First look at Steemsongs and a few questions...

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If this is your first time hearing about @Steemsongs then please check this post. If you want more information try this q+a and this update.

Steem-Songs-2 Close up.png

I wanted to talk about the stages in which @steemsongs will roll out and the features/benefits that will be available within each stage.

The first way any user will interact with will be off chain. This means that all functionality will be available but we will not be providing memos or any automation.

I've had a few conversations with @jesta and @anyx and tried to understand the specific parts of Python that I might need to learn in order to point our web dev in the right direction.

@steemsongs v1.0

a user will visit and chose a song/album

user will be directed to transfer appropriate amount of steem/sbd to @steemsongs

user will enter their e-mail address and steem @username

song/album will be sent to that users e-mail address

I'd like to get your input...

Would you feel comfortable providing us with your e-mail address. Of course, we will not be sharing any of your personal data and I'm aware of the need for anonymity within crypto.

Please get involved in the comments....


Very excited to promote music on steemit and @steemsongs

benbrick for President!

I run a fairly successful dance music record label. Would it be possible to post my entire catalogue ? we have 200 releleases or so...

Followed and upvoted - how do we get our songs onto @steemsongs

More information will be coming. That will be v2 of the roll out. First we test/improve with hand picked artists.

@thisbenbrick - how do we submit some artists work for your "hand picking" - we are all new to Steemit but I have some outstanding artists for you to listen to

and a brilliant rapper @Owenkay

great. I'll be sending you some songs

Yeah, I think an email address is acceptable. I know a lot of musicians that have recently joined steemit and it's a great project. Look forward to seeing it in action.

I am a musician. I recently joined musicoin and then someone told me steemsongs is coming so I searched for it. Found this.
It's an interesting concept. How do you plan to catalogue the songs from the artists? As in, if I want to release my songs on steemsongs, what do I need to do?

It's been less than a week since I've joined steemit. So pardon me if I don't understand some jargons. yet.

This is a great sign though, I've seen a lot of initiatives for musicians on steemit and it will just keep getting better.

I subscribed on the website with my email.


You'll be able to organise your catalogue via
More information will be coming as this functionality is added..

Great! looking forward ✨

great music on steemit, i think it will be awesome. Very Excited!!!

Incredible idea, reading up on the previous posts now. You'be been upvoted, followed and resteemed.

Nice, Great project for our community. Thanks

I would love to share my music on @steemsong! it looks awesome.

So awesome that you are supporting musicians! I love it when people support artists. It really makes a difference in our lives.

what a cool project, thx for sharing

This seems good!... Asking for e-mail is enough, i don't think anyone could have any problem with this...

Although i still would love to see an "upvote" per stream system, where people just need to upvote a song to be able to stream it directly, of course i think this would need to be attached to the steemit chain, but that would be indeed awesome!

We will be offering downloads not streams. However, you'll be able to up vote an artists posts and if you have enough mVests you'll be able to purchase the track immediately for free!

Ahh i see, well that is kind of similar of what i was thinking... And how about free sample streams?, i mean, how can the user find out if he like the author before purchasing?

Are posts going to be similar to the ones we make here on steemit?... I am really looking forward to this!, cant wait! :D

You'll be able to stream 30 seconds of each song before buying! Also yes - eventually you're actual blog stream will be added to the page (assuming they have relevant tags).

That sounds awesome!... Cant wait this to be launched... I guess there will be updates and added functionality after it is launched too...

Exciting stuff @thisisbenbrick, great to see the progression here! Looking forward to using it! Cheers

This is the first I have heard of this..there are no links or explanation??! I am assuming it's better than iRC or Torrentz.

I think the process is a little bit too long. Would it be possible that you could be given a special download link where you could download the song?

Eventually with memos it will be instant. But you'd still have to log back into your account and retrieve the song... I like the idea of an instant download, but if you can't wait / lose connection you'd need a user page in order to get back to your old download.... so it's a lot extra work at this stage.

Or maybe you can order a song right here on Steemite? Without mail?

what about copyright free songs? can we upload that also ?

If you own them, sure. If you don't, no.

We are so glad to see the music community doing something here! Good luck with your project! @steemradio we will support your project!

It would be great to see the a music platform on steemit, I think this has lots of potential! thanks!

very nice music steemit

I just vote and follow you, please follow back

I am not a musician myself but merely a lover of music. Please make this happen!

I didn't heard about this project before and I think it's really a good Idea to use the mechanics of steemit to sell music. I think it will be an awesome project and I keep an eye on it. Good continuation.

How is this benefiting the artist?

  • artist makes steemit account
  • artist publishes song
  • gets upvote
  • cash out
  • reinvests in promotion

Makes more sense to me. But then he has to do the work of publishing and marketing of his own. So you'll be acting as a record company?

This is awesome, i've just signed up. I have some songs I'd love to contribute.

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