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Increasingly, people look at the sky, only to ask help, to complain of life … But why only for this? The sky is so beautiful! It is able to fascinate, awaken dreams, to present freedom. I always dreamed the sky, and I want to help people to look at it differently – dreaming, being inspired and aspiring in the future.

Once raised the head to enjoy heavenly beauty again, I have seen the balloon. He was so huge and has fascinated me and then I have understood: here it was that can attract people! Of course, I saw balloons before, for example, in BBC programs. But to see a balloon with own eyes is absolutely different feelings. You have only seen it and your imagination has been already drawing a picture of some mad flight filled with freedom and romance. And now imagine: only you, your darling and sky! You soar above the earth as if getting to other world; majestic heavenly beauty distracts you from problems. Attracts, isn't it? Personally I am fascinated by this idea. Flight in the balloon became my dream. I joined the Steemit and I want to share my dream with you – to make it the general. We will be able to embody it in reality together.

How is it help to Steemit
I will place a logo and the slogan Steemit on my balloon. By the first flight hundreds of thousands of people will learn about Steemit. Why is such marketing campaign the best? The sky is beauty, freedom, power, opportunities. Once having seen the advertizing Steemit soaring in clouds, people automatically will begin to associate Steemit with opportunities that, in turn, will increase attendance of community and number of people in it. I also offer advertizing in social networks and photo and video about travelling from bird's-eye view which millions of people will see in my blog.

The additional: if the post assembles enough resource, I will organize the laser advertizing of Steemit at the upcoming rock festival of the largest Russian mobile operator "Megafon".
One day my girl and I will fly over your city in the balloon …
Do you want to embody dream and to fly with us? It all is in your hands.
I am always open for discussions and your offers. In the following article you know what is required for the balloon from "A to Z". Article will be capacious, with enough technical documentation, instructions which I have saved up for years of interest in aeronautics.

                                                  I believe in Steemit, I believe in you!

Technical estimates
#steemit #advertising


Please do not send me unsolicited messages via my wallet just to promote your own posts. I have flagged for this reason.

If it isn't interesting to you, I ask not to pay attention! Further it won't repeat.

I have removed my flag. Please don't persist in this method of promoting your posts. It doesn't matter if you send 0.001 SBD as I did not set that price. Such an amount is trivial.

I will consider it in the future in relation to you. Also I will develop system of an exchange of messages on the basis of transactions.

I'll not downvote, but I'll say this:

I doubt that they'd be whining if you'd sent .1 or .2 SBD. Or hell, 1 sbd. They've got a point.... and so do you.

just a thought...

He/She paid .001 sbd to get your attention, you saw the message just ignore it don't act as if your all pissed because of this. Whats the point of flagging the post for basically no valuable reason?

What you said reminds me of an affirmation that I used to repeat to myself every morning after I awoke and every night before I went to bed:

My attention is worth more than all the gold of the earth combined

I think that it might have made me an egotist and asocial :0 but I'm still healthy and content, so it's not all bad.

Sorry for the diversion ;)

Then you ignore, if its worth your attention you can click on the link or still ignore. As simple as that.

Not i if this became the norm. I do not use my wallet page to read unsolicited mail.

If we just ignore it then our wallets will become flooded with advertising which is abuse of the platform.

Would be nice if everyone saw it like you. Ignoring is well enough for most cases. In this case I felt the line was crossed because I thought it was some kind of Nigerian Scam Bot. And I can easily ignore everything I dont like in general, if its articles or comments. But when I saw his bot-like comment and twice the same message in my wallet, I started to feel like being spammed, and Id like to be allowed to sanction that, since its even OK here to downvote Jeff Berwick for nothing just because...ignoring is not enough for some. (Edit: to be clear, I`m not downvoting, since he seems to not be a Bot and having made a honest mistake).

I agree..If someone wants to send me money for a chance to catch my attention, so be it.. If I don't like that idea of marketing, flag it. What do you think @christoryan ?

I see this as "spamvertisement" he doesn't actually care about our thoughts as was made clear by posting the exact same thing to each user and saying he "believes" in us.

I call BS and while I could choose to ignore it, if this post becomes successful, I don't want to see wallets become a place for begging.

