There's only One of Us here

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Inspired by projects (see footnotes) happening here on the Steem blockchain, which aims to build a strong contributing community, I decided to share this short doc where Ray, my friend, expresses his feeling of interconnection and oneness for all of life.

We are all interconnected, we all feed upon each others energy, thoughts and passions.

We are humans, we are tribe, we are family.

Ray touches upon subjects that we all already know, but all too often we let them be dormant. Deep down we all know that we depend on one and another. We understand the need for balance in this world, yet we choose to press the snooze button when the topic arises.

We close our eyes and enclose ourselves under the comfort of unethical capitalism.
It spoils us, makes us greedy and careless.

We are beings who are interconnected with everthing. People, animals, and plants share almost the same DNA: we breathe and live, we think and communicate, we network and we grow. We all originate from the same source, the cosmos. Strip these tangible physical bodies and what we have left are atoms and particles.

The same atoms and particles that came from stars.

We were born from a big and spectacular death, called supernova. We are stardust children. We are star gazes and earth diggers. We connect with our two parents: the Earth who birthed us and the Starts which seeded us. No wonder why Shamans reference to them as Father Sky and as Mother Earth.

In order to live, we need to have a little death in our lives as the opposite of death is birth.

We are wonderers capable of manifesting and creating our dreams, and at times we are able to capture them on camera just like Vicotr Buso did, who recorded the formation of a supernova frame by frame.



A project that aims to support new members that write unique #introduceyourself posts by highlting them to the community. Given the growing number of new people coming through the door, they have recently started a project that rewards members who scout #introduceyourself members committed to bringing great content to this platform.

Steem Basic Income

This projects aims to reward sharing and provide all Steem members with a basic form of income. It's a projects that values members helping each other and producing valuable content for the community. They are friendly and realist bunch of people wanting to change the world. If enough people believe it, it will come true. Food for thought eh?


For those photographers out there, this is an interesting bot that helps you gain XP over time resulting in automatic upvotes when using the specifc tags. Also, if the work is exceptionally good it will be selected and showcased in the weekly @photocontests page, helping boost your visibility as young powerless minnow. At the moment, I believe there is only one witness, @juliank. However, I have a feeling that with more people using his tags there will be a need for more witnesses.

Tim Said

Another photo contest project hosted by @timsaid, a world traveler that aim to bring people from all corners of the planet to share their best photographs from their week. It's a great way to see what is a typical week for some in certain parts of the world. You can also follow Tim's travels across the world, currently, he is Dubai moving towards India, where he records his experiences and delivers stunning photography work.


This project is a minnow bot, similar to the MinnowBooster project but with more attention to curation. Both projects intend to help minnows growth and to promote contributing quality to the steam platform. In all honesty, despite me using @smartsteem, I can't quite make my mind up whether I agree with them or not. What got me into this project was the arguments and comments raised by @webcoop after he wrote about it here

I'm sure I've missed out many other amazing projects, so please comment below and share your opinion.

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