Abundance! Steem is an Economic Garden That Provides Abundance To Whoever Tills It's Soil.

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When we come to an area of land/earth, it tends to already contain much of what is needed to grown food and plants - though not everything. If we work that land say, to introduce any missing minerals and remove any junk and deal with any other issues - then the land becomes more fertile and productive/attractive/valuable. A socio-economic network like Steem is much the same.

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Just like a garden, Steem constantly produces output in the form of tokens and they are received by whoever is currently tending the garden by adding their time and resources to it.

If I come to a garden and plant seeds and then leave - it is not really me that grows the plants, it is the system of natural abundance that does so. Whoever is around when the plant grows will be the one who is able to receive it's fruit. However, if I return later, I may find that the seeds of the plant that I grew have sprouted and now there is more abundance than when I planted my seeds and so I can also benefit too, even though I left and returned later. If we treat land with respect and value balance, then this process of natural abundance continues indefinitely.

With Steem, we can all contribute to the abundance process and reap the rewards over time. If we keep investing our time, we grow the network and the potential benefits increase too. If we push the system out of balance, perhaps by using exploitative techniques to withdraw more value than we put in, then we risk stopping the process of abundance for everyone. Unfortunately, understanding this requires a level of attention to detail and a depth that can often be missing from the thinking of people who 'have the most success'. A parallel to this in the natural world might be the corporate thinkers who turn land into commercial farms and deforest vast swathes of land to make profit. On paper they are 'successful', but in reality the effects of their actions causes devastation and even serious health problems for those who trust them as middlemen.

trickle down trick

There is a lot to be learned from studying the economic system of the food soil web and comparing it to technology based economic networks such as Steem!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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I run a social network too!


Pretty good ideas :)

But we doesnt need to learn more about soil, food and economy, and also the adapt for tech-areas. There are more advanced methods, just only fews using it.

Advanced methods for what?

Advanced methods for agriculture, and advanced methods for a community based crypto-projects, like steemit :)

Here are (at least for me) advanced methods the microcommunities, like Buddyup, or Curie, or the careful dapp-using, for example.

If only a few people are using advanced methods and the advanced methods are better then surely most of us do actually need to learn them. In the case of the soil and agriculture - the methods in use today by most growers are costly, destructive and inefficient compared to what has been available for much less for a long time. The reason why most don't know this is that they have bought into the lies of the big corporations and marketers who also pay off academics.

There is much to be learned by studying the situation of agriculture that can be useful when understanding how to optimise and work with steem in a balanced way.

Learn it, and doing it, there is a big different :) I could explain it better, but i have language barriers :) But we agree.

We know, these methods are exist. Despite this, we make our own decision, we believe the big corporations, not the scientific experiments and results.
Do we need to learn?
We need to stop believe in corporate world, and choose the other way...

In 2019, the informations are free. The youtube is full of education videos, how can we cultivate the planet, for feed 15-20-40 billions of people. There are, front of our eyes.

But the peoples want to watch funny cat videos.
Same here.

We can see, there are many support projects and good teams, communities, what can help to the evolving, with mutual help. But the people want to vote to the shitposts on trending page. Because the helpers are invisible? No.
Because the trending vote is the easy way :)

Everybody know. Less doing.

The shovel doesnt doing the till itself. Need the holding hand :)

I completely agree with you, @ura-soul!

Would identifying posts with a broad and distributed user base be an alternative method to identify trending posts? We need simple methods, since behavioural economics tells us that all of us normally avoid thinking before doing something.

"avoid thinking before doing something"

This also sounds like a simple method. The result is the low quality life. The method depend of the goals.

Doesnt matter, which method you choose, but you must pay the price, and take the consequences.


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