I think the occasional incredible post warrants steem dollars given, but in my opinion, the wallet should not be the place to promote. Use the chat or make a comment on someone else's post that you find this post would be applicable to.

I vote on what I think is quality and not because someone will pay me to do so. That is foolish short-term ideology to be willing to sell your vote. You should not really even always vote on a friends article if you don't feel it is up to par with what you want to see on steemit.

Some people need to be called out and told to step up their game. That may be people that made thousands of dollars on their first posts and now have stale content.

Hopefully you realize this passion is not directed at you @kuriko or @vdoh. It's simply something I personally feel devalues the platform in the long-term.

Very good objective analysis of the incentive systems. My initial reaction to @vdoh was to upvote, then I wante to downvote after reading a few posts, but now I'm just going to sit out and observe the dynamics of the system. People try different things and eventually the market will figure out what's the most effective way to advertise posts.

That's the thing. I love the idea and would gladly vote for one that is not associated and linked to this specific post.

The content isn't the problem at all.

Had I stumbled upon this and saw his idea I'd be all for it, but he ruined that with the way he got me to see it.

I understand it's frustrating to have a good idea fall flat on its face that time and effort was put into to create. Almost everyone has felt those same feelings. It's what we do after that defines us. Quit and whine/or go out and keep making the best content you can.

Perhaps people are up-voting the ingenuity of the idea?

Wherever there's money to be made there will be those whom try to use their cleverness to test for loop-holes and schemes that can produce profits for minimal efforts. Just like in any part of the real-world, there will be gullible people that just fall right into the trap; there will be people that see the scam for what it is and be so bent up by it that they'll go out of their way searching for institutions like the BBB in an attempt to snuff it; there will be the apathetic that don't give a rats arse one way or the other; and there will be the people who're privy to it and are, themselves, clever enough to profit from their own angle.

How one perceives the play comes down to one's own up-bringing and values. Morality is totally subjective. Competition is the only reality. The checkered flag was already waving the moment you were born.

I applaud innovation, but sometimes you poke a bear and it bites you.

Theoretically I could make the most commented post by commenting over and over again on the same post. Is it innovative? Yes. Is it wise? No. So I won't do it. To me this is no different than replying to a whales comment with "please look at my article"

If he had tailored each message individually to people and added some sort of value that showed he cared about them more than the vote he might get, then it would be a truly different story.

Basically I feel he spammed/lied at the same time. If he can tell me how he "values" each person he copied and pasted his link on I will remove his flag, but that will take days to prove that he wanted more than an upvote.

There are plenty of intelligent and creative ways to get people to look at content. Steemit to me is innovative. I don't want to see "like this and i'll like that" that defeats the entire process of trying to reward the best content.

@jamesbrown you are welcome to disagree and I see that you see this from a very different viewpoint. But I don't hate anyone here or hope @vdoh is never successful, but as a warning to others who will no doubt try something similar it is just that a warning.

Thank You for putting him in his place and explaining that he is
complaining about receiving free money, regardless of the intent.

They paid 0.001 SBD to send junkmail, that will get them flagged and destroy their rep score. ;-)

Dude, you are getting free money for potentially clicking on a link to a steemit post;
Are you REALLY complaining about this?

I agree with most of what you are saying (or, more specifically: why you're saying it),
but I do not think it warrants a flagging/downvote.

Alas...To each his own :)


Yes, I'm complaining about it. I've written about the attention economy before. I won't advertise my post by linking it directly, but you can find it if you want. The key is that the sender of an unsolicited message does not know how the recipient values his attention. Having a message in my wallet where I go to view other information consumes my limited attention* without my consent. Only the recipient can decide on the price of their attention, and the sender can then accept it or not. Otherwise we have free reign to spam each other with ads endlessly, an internet version of Shibuya Square, and we have to lock ourselves down to whitelists and adblocks to avoid it.

*I happen to have ADHD, but everyone's attention is limited, mine is just more limited than normal

I ask, please remove Down-Vote, images aren't visible to others

Sorry. But I tried for the benefit of all community Steemit.

U asked for #BIngFlagged #JustByUsingThatWord #SpamIsTheft B-Ware! C How IT Feels, and read IT to that Bottom!


Lol I'll take the money thanks haha

Me too.

