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I'm writing this post to give some more detailed insight into what I hope to build with Steemsongs. There have been lots of questions in the original post and some require a more detailed response.

Question 1


Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 16.40.36.png will absolutely not be like the original incarnation of Napster. Blockchain has the ability to make things cheaper, fairer and more transparent and these are values that Steemsongs will also hold. Whilst Napster was an absolute game changer to fans, it did not pass the value it created to the original creators.

Question 2


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We aren't worried about financial viability right now. This is a fun project we're trying to get off the ground in our free time. Hopefully it will spur on others to develop on the blockchain too. @Andrarchy has signalled that Steem INC have seen our project - perhaps they can help us when it comes to coding on the blockchain once we have our beta launched.

Question 3


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Absolutely. If you don't own your music on both sides (master/publishing) you will not be able to upload to our service. This is the fairest way to get started because it prioritises those artists that need the most help - the ones without a publisher or record label.

Question 4


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How you get paid is where it starts to get interesting: we plan to have "pay with upvote" options that will also allow you to only select users with a certain amount of SP. This might mean that some bigger users are able to get music for free, whilst giving the creator much more than they'd normally receive. Of course you can chose SBD or Steem.

Question 5


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Yes! We registered it. Just waiting for Steem INC to send us the details.

Question 6


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Initially it will be downloads only (not streaming). I don't have any insight on the legal situation regarding streaming. I have a meeting next week with an online streaming store (in the blockchain space) to discuss. Note - the disparity between how much record labels receive (compared to creators) is nothing to do with ASCAP/PRS etc. (read this for more info).

Question 7


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Yes! Click here

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If you have experience programming on the Steem blockchain and would like to be involved with the project please get in touch on at @thisisbenbrick.

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Excellent project and thanks gor answering these great questions!

the ideal system IMO would be:

  • normal vote based system for streamed songs
  • pay sbd/steem for download link to the FLAC
  • pay extra sbd/steem for license to use song for multimedia productions (movies, youtube vides, tv etc)

That sounds perfect!

@thisisbenbrick paying via upvotes is a huge thing for everyone on Steem right now. Imagine how the demand for SP will increase if this technology becomes widely adapted!

Reading "some bigger users are able to get music for free, whilst giving the creator much more than they'd normally receive." few things came to mind. First, you should have minimum required upvote amount set. This means whales could pay more if they wish or just go for the minimum required. Second, this feature should be available to almost everyone! Those with smaller wallets could vote until minimum is reached and only then would they get the content.

Let me know what you think.

I also wrote a bit more on this as this piece of tech got me excited: - I welcome further discussion.

Awesome stuff. If there's any way that I can include my music as part of the initial batch of songs offered on the site, please let me know!


For sure. I think there'll be a post in the future asking to hear peoples work. I like your open mic entry would be great to have your stuff on there.

This is a great idea and I'd like to see it spread into all aspects of Steemit... not only music, but art, writing etc.

I was a little skeptical at first but answering these questions makes me pretty pumped! Will it also be exclusively steemians or are you planning to incorporate "the outsiders?l" lol


It will be anybody that is willing to be paid via Steem currently. So any outsiders will need to become insiders.

Will @thisibenbrick have the ability to ReZap songs to Zappl ?


I haven't seen too much on Zappl - what will it do?


Basically, the Twitter of SteemIt. I can see it where SteemSongs has a ReZap button next to the link and be able to send it to Zappl and people can download it from Zappl ( once steem/upvotes is sent to it ) to their phones. Here is the Mock up video:

By the way, If you need any community building support do let me know!

This sounds like a fantastic idea. Is there nothing blockchain can't do?
It would be great to be able to support struggling and up and coming musicians.

Steem on!

This is awesome! When is it launching?


Not sure yet. I'm getting together with the web designer next week and we'll spend some time. Hopefully put together an alpha version that works independently of the blockchain first (where we confirm each memo by hand) and then beta version will be automated. We both also have jobs so it will have to fit around that.


Nice. Pretty excited about it!

What notable features will steemsongs have that you cannot see on something like spotify?


It will be about supporting the Steem ecosystem. It will give people a new place to spend their Steem without instantly converting it to BTC. It will push others to develop on the Steem blockchain. Initially it will be downloads not streaming (unlike Spotify). Hope that helps.

Okay, not Napster. I realized that myself after my post. :) Still awesome:) Thank you for the clarification.

This is a great idea man. I'm a Hip-Hop artist, and my wife is a R&B singer, i can't wait to be a part of this.


There'll be a post in the future asking to hear peoples work!

Nice idea! I would love to upload my music on somethin like that. Wish you luck!

I'm excited about this project. The music industry could benefit from something like this. As an artist myself, there's little to no money in music, unless if you DJ for a living. Thanks for sharing! :D

I love this! As an artist myself, it's difficult to find places to upload music that are fair and transparent.
Support from me all the way :)

Sounds great, I would love to upload my music. I'm giving most of it away for practically nothing right now anyway between and YouTube and streaming services


There'll be a post in the future asking to hear peoples work!


Great thanks!

So excited about this, also I am wanting to get into the Steemit platform on a Dev side of things, but all I know about is music business. I own a record label and produce music on the side. I would love to see some partnership with this project sometime down the line. Maybe I can help artists that use Steemit without and label or all that marketing experience.

So, we still need to register our music ins ASCAP before uploading to steemsongs?... Registering is in some cases very hard for many of us...


If you're not receiving radio play and/or tv synchronisation I see no reason for you to need to register with ASCAP (etc) unless you want to.


So i can just upload my songs as soon as i finish mixing them?, i mean, i dont have to take any other "legal" step before that?


Absolutely. Unless there is money being generated through performance of your music you don't need to ever register with ASCAP etc.


cool! cant wait! :D

How to you plan to combat people gaming the system?


Gaming it how? Buying music with up votes will be no different to how the current blog system works. Actually paying via Steem/SBD is not possible to game because you need the other persons private key. Let me know if I've missed something?

nice.....resteem and upvote for your post....

Really looks cool. Exciting but will be REALLY excited with SteemQ launches!

Really like this idea and kudos for brainstorming it. I like the pay walls with votes idea and multiple pay options for streaming, downloading, or using it in other works.

How would you deal with plagiarism? I can pretend I wrote song x... claims the rights. There was #MUSE for this also from the Steemit creators.