talk Forum creating SBD faucet - but to me it looks rather like some sort of a lottery or may be even a HYIP. with 3 Levels or memberships and "tickets". besides it is SBD, not STEEM coin and it is certainly not for FREE.

1 result from Steemit has word "Faucet" in the title and looks like that author regularly posts similar thing, which is kind of a Contest. But it doesn't look like exactly normal Crypto Faucet - more like a personal Contest / giveaways and also under certain conditions (upvote, resteem, comment). so, in fact it is also not Free as in classical Faucets.

Another person provides similar kind of Contest, but calls it as "Dice".
Well, IMO at least it is less misleading (i.e. word "Faucet" is not being used) - although it is neither exactly 100% Free as Faucet supposed to be. Similar one.

One more recent related post - but the website provided there looks like either doesn't really have a Faucet or it doesn't work. (besides, it looks rather more like just a page on blogspot? come one, guys, be serious! :D)

There is an entire Feed for this word Faucet - but not so many results in the list are really related to an actual Faucet. another similar Feed is for Active posts on the matter. although pretty much same search results.

There is even an account with such a name:
although it is not active already for 1 year?

Questions still remain ...

STEEM Faucet

Well, answers are not so many as can be seen. Yet questions remain...

Is there some or any Faucet which gives away STEEM crypto coin for FREE? (that's what faucet means)
If there is - where is it? why it is not known so well as various famous and popular Faucets of some other Cryptos?
If there is no any - then WHY not? Are there no enough Whales, Witnesses, Devs, Steemit Inc. stuff, whoever else interested to actually PROMOTE STEEM coin and make it known to wider masses? to facilitate and encourage really MASSIVE Adoption of it? as well as make it more usable, generate more transactions with it, etc.
people who will collect those "droplets" will eventually have to use them somewhere or sell on one of the exchanges.
they might be even interested to get MORE of these coins, to HODL them or even learn about Steemit and ways to Earn STEEM for Free from Curation / Blogging (and votes selling-buying :D), about how to use ALL those wonderful Apps, all those awesome related to and associated with Steemit services and websites...

STEEM Faucet

I mean, with all those talks about "STEEM Business", about how to attract more new users, get them interested about STEEM, encourage them to use Steemit and stay; with all those efforts to "support minnows" (and other species), with various Contests and all sort of other generous Give-aways ... with such an awesome supporting Community which not only cares about its own but also wants to and tries to expand itself ... with SteemFests organized regularly ... etc etc etc

WHY NOT someone has come up with such a very trivial and easy idea, which is very natural and logical? Well, yeah, many has come up, apparently - but it has not been implemented successfully yet. which somewhat looks strange: with all the talks and efforts made about more Apps, services (even SteemMonsters game), SMTs, all sorts of other new projects announced, proposed, hinted on...

I mean, to make STEEM popular and attract newer users of it - it certainly worth it. But somehow it is not being done. Say, some Witnesses (who generate new coins and get good rewards for that) or some Whales (wallets with over 500K coins? also get good staking rewards and other rewards too) - would surely could have spared some amounts of their earnings for the sake of Community and for the sake of Promoting STEEM in Cryptoverse, for attracting newer users. It is certainly much easier than to create some Apps or setup a Witness server (and maintain it too after that), also faster and cheaper. Besides, anyway usually all the Faucets actually make certain profit for the owner (otherwise how would they keep supporting it, as for example and such). In this sense - those people who would make and run it won't lose anything in fact, even may be earn instead, since it is not exactly giveaways / freebies (because normally one has to enter Captcha or do some similar task).

It is really puzzling. or perhaps it just confirms the thought that most of people on Steemit actually here only to focus on how to Earn - mostly through Investment. that's alright, nothing wrong with that. :)
but then ... with all the talks about "STEEM Business" and "how to get more new users" and "how to Pump STEEM" etc -
STEEM Faucet would certainly help a lot in all those matters.

Or may be STEEM / Steemit is already too successful - to bother with such too trivial and silly tools to Promote STEEM ?

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oh, yes, of course! :)
thanks for pointing that out (and I hope you'll get some referrals with your link :D)

Eobot does give the daily Faucet for those coins one mines. (i've been mining Doge though)
however I'm not so sure - whether or not it gives free coins if no investment is made into their cloud mining.

but it still not so much known / famous / popular. I guess mainly because it is not exactly "pure" STEEM Faucet, but multiple one. besides, it is perhaps quite slow.

yet the issue remains the same: all those people apparently so concerned about "STEEM business" certainly should have thought about and figured out the ways to make REALLY FAMOUS and POPULAR Faucet for a STEEM coin entirely. (some tried, but not for long)
but somehow it is not so.

I don't mine anything with Eobot but they pay out the faucet. I've tried a few different coins and they pay out on all of them.

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The #1 STEEM Faucet by far is ...

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