Yeah I noticed this was in my wallet, that's pretty crazy lol.

You have my upvote. Good luck with your project. :)

Cute Advertising :)

Wait, You're Objecting to Cash?

You literally were paid, to ignore or read the post. Are you simply upset because you felt obligated, having already been paid for your attention?

Read "Influence" The Psychology of Persuasion and you'll understand why you felt the way you did. I still think it's a great idea. :)

I, just a quick feedback: You were about to become my first ever downvote, because you posted the same message as a comment and twice in my wallet and I thought you were some Nigerian Scam Bot.

Truly do you think Nigeria can afford Scam Bots? I suspect most or all Scam Bots come from much more affluent technically connected countries than Nigeria, do they even have the internet over there ;)

I`ve no idea, neither native speaker nor techie here. I thought this was some kind of synonymous. In German we talk about the SPAM from "Nigerian Princes" who need help to get money out of the country. It was not meant to offend Nigeria or Nigerians, as nobody believes those mails.

No no you seem a nice person it was clear you were only being descriptive, it was clear it was not intended badly to be hurtful; /hugz...

(had to attach this here) German! But I sometimes do both the language in articles, because german has not much attention yet. Look here for example: https://steemit.com/deutsch/@fabio/some-thoughts-on-the-price-of-steem-and-stupid-german-money-deutscher-text-unten

I think you should post in your primary language because then you have a 99% chance of having German readers read your posts; as compared to a one percent chance of having English readers read your posts.
Additionally ; you do not have to be German to read German, so you have even more chances to gain traction.
Plus if you post and link on German websites especially German Social Media websites back to steemit I think you have a great way to promote yourself and your posts...

If i could do another language i would use that skill, especially since I can only post limited articles and votes per day herein steemland. Promote yourself using all your skills and knowledge and stamp your own mark on the steemuniverse !!!!


Sorry it was my poor attempt at humor, yes good ole Nigeria; we all know the scams about the Princes trying to get the money out of the country of Nigeria...

did you know the Western country's scam that westerners play on Nigerians?
Basically you start communicating with a Nigerian or other African country, then you find out where they live as in location...
Then you tell them you are deeply religious or so other strong motivational factor and instruct them to send a photograph (selfie) in front of another prominent landmark many many miles away featuring there new tattoo you required as a sign of their new devotion or conversion.
Once you have said selfie proving their devotional pilgrimage you will wire their account US$1,000 you should visit google to check this situation out...

and why would i need photo of some random person ?

How the silliness works is you ask the person in Africa for a selfie photo, then promise them money if they travel to the distant location and send another selfie photo displaying the tattoo you required them to get in order to get paid the money you promised them.
Please understand I did not invent this scam, never would suggest anyone get a permanent tattoo for payment, I just mention this as something some people do against scammers from poorer countries who request Westerners to collect monies or pick up customs shipments for them.
I just found it of interest that people can always dream up new ways to be nasty and unfair to other humans...

Oh ok! I just wanted to be sure not to get flagged for unintentional "racism" :D I dont understand that new scam thing and I dont think I`m interested ;-)

Thank you! Still learning here and getting used to the customs here (and improving my english) :-)

Do you post steemit in your own language? what is your main language???

My Fault, hope U RNT #NachTragend ;)

I am a real person. Also I want to make this world brighter! What I was mistaken in? If I have offended someone, I ask forgiveness

I came across this post when I was reading another article, that had good discussion in the comments. Good discussions in the Internet are rare, but then I saw your advertisement of this article. It had nothing to do with the discussion that was going on. The only reason I originally came to see this article was to downvote you.

Now that I've read your article and the comments, I will not downvote you. I think you just made an honest marketing mistake, and happened to create some good discussion on what is or isn't ok in Steemit. It is allright to promote your own posts, it just needs to be done so that it adds value to relevant conversations.

Good luck with your balloon project!

We learn from our mistakes

I just saw your message in my wallet ( Thank you ) and upvoted this time but I do not believe in promotion in such manner and will not up vote anybody's content unless I really like it . I follow more people than people follow me . So , trust me , I see a lot of posts . Oh and I followed you as well :) and check you out

The problem I have with this is that you wrote the same exact thing to everyone and care only about my vote. You copied and pasted the same content and changed just the address you were sending it to. You don't "believe in me" or you would have taken the time to comment on one of my posts and also bring your post to my attention.


