The Daily Steemer Episode One! A Steemit Exclusive Series On Everything Steemit!

in #steem5 years ago

Here it is, My first horribly edited Youtube video exclusively for Steemit! I know the quality isn't the best but I am just learning how to edit videos. In the future when I learn my editing software better, I promise the videos will have much better content. I was also kind of nervous making these videos and I don't know why... I used to stream on Twitch LIVE! I even had a decent sized channel and was never nervous there. Maybe it's just because I've never done videos before... who knows. I do hope you all enjoy this though, I put a TON of time and effort into learning how to do this and I'm really excited about all the future projects I want to do! These episodes will eventually be daily, but for now they are going to be more like weekly until I get more comfortable with editing!


looking forward to the Daily Steemer! nice.

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