I am now a Steem Witness! :)

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It has been quite a battle, but finally, I succeeded... I am now a Steem witness with a running node that is up and going. It has been almost two weeks since I wrote in a post about my intention to become a witness, but it has been a bumpy road with lots of mistakes in my quest for success!

Why was it hard?

I had a very hard time finding guides and helpful articles that would take me through the process. I have been setting up quite a lot of Ethereum nodes before (and I am still running a couple of them), but somehow, the lack of documentation scared me off a bit. Luckily, there are lots of awesome people in the Steemit community, and I would especially like to thank @justyy and @ety001 for their help along the way. I have almost terrorized them with questions, but they have been very helpful all along the way... something that makes me think that they are awesome Steemit witnesses as well! A Steemit Witness should absolutely be ready to help people in need, just like me! :)

I have now discovered some more updated guides dealing with how to become a Steemit witness (something that might make the process easier for others), but still - it was a battle for me.

i am now a steemit witness.jpg

Why do I want to be a Steem Witness?

Do you know why? Because I believe in the platform! I believe that this is a platform that will help, bless, and inspire lots of people. Why share all your data, photos, and writings on social media sites making you pay with your private data, instead of sharing it on Steemit and earning money while doing so?

I am so inspired by all the great projects on Steemit, and I know from several of the communities that I am in, that Steemit is actually giving food on the table for families all around the world! That is awesome!

I will not be able to bless the platform with my programming skills (I do know HTML, but it stops there). But, I am a stubborn guy who is packed with ideas, and when I get something on my mind, I don't stop before I succeed and before it is done. I believe this can be a blessing to the platform and also when it comes to new ideas and projects running on the platform. That is why I didn't give up when I faced trouble becoming a witness, and that is why I will fight until I bring other projects and important cases on Steemit to success!

I would be really happy if you would vote for me as a witness!

Do you like the sound of it? I would be really happy if you would join me and vote for me as a witness on Steemit. It doesn't cost you a thing, and every person on the platform can vote for 30 witnesses. So, why don't you give me one of your votes, and support me in that way? I would be really grateful!

You can vote in two ways.


  • You can go to www.steemworld.org/@yourusername . Click account details, and choose witness votes. Click the Vote for Witness text and add @unbiasedwriter to the box.

account details.jpg

I look forward to a bright future together here on this platform. If you have any comments, questions, or so on, please write! I would love to hear from you!


Ok, I have so many empty voting after a long time and after recovering from what happened before with our community. That's why I voted recently for @xpilar witness and I will vote for you the second just for seeing you creating in Project Hope because I like what @crypto.piotr is doing. Count also on the vote of @dcooperation the community I wanted to build but failed, but I'm starting over and I will try to find some time for that. Some other members are also following my proxy.



Thanks a lot for your support and for your vote! :) IT means a lot, and I will for sure do my best to support both the community and the users on the platform! :)

ice cream sent.jpg

Done.. voted for your witness 😇

Thanks a lot! I am so happy to see that you are fervently studying in all the Steemit Crypto Academy courses. I am trying to take part as well, so many great lessons and things to learn there. But, maybe it is time to take a little break from your studies in order to eat some ice cream today?? :)

take a break.jpg

No Ice Cream due to Covid 🤪😂

Keep studying because today is the last day to submit this week homework.

I am trying to take part as well

Have a go today to submit one lesson 👍

Man... COVID is even ruining my ice cream party! Well, just power it up and spend it on ice cream next summer instead! I would love to finish some courses but might have a lot of other things to do... But, if time allows it, I will do my best! Really love those courses!

ready! supported as a witness

Hi @unbiasedwriter
Good to see you active on the path to becoming an active witness.
I am sure if people like you who think about the community become active witnesses it could be a game changer for the community.
I saw this post and would like to cast my vote in your favor.
Is there a deadline 4 casting the vote ?


Thanks a lot! :) I just discovered your instructions now for setting up a node, those could have helped me out a lot earlier, I suppose!

By the way, you have probably created the only really new and updated guides related to setting up nodes here on Steemit, but I am a bit insecure about whether those can be followed for those who only want to set up a witness? What would you say?

Ps: Currently I am proxying my witness votes through Justyy, meaning that I am voting for you as well! :)

no you are not :( justyy does not votes for me lol
i am against proxies tho

The last time I checked, you were on the list... at the list so I thought, but I can now see that you aren't on the list anymore... :(

By the way - did you see the rest of my question regarding the setup of a witness node using your instructions?

setting up witness node is kindda easy as well
i will make a post today

Wow :)) Awesome! I look VERY MUCH forward to checking out the article!

By the way, make sure to keep your "vote for me as a witness links" working - I just saw that you are referring to SteemConnect in this article (https://steemit.com/witness-category/@steem-supporter/installing-a-full-api-server-with-hf-version-0-23-1-with-mira) and that domain is for sale, so it might take away the courage from someone who would like to vote for you, but they stop when the links are not working!

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