Subscribe-to-own models and Steem app integration

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I was just thinking a few random thoughts that came to mind based on @acidyo's post 1 for me, 1 for Steem and what I was writing last week, Steem: Owning, operating, contributing, subscribing combined with the growing need for applications to earn and perpetually fund themselves. I used an example of Netflix who through their subscription model make about 2 billion dollars a month which is, a lot of chill.

What I am thinking is if instead of a full subscription model, an application (let's call it Getaflix) could have a "subscribe-to-own" mode where while the subscription gets access to the application, it also gets some value of Steem/ SMT/ token distributed at market rate as well from some kind of staked inflation pool with the tokens backed by a percentage of the subscription fee. The earliest in will have the most distributed but also won't suffer if price drops later either as their subscription each month can buy in at the current price.

Getaflix could have a community of people that are into movies, reviews, shorts, funding independent films and the like and the staked subscription coins could be used in numerous ways to reward the community contributions. All of them would have to subscribe each month to have access so even if one was going to game the system with alts, every alt account would cost them the subscription fee.

Potentially, after a certain period of subscription an account might be able to choose a percentage that they can take out each month which is then sold at current market price. If one wanted to stop subscribing, their account would be closed and cashed out to them but they would have to start from scratch again if they wanted back in. This would mean that they couldn't dump at the highs and buy at the lows so would stop the speculation on the token and instead make it.

The largest accounts would be the earliest in as well as those who contributed the most to the community itself but, none would be that much larger than the ones near it. So, rather than having large disparities in stake that can heavily effect the community, the token would be used more for the community reward and gamification of the site in various ways and the more people play, the higher the value of their own subscription so far.

This could mean that the application would be able to fund itself with a percentage of the subscription whilst at the same time being able to create a backed token with the other percentage of the subscription that stabilizes the price and ensures that if all goes to hell, all subscribers/ owners get something back based on their subscription tokens at the floor price backed. The percentage between of course could go to pay for contributors.

Through doing this, Getaflix would have a model similar to Netflix and capable of taking in the same kinds of subscriptions but giving something back to the subscribers and giving them much more than just a platform to watch movies on. That in itself could become an independent ecosystem and community that could thrive given how many people love consuming movies and shows and could also benefit from relevant advertising without having to rely on it for income.

If then Getaflix could leverage other services on Steem to provide the various needs for their ecosystem that can be integrated like plugins into their system. For example, Their movie review service could be powered by @steemhunt and their forums by @tokenbb with each taking a fraction of the contributor percentage.

What I think needs to start happening more is that Steem applications need to start leveraging themselves and compounding with other apps. This way, an application that provides infrastructure support can earn through providing service to service providers without having to have a community or market for direct end users of their own and they can provide to many apps.

I think that this is one of the major benefits of Steem as a plugin design with minimal tweaking could be integrated into all kinds of places like Steem Keychain is and if designed well, can be seamlessly integrated without the end user needing to feel any change in flow. And, all of this could be available on the Steem blockchain and can in itself be leveraged in various ways.

While decentralized and independent applications are the future, it would be nonsensical if all apps had to develop all components for themselves at all times. Instead, the experts in each area could develop their plugin piece and compete on features, quality, price etc with other developers for integration into the front-end applications.

These are only preliminary thoughts on a few Steem topics but I think that with the current immaturity of the ecosystem, it would be wise if more of the independent apps collaborated and shared resources to make their deliverables the best they can be as fast as possible. The competition between applications for users and rewards can come later but for now, it is about being as stable and compelling to users as possible so that when they do come in, they don't find rudimentary applications missing the features they are used to and being told, soon.

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Love the concept but adoption would need to be much higher as the costs to run it will be onerous if distributed only among the average number of users seen today in even popular DApps. It always comes down to whether the chicken or the egg comes first!

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I still think a pocast subscription App would be a winner. Content creator's could set a monthly subscription fee for their content, the App recievs a cut and issues an SMT to the payer. SMT works like STEEM and can be powered up. 50% curation on it. Content creator can accept the SMT, STEEM only or other variation as thier fee. Incentivizes creators, curators and consumers.

Man I wish I could build an app...

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I agree, it would be a good app.

Man I wish I could build an app...

Just talking about this in chat :D

I'm sure similar systems could be implemented in various niches and they all would utilize the Steem blockchain.

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I think so and it would mean various (hate this word) synergies between developments.

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