Thermal aerostat in a set

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  1. A cover from Taffeta-190T PU R/S fabric (South Korea) — $4 625

  2. A gondola of 100х115 cm (a power framework from stainless steel, in the basis oak bars, finishing from genuine leather) - $1 024

  3. A torch gas, dual, on a frame from corrosion-proof. Became — $1 719

  4. Cylinders gas 2 pieces (aluminum, "Worthington") * - $1 094

  5. The fan (the engine "Honda GX-160 P=5,5 of h.p.) - $774

  6. An air inlet (the VIRTUAL COMPUTER SYSTEM or Nomex fabric) - $329

  7. Carbines (steel, 8 pieces) - $63

  8. Torch racks (fibreglass f16 mm. in a braid, 4 pieces) - $50

  9. Covers for torch racks (4 pieces, natures. skin, furniture) - $79

  10. A bag for racks and covers (SIOEN PVC fabric, Belgium) - $14

  11. A bag for a cover (SIOEN PVC fabric, Belgium) - $118

  12. A belt of fixture of cylinders (8 pieces) - $40

  13. A sleeve technological (for gas station of cylinders) - $71

  14. An adapter automobile (for gas station of cylinders.) - $16

  15. Form, RLE and RTE, passports of fuel cylinders,
    cover, torch, basket
    Total: 10 017
    Additional equipment and elements of an aerostat
    (are not included in the package of an aerostat, are delivered for an additional fare)

  16. Electronic block of flight control instruments (variometer,
    the altimeter) "Brauniger IQ-Alto" (Germany) * - $185

  17. GARMIN GPS-72 navigation satellite system - $294

  18. ICOM A-14 radio stations (118-137 MHz) (Japan) (2 pieces) - $510

  19. Production of an advertizing panel on a cover in
    compliance with the sketch of the Customer - $1563

  20. A cover for a gondola (SIOEN PVC fabric, Belgium) - $94

  21. Fal reserve (towing cable) of 20 m, kapron with an additional carbine in a bag - $63

  22. Fal fastened for work on a leash with explosive loading of 5 tons (3 pieces on 50 m) - $196

  23. Bags for the fire extinguisher, first-aid kits, radio of stations (2 pieces fasten in a basket). - $47

  24. A floor covering in a basket of $40
    Total: $2992

                              Transportation expenses
  25. Delivery an aerostat - $313

  26. Gas station of tanks of an aerostat - $79
    Total: $392
    Laser advertizing

    1 Lease of an advertizing space – $468
    2 Work of the technician with the laser machine for the period of a festival – $781
    3 Transportation expenses - $79
    4 Advertizing in local networks - $110
    Total: $1 438

                                             IN TOTAL $14 839

hope we can see you in Melbourne Australia soon!

Wow, a plan and a budget! Love it!

You've annoyed some people spamming their wallets, however, so I see some flags on your other post. Fix it by adding just a few lines of intro to this one, and change the title to something like "The world-travelling #Steemit hot-air balloon!"

I think you might need a .com in there or else people just might not get it. In fact, they might not visit it because they might think it's a bunch of hot air! I mean a hot air balloon site... Hmm... even adding a "join me on" won't work, beause they'll think it's just to book a ride... #Steemit could use some smart marketing gimmicks, now that I think of it... something like "Steemit pays you!" ... even though I doubt most people would be able to figure out how to cash out, or in for that matter.

Until we can agree on something and actually test if it works, I guess ... keep it simple.

Wish you good luck. It seems that you have posted a lot. Watch your posting bandwidth! Give you my upvote for this one.

Up up and away. Good luck!

Sounds crazy. I totally support that - GO FOR IT!

I like it

conquer the heavens and they will conquer you

Good idea. Totally support it.

Privyet, @vdoh .

Two things:

  1. you don't have to pay for my attention. If sending SBD 0.001 is considered paying at all :) you could ask without the bribe :)
  2. I upvoted this post because I find your idea and quest valid and fascinating. My 3 cents won't get you in the air but ... without the cent there is no dollar.

I wish you good luck.

Please, please, live people's wallets alone. OK?

Is not mutch , Butt , its a start .

offline advertising, i see a lot of bilboard ads on my city, but a baloon ads i've never seen its on my real live..

yellow good luck and a fair wind )

First of all, I hated to see the vote-begging on transactions. You mentioned the logo AND the slogan, please tell me, what's the slogan of steemit?
And last, hell you not asking for much, just pissing away 14.8k in w0t? I would make a pissload of money with such budget, you should rather do that and then promote steemit.

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This is amazing friend, go for it! : )

the better way probably is seeking money from big steem-holders. I probably can help you with someone.

Hi steemer~
I follow you on steemit :D

Cool man steemit spread in space

A swell idea. With all the breadth and scope of the Russian soul. Please make your identification. This will help you to convince the community of the sincerity of your intentions.

Я проголосовал, что бы поддержать вас.

sorry for my language is the Google translator but the idea of traveling on a hot air balloon is fun ideas of how Jules Verne general travel knowledge is great good luck to you

Thank you for being in steemit, Maybe some of my posts might connect with you...

I saw you send someone sbd for supporting your post. Is it real?

добавляйтесь, я нашел вашу страницу в ВК

It usually doesn't work if you ask for money directly. You might eventually get that ammount if you just keep posting. Start building the balloon and keep us updated, you'll get a following for sure.

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