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To set the tone, this post is not about hating on for profit services on Steem. They are valuable, they show how easy it is to start a project on Steem, how it generates (very volatile) revenue and how it rewards the creators handsomely too. While there will always be for profit companies and middlemen, I don't believe they will last as long on Steem if everything goes according to the way some investors imagine it will.

The cost of maintaining your witness servers, your own nodes and front-end costs might at some place in time be lower than the witness rewards to all in the top 100.

I understand some services may need some help, maybe self-vote a bit more than usual or delegate to a bot, but that is one of the advantages of Steem. Being able to adapt and survive much better than 99% of other projects/companies in the "real world". Of course for some it won't be enough and they may take a break or shut down completely, but for many of them it's just a waiting game and they may understand the volatile markets most of these projects in the crypto space are facing.

Once/if Steem starts going up, I am much more looking forward to the ideas that will come to life which are unique from current apps existing in the centralized world. Those who rely only on adrevenue and do whatever they can to make sure that revenue keeps on coming, so much so that they silence and ban users not following their narrative or someone else's in power. Ideas that simply can't be re-created on platforms that only rely on ad revenue and the rules advertisers bring with them. Ideas that integrate their reward pool in more ways than we can even begin to understand or think of right now.

At that point in time we won't need someone to do things for us, a middleman to redirect votes for a fee to sellers or a middleman to lease out your SP. For every project there will be a competitor undercutting them. Some may do it just cause they can, some will do it for attention, experiments, what happens if's. My point is that these projects will all compete towards non-profit and show to the world that it is possible to run projects that anyone anywhere can use and earn from without there being an entity profiting off of each activity. The higher the price of Steem goes, the lower they can place their profit % (if they want to), of course there will be the Apple's of Steem blockchain that may never lower their profits but keep insisting you need to buy a new account if your old one is "broken".

This is why I stayed interested in blockchain and one thing that drew me to Steem - no middlemen, no fees. I am looking forward to that future. This is why I often try and some times fail to create non-profit projects, it's not just a 1 for me, 1 for steem thing. I just want to see that future appear faster. It would be a good start if more people thought about giving back to Steem every now and then, though.

PS. Why have we not perfected cryogenic freezing for humans yet?


Why have we not perfected cryogenic freezing for humans yet?

Cryogenic preservation is currently working just fine. You can get cryogenically preserved right now if you'd like (you'll need to have the money to pay for it and a nonviolent means to bring about clinical death without brain damage, such as an exit bag; a chilled environment to induce hypothermia would probably be best).

The difficulty is, of course, reversal of the process. Currently the preservation technology is focused on preservation of brain cell structure; unfortunately simply freezing causes irreversible damage to this structure since we are mostly water and water expands as it freezes, causing irreversible cell damage. So, instead, the water in the body and brain is supplemented with cryoprotectants, so that the water becomes vitrified instead; in other words it stops moving and "time stops" for the body and brain, but the water molecules do not form crystals and expand. They just stop moving.

The issue is that these cryoprotectants are themselves toxic. Work is underway to reduce their toxicity and improve preservation methods, but cryogenicists generally believe that in the future, the technology will be available to repair the damage done by the cryoprotectants, possibly by way of nanorobotics.

Experts seem to believe cryogenics patients will follow a "last in, first out" sort of pattern, where the technology to reanimate eventually catches up to the current technology to preserve at that time. It will then proceed in reverse; as new and more advanced ways of safely reanimating patients become available, older and older (in terms of when they were preserved) patients will be "woken up."

That said, difficulties aside, most cryogenics experts agree that everyone being preserved today has a reasonable chance at coming out of it. So, I would not seriously suggest willfully undergoing cryopreservation as a healthy individual, but if you think you might be dying soon, set it up!

You will either be surprised, or you will be nothing ^_^ you can't lose!

Damn, that saved me a ton of work actually reading into what exactly it is and does. :D Thanks!

It kind of reminds me of the space problem where if we try sending something today at current top speeds to other planets, the current top speeds are so shitty that waiting for better tech is more worth it as possible future speeds may just pass the rocket that was sent 20 years ago in no time.