Even though you had to send $.001 steem dollars to do this, I see it as no different than the spam mail i receive that costs advertisers a small amount to print on.

You could have done this in a much better way and promoted it elsewhere, but I dislike the way you spammed so many people so much, that I will flage the post you linked to discourage you from ever doing this sort of lazy advertising again.

Hopefully you can redeem yourself in the future, but I do hope this hits your reputation pretty hard so others won't attempt the same thing.

Had I saw this on its own I probably would have voted on it. But then people would have thought that it is ok to essentially beg for attention and many influential people don't need $.001 SBD to look at an idea.

Be creative and you will be successful. I don't like flagging posts often, but I hope you can see the reasoning behind it.

I will stay tuned to future posts and see if you can learn from this debacle.

He was creative!

He was the first FIRST (we all know how it pays to be the first to do about anything on Steemit) to come up with the idea to "buy a vote", just like all the politicians that we're so accustomed to in democratic nations.

I up-voted him for his cleverness. Got to love the billion angles of human perspective on any one event or action. God, I love life :)

Hey dude. I saw your 0.001 SBD transfer note..

Please in the future don't spam folks for votes. You'll likely get flagged.

I think it is a great idea, and a beautiful ballon.
Steemit is just starting out, and an interesting method was used to promote his message and endeavor. I for one, applaud that.
History will decide if it was "appropriate" or not. Downvote it is not.

Upvote from me.

I just started a discussion about this. I think it was a clever idea by @vdoh and I don't think she should have been down voted.

@vdoh good job..
success for you and steemit

vdoh .... you can send me sbd any day of the week, every day, for all I care. I applaud your creativity. Nice gesture. Interesting way to get my attention. I'll have to check my wallet messages more often. Steem on Bro!!

I have removed my upvote, after seeing your spam on dozens, maybe 100s of accounts.

I do not want to encourage this kind of behaviour, and the 25 flags you've got indicate I'm not alone.


I don't consider a spam a message with few pennies....a penny is still money... just imagine if you get like 10.000 of those that you considered spam messages ... heck that would be 10-1000 dollars a day which is not bad... and also it doesn't abuse the system in anyway,,,,, just because you don't like people sending you messages with few pennies doesn't mean that it abuses the system or that its a spam.... those are personal preferences you do want you want to do... however flagging someone just cause he send you money i think that's wrong.... most of you probably did not even read the post.... you just flagged his post because of that reason??? that's what i call spam flagging someone without probably not reading his post ..... is not that this is a youtube account and he wants your views it doesn't work like that in here... you come you see you don't like you go or you just ignore it at all..... sending message to users its not illegal its in the rules of steemit therefore you should accept it the way it is... now i only wish the minimum should have been 1 cent... and not 0.001 but anyways i appreciate any one who sends something it's good to keep people going keep them motivated.....

Take the pennies and B sure 2 Read IT til the End ;)

я уже не верю, что смогу набрать больше 100 STEEM POWER что бы как то повлиять на steemit но я рад что интеренет движется в данном направлении) спасибо вам)

! do believe that I will be able to gain more than 10000 S that would somehow affect the Community but I'm glad that the internet is moving in this direction) thank you)

good luck to you bro.

I support you!

Good luck in your business!

A Upvote to support your dream. thank you. for sending me a small amount of SDB to rminder.

Hello all, hello vdoh; it was a nice try to get noticed. You certainly did nothing wrong to deserve a downvote...
Good luck in your adventures and indeed on steemit, I like to see steemit as a job where I am required to get better at my craft over time.
While not the greatest writer I am trying to view steemit as a personal learning curve and developing my own 'college level' learning program to become good at steemit; and everyone knows university takes 2 or 3 or 4 years depending upon your course major, so I do not expect fast results here in steemland.
It is my personal guess but the big names in the steemuniverse herein steemit have already completed their college programs.
They are either, people experienced in writing for Social Media or who are professional writers and probably spent years Authoring and Curating blogs before steemit came along...
I do like Steemit; the concept of steemit, maybe I can get good at it.
Goodluck to all you nice people out there; /hugz...

