Call To Action: Let's fix Steem's Wikipedia article to be up to date!

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We all need to work together if we want to improve the state of Steem. I think we can all agree that we want more bloggers, investors, readers, and other users to join the blockchain, and I propose that we work together to update the Wikipedia entries on Steem/Steemit in order to reflect the current state.

I believe that many people will check out the Wikipedia entry on a crypto before investing either money or time, so a bad Wikipedia page for a crypto could potentially turn people away from getting involved with it. Updating it should be a rather small task if we work together as a community, so I hope everyone takes a few minutes to see if they can improve on it.

What the current Steem entry looks like


I think this screenshot sums up the biggest problem; we don't even have an entry for Steem! If you click on any internal Wikipedia link for Steem you get redirected to the Steemit entry. This entry is obviously about the company and the website, but also has a very short summary of how the blockchain operates.

My opinion is that it’s too short, lack a lot of the recent updates, and don’t really give potential new users a good overview of what Steem and Steemit really is. I think that it would be good if new users could read the Wikipedia entry and get a decent idea about what Steem is, understand that Steemit is a dapp that runs on Steem, understand that what they post is stored on the blockchain, and other basic things like that.

Let's separate Steem and Steemit, and update both to be accurate

My proposal is that we as a community creates a new page for the Steem blockchain where we write about the details of the blockchain, and separate this from the entry about Steemit. A lot of the information on the Steemit entry is fine, but it could also use some additional info as well as updates.

We probably didn't have many dapps when this entry was created, but we do now. It's would be a shame to not mention amazing dapps such as Steem Monsters, Busy, Partiko, Musing, etc for the Steem entry. Maybe some of the dapps deserve their own entry as well? I would say that the unique ones like Steem Monsters probably do, but that's up to us and the Wikipedia community to decide.

Citing your sources

It’s important to back up claims with sources on Wikipedia, so remember to cite sources like the whitepaper/bluepaper, and any other source that will verify the text you write.

How to join

If you want to help out, then the best way is to spend a few minutes on contributing to the Wikipedia entry. Read it, see if you find any errors or have more information to add, or find sources where it is needed. If that's not your thing, spread the word to other Steem users instead, because it's much better if many people with different opinions and perspectives joins.


Good idea, but be careful. Wikipedia is very strict about conflicts of interest, notability and neutral point of view when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Yes I like where your head is at man. We need to work together as a community to expand our sphere of influence. I was also thinking we need to develop more STEEM based games that would utilize STEEM tokens.

Yes, an excellent idea, that really needs to be cleaned up.

Great idea! I see many posts about people encouraging to promote steem outside of the existing communities and Wikipedia is a great gateway to the common public. Good thinking 👍

Yes. This is a important thing to do. Even the steem beginners her confused about steemit and steem in the beginning. Having a nice wiki article for this would be really beneficial.

Great idea @valth! I did not know Steem-related stuff has been presented on Wikipedia so poorly. Thanks for this initiative.

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good catch, I love wikipedia

I wouldn't touch wikipedia with a ten foot pole.

Touching either of those pages is suicide.

Why do you say that? Sincerely curious.

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This person
used to have a much longer post with much of her proving the govern-cement wrong and giving a black eye to many democrats.

There are many such pages.

Basically, a conservative updater would write a good piece.
Then a leftist updater would write a scathing piece.
Then they would war over the page.

Then the leftists at the top would tell the conservative updater to cease and desist, or they would no longer be an updater.

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Great idea. They def need to get separated. Steem is so much more than just Steemit!

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