So you're saying the later we go cryo the better as the methods of doing that may have improved so they'll damage less of you? But that may be irrelevant if at some point in the future they can repair all the damage even from the oldest ways? It's kind of an insane thing altogether, if all that becomes easy to do and it works flawlessly, we've basically found a way to skip time.

There should be a "cheap version" for cryo where they just have to take care of your brain, by the time you're awake you will just go ahead and jump into a robo suite. Hopefully your crypto has risen enough in value to let you afford it, or that you remember where you left your private keys.

So you're saying the later we go cryo the better

Well, being preserved means effectively dying by all definitions except information-theoretic. So I would say it is best to wait as long as you can anyway. :D

Also, it is funny that you mention the "cheap version." What you are talking about exists. The head is disembodied and preserved on its own, and it is cheaper. Also, I see what you did there, you might say I was a step or to ahead of you ^_^

You are creating a bit of a game theory problem with your "skip time" idea, though. If everyone wants to be frozen waiting for a better world, who is gonna stick around and build it while we are gone, and deal with all the suck? Those who cannot afford elective preservation? Oh, but acid, what if they decide not to wake anyone up? :P

Rofl, that went way too deep quick.

That'd be a fun twist though: "hey how about we don't wake up those rich assholes?" while everyone else in a world that has legalized weed is like "ye man that sounds like a lot of work, let's leave it for the next generation, lol".

lol... not waking up the cryopreserved rich people sounds a bit like forking them out xD

:D irl fork

The difficulty is, of course, reversal of the process.

It is not the fall that kills you, it is the abrupt stop.

Now listen here... there is a difference here, since in this case we must imagine that the allegorical "fall" is occurring along an infinite vertical plane, with a constant force of gravity and no abrupt stop in sight. Someday, we may be able to intercept the falling people and attach a parachute to their backs. In fact, we could do that now, but the current parachutes are not advanced enough; they would slow the falling individual too fast, liquifying their internal organs.

We are just waiting for some better parachutes ^_^

I am waiting to be able to be downloaded into an alternate substrate so I don't have to rely on this feeble body. A titanium brain?

"Negative, I am a meat popsickle."

No disrespect to Acid, it was a decent post, but this comment thread was a far more interesting read. haha. :D

Since im fairly certain we will figure out eventually how to reverse cell damage and aging, ill wait with the cryogenics till im 70ish. If its up to me, ill definitely be doing it. Im not religious so im not a big fan of dying. haha.

People need time to understand and accept the idea that the world where middlemen don’t exist is possible and that technology is already here in form of clever code that is blockchain.

Managing own data, security, and assets seem like a very scary thing in the beginning since people are so used to middlemen handling things for them in return of their personal information. Information that the middlemen sometimes are unable to protect or even sell further for the right price. People get concerned only when something bad happens other than that some might even prefer intermediaries, trusting blindly and being half asleep.

Hell I remember going to a bank over a year ago, not even aware of the world where I would not have to wait in line or provide my identification to move funds around and paying them fees for it existed. It was normal and “how things are done”. Now dealing with beraucracy, setting appointments and things seem so irritating, slow, outdated and unnecessary. I wish blockchain was in everything to speed up the processes.

Hopefully in future, the beautiful idea that we don’t need to rely on anyone will catch on as the more easy or simple ways to use it develops, people will wake up and it will become the new norm.

I see that there is a lot of potential for various forms of subscription services. for applications. For example 10 dollars a month could buy access to an app as well as 10 dollars worth of an SMT at whatever the market value is. An account could always buy more if they chose to distribute but regardless, they will get access to service and something of potentially increasing value each month. The early in will get the largest gains and the more in will push coin price up meaning that there would be less distributed with each subscription payment.

Have to think it through more :)

What are your thoughts on the best way to earn Steam? Is it better to delegate to a high curation reward earning user? Is acquiring steam power still the best strategy? I have been around since August 2016 and everything changes so fast, I would love to have some discussion.