While I don't think he made a fatal flaw, I did downvote because to me it is driven by spam. He had the choice and decided to go through with it and I want to make sure others don't follow the same path.

No hate for @vdoh and I don't want to see him banished or anything like that, but people who are sending a tenth of a cent with a canned message that is pure BS don't in my mind deserve to "get away" with it without consequence.

I don't think this was a "mistake" so much as a poor decision with repercussions. I'm happy to upvote future content, but would very much like to make a statement to people who inevitably try this tactic in the future. I would encourage everyone to come down hard on future spam like this.

I don't want him to be removed or anything like that, but you have to think about how your actions might affect your reputation and respond accordingly. I'd be happy to upvote a newer post with similar ideas to launch this, but without the link in my wallet bringing me to this page.

Unfortunately transactions are immutable, so there is no way to undo the memo line that was sent.

Yes i understand your wallet is not like an email acct whereas you can clean out unwanted messages. But that is the way of the BC (BlockChain) herein is a live and learn brand new type of website.
vdoh tried a strategy that might have worked well for them or it might have had a negative impact with the steemuniverse.
I applaud them for trying new and experimental things in steemland and i myself hope they do not give up on being experimental; we are all learning herein and making up rules and customs as we go along.
Again i say keep up the good work of trying to create a website that all reasonable people can enjoy; both to the creative ones trying fur or new things and to the curators who work to keep things clean and polished, well done n hugz ;)

Call it spam if you wish, just try to realize that being clever about bringing attention to a good thing is probably not a bad thing, you get my drift? I can spam you to a get rich quick scheme that is a total scam, or I can "spam" you into discovering something that's legit and can positively transform your life.

We like our boxes and our labels, so much so that we sometimes forget to really check what the thing is, in itself, before we oblige with our old habit of unconsciously throwing it in there and warning others not to touch it, cuz, "check the label", it says "spam".

It's spam because it's unsolicited and in some way in the commercial interest of the sender - he's trying to sell his post to me. I don't care if a spammer thinks he is doing something good for me - I decide what's good for me. I'm old enough.

you sent message to all steemit member
you are really a hard worker
i hope your campaign will be succesfull

Very interesting topic, but this requires not only finance, but also skills in aeronautics.

hrmm....... pay to spam..

If it was maybe 5 cents...

I don't know. hrmm...

flagged for spamming

Very beautiful. I believe in Steemit too.

That logo really should have the following text in it : Blog & Earn (or Post & Profit) or any variation you seem the best one. That way people know that the steemit is something other than just random logo used in a balloon.

Good intention came out bad. I think you should create another post and ask people to sign up for your distributions list and create an advertising thing and look for sponsors. no one will flag you. I am in for it.

подниму но соглашусь с дэмотраком. такие рассылки надо было делать месяца 2-3 назад. сейчас это моветон.

I less understand how steemit,, better looking for a coin that more potential

I would upvote this 1000 times if I could !!!

I support your thermal ballon project @vdoh . Let me know how preparation ins going.

Yes, the marketing methods were not the best, but I love the balloon idea.

@ vdoh, Good luck with your balloon! :) I will follow you. :)

My grandmother loved hot air balloons and flew her own for a long time. Have an up vote.

I hope your trip goes well

nice idea, thank you, I voted. I hope you find some success in the future. I like steemit, but also have a look at synereo I think is better more complete system of the attention economy...

чел ты ведь русский?

@Chel you are Russian, after all?

Very cool! Very hot! Thanks for drawing my attention to your efforts in spreading the word on this exciting new platform! bitcheers!

i believe in steemit, too much potential and the people here is amazing. I also believe in the steem

he was kind to give something no harm no foul. If that is the worst thing that happens to you you are doing great so smile!

You've got my support, bro.

Awesome idea!

I don't know about you guys but getting paid spam is a lot better than free spam.

Send me more paid spam for all I care.

You sent me steem power for no reason?

Careful dude, you are going to ruin your rep score spamming wallets with junkmail. I just flagged you for it.

Please do not send unsolicited messages. Thank you.

By giving a good image we can succeed...

I wish you all the success man, honestly this is very rad and thousands upon thousands will see this.

Cool! I follow you. +vote