oh, yes, of course! :)
thanks for pointing that out (and I hope you'll get some referrals with your link :D)

Eobot does give the daily Faucet for those coins one mines. (i've been mining Doge though)
however I'm not so sure - whether or not it gives free coins if no investment is made into their cloud mining.

but it still not so much known / famous / popular. I guess mainly because it is not exactly "pure" STEEM Faucet, but multiple one. besides, it is perhaps quite slow.

yet the issue remains the same: all those people apparently so concerned about "STEEM business" certainly should have thought about and figured out the ways to make REALLY FAMOUS and POPULAR Faucet for a STEEM coin entirely. (some tried, but not for long)
but somehow it is not so.

I don't mine anything with Eobot but they pay out the faucet. I've tried a few different coins and they pay out on all of them.

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