Depends on your activity really. I'd say get involved with dapps, some of them may have a good chance of getting big and in some cases you will also be able to earn their token and steem at the same time. Check out steemapps.com if you wanna look at the most active ones currently and enter their discords and check out what others there are doing to earn some rewards. :)

If you get to a certain level with your Steem Power where you'd feel comfortable with delegating it to a distribution bot or bid bot, placing some in there for passive returns can also be pretty decent. With @ocdb you get get about 0.5 steem per 1k sp daily.

I think that comes back to the underlying breakthrough of the bitcoin whitepaper as blockchain was meant to be more of a peer to peer network to becone efficient and effective in cutting out the need to trust anyone. With the innovation that has occurred, some projects have steered away but seems as though are paying the price now...

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maybe the freezing is already perfected.... the defrosting still has some issues though ;)

The second part may be quite important for a certain person who may or may not be Satoshi. ^^

oh, I thought you were Satoshi! :P
Aren't you happy you are not Satoshi?! :)

Hey! That was supposed to be a secret!

I do not want any recognition or nobel prize, I will just get on TV to fake sign this transaction once and only once and then I want to be left alone! I am serious, I will not create a dumb fork called Satoshi's Vision in the future.


If everyone had the same mindset as you do I assure you Steem wouldn't be sitting at .27$ as we speak but a lot higher. It might take some time, maybe more than we thought it would, but eventually Steem will shine.

Long time @acidyo Hope you are good

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Im completely with you, mate. :)

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Lol....the last statement got me and I'm like - I will be right back!

Interesting post @acidyo. I like this idea. Keep up the hard work !!

Zuckerberg will save us... Today I sent him a letter
Let's wait his reaction...
Big Plastic Hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

Interesting post and I agree I like the idea of non profit and for profit both having a place on the steemblockchain, it's a subject I want to go in to further in 2019.


Honestly @acidyo, quite ready to be rid of most of the middleman layer of the entire economy!

I have generally tended to think of that as "thin air." Construction is a nice example of "selling air." You take a pile of bricks, wood, pipes, wires and nails and they cost a pretty reliable sum of money. They you buy a piece of land for a "known" amount, and pay a builder a "fair profit" to put it altogether into something we call *"a house."

But how the heck is it that we get from "Stuff + Builder + Land = X" to people having to pay "2.5X" for that by the time it comes to market? It's just thin air to an assortment of both middlemen as well as the so-called investor class who DO nothing and PRODUCE nothing... and yet are lining their pockets at someone else's expense.

It would be a good start if more people thought about giving back to Steem every now and then, though.

I'm happy to say I have never done anything besides power up... and promote Steem to people outisde our ecosystem. To that end, I just wish more of the so-called "investors" in Steem saw this more as an opportunity to triple their money in a couple of years, rather than put everything towards generating a current income stream.

I think a large part of the reason Steem is stuck in the 27-cent range is that there is perpetual "selling pressure" from ever person here who's busy "cashing out" every time they've made $5... if everybody just powered up for 60 days the Steem available on exchanges would start drying up and the price would increase... as a result of which everyone who powered up for 60 days would suddenly be a lot better off... simple market dynamics!


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There are many projects that are made without profit, but end up being the opposite.
because a service is offered but if someone does not pay for it, there is no gain for any, and if someone pays hmmm the project would no longer be non-profit, I think!
The future awaits you!
Freeze people? doing it would be very delicate, I do not think there is right now technology capable of doing that without having side effects and having everything coldly calculated, because it could be a catastrophe ..
It would be like getting out into space for the first time, many years of work and calculations to be able to do so and many losses.

Although, on the road that goes, soon everything will be technological.

Why can't we introduce ads here?

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@scipio is there a way to stop these messages? your dapp is far from "new".

Not sure if he is going to stop @acidyo... He is acting like a goldlover on Whaleshares as well, doxxing people. He was also claiming to know both @haejin and @berniesanders, well he said he was friends with him, so we should be careful!

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