Let's Hasten The Development Of Ulogs.org!!! Help Us Tend To Micro-Tasks (Issues On Github) For Steem Or SBD. Open To All Programmers.

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So my team and the eventual choosing of it, is an ongoing process. It will happen over the course of time. 

It is true that alot of the steem-based apps that i have sought to bring to full-blown life has delayed, when it comes to development but that is about to change. 

When i got the last set of disappointments with regards to the development of https://steemgigs.org, it wasn't the last straw but those are the consequences of being brother or too much of it. The truth is, i will never change because your boy Terry is your Boy Terry but i will adjust matters slightly. 

The truth is, i love the more testimonial harder route (beautiful disruptions) and use delays to build the model behind my projects into levels of spanlessness, especially by means of unadulterated feedback from our steem community. 

Nothing of the things i do, ever stopped or really delayed. 

Now though, we will move a bit faster. I am cutting down on relationships a bit. I bear consequences for this and way more consequences, not because i don't know of the possible consequences but mostly because i want to go that route. 

I do believe in brothers because i am a brother. 

Beyond that though, i want to create historical history even here on steem and speak of "beautiful disruptions" hailing from "nations that the world call developing".

I do want to say with a stamp, that "nations are locations" and there is nothing like "developing or developed nations" because in truth, "there is nothing like developing or developed nations". 

Moreso, i do want that by means of https://steemgigs.org, https://surpassinggoogle.com, https://ulogs.org, teardrops SMT etc developers here on steemit, who find it hard to gain traction, gain traction.

Without talking much about history, i will talk of the way forward. This post is from the hospital and in my times in the hospital and with all the trauma around me etc, i create use for good/great. 

Thus, i have used this time to brainstorm new ways to still move.

https://steemgigs.org was to be built off of a fork of busy.org. The owners of busy both fabien and ekitcho had favored this from the very onset. Ekitcho delegated power to steemgigs in the past. 

At the time, the busy code was perfect fit as framework for what steemgigs.org was going to constitute but now moreso than in the past (with the current busy code).

The previous busy code (which we had attempted to use) ended up proving a bit difficult, then, we went into a new build from the scratch as you can see with the current https://steemgigs.org

In recent times though, i have looked more closely at the recent busy code and it is just perfect framework for most of my projects moving forward on steemit.


For all my projects, "serving the search engines" is so key, not only to grow steem organically but also because of something very key; "surpassing Google" (world adjustment) and "google indexing" is a salient aspect of the busy.org code that is pertinent in all that i want to constitute especially with projects like @ulogs and @steemgigs. That and others!

Measuring all matters intently and thanks to @busy.org, i will be using a fork of busy as framework for several of my projects. 

You have noticed many steemians already testing out https://ulogs.org! It is a fork of busy.org but will have alot changed over the course of time. Look at it as a "true celebrities" social network in a world where, superman has more followers than humans. 

Well, we will discuss more of that, when https://ulogs.org is officially announced in a post.

In this post, we will focus on the development of https://ulogs.org and speak of the way forward. 

The very essence of this post is to seek out developers who are interested in working on micro-tasks (issues), that i will be filling https://github.com/ulogs/ulogs with.

I currently have 4 micro-tasks (issues) aligned on the github (ULOGS) and assigned to a steemian developer but i will be loading it up with more issues over the course of the next few days. I will also add a milestone (time-frame) for each task, so that any interested developer can contribute and get some SBD or Steem payment.

I will like speed. Hence, all tasks will be as micro as possible. 

Here is how i put in the SteemDev discord server (looking for devs):

I am looking for developer with time on hand. i want to move fast on delayed projects but all the tasks will be simple and written as issues on github but kept all simple per issue. I also wonder if you take a payment of sbd or steem. I need help on steemgigs and ulogs.org                                                                                                                                                     you may need to be familiar with reactjs as this is a busy fork and i am looking at that for steemgigs.org as well in the nearest future but my quick focus now is ulogs.org
I have some assigned tasks already on github.com/ulogs/ulogs but i want to write more and speedily too, over the course of the coming days. I say speedily because all the issues will be kept short and simple. Some issues are as simple as word change or adding some links, images etc, mostly front-end, that you will need to submit as pull requests on github. We can discuss payments per task/issue. Please contact me via DM. If there is delay please say hi again. Your boy Terry

So there you have it. I don't have high budgets but i am so open to discussions especially where speed is involved. Overall, i can't pay for excerpts of the brain as it is "priceless", so i look mostly to inspire. 

Below are samples of existing micro-tasks (issues) as seen on https://github.com/ulogs/ulogs/issues

The first four issues have been assigned to @eastmael but i will be writing more issues over the course of the next few days and you can simply take a look at them, determine if you can complete them in the time-frame allotted and reach out to me for discussions. 

You can take a look at the 5th issue on the list as it is currently still open. After discussion and agreement, the task will be assigned and you will need to do a pull request to the ULOGS GitHub. Other requirements will be discussed in the DMs.

You can Visit this link or leave a comment to indicate interest. You can also leave a comment directly on an issue on https://github.com/ulogs/ulogs/issues

We are opening micro-tasks to as many developers as possible. Once an issue is assigned, the Github will indicate. Please feel free to discuss which assigned issue you may have loved to do, so that i can look into bringing similar issues your way in the future, as i may have gotten insight into how you like to work, how you like to get paid, your price-range etc

Applying a micro-task approach opens us up to a bit more speed with the development of https://ulogs.org, then once https://ulogs enters a state of stability etc, we will apply the same approach for completing "https://steemgigs.org".

If you would like to offer your expertise for free, please indicate interest as well. Overall, i always look to inspire, perhaps, i will have avenues to, then.

This way, we will also be able to know and unveil as many developers who are here on steem and bring some limelight their way too. @codingdefined has shown interest in taking up some of the task and he has spurred many developers to join in too. These excites me as it unveils many (developers) who are here on steemit, contributing heartily behind-the-scenes but who haven't attained foredom

Thank you @codingdefined. Special thanks to @eastmael too, who likes to spare out time to join in, in helping with all my projects. Thanks to @kizzbonez as well who has helped alot amidst a job and bus(y/i)ness.

Amidst all odds, i just played and now we have this: "bus(y/i)ness".

I simply added Mathematics into the English because while everything appears complicated in Math, look at the word "Mathematics" more intently and you will find English in it.

Like i always say, "while giant solutions lie in the first simplest obviousest solutions, we jump hastily to the nth complexest solutions first and even lose our(very)selves in the process, entering outer-space! Tons of answers even in relation to positive world adjustment are "down-to-earth".

Now that's me


I will be home soon and stronger and with more fire. "Your boy Terry" is a constant. If  i ended up not attending with you on the 24th, @melanie0625 and @zoeroces and the others, you may know why but don't be shocked if i pop of there!

Your Boy Terry


Visit this link or leave a comment to indicate interest. You can also leave a comment directly on an issue on https://github.com/ulogs/ulogs/issues 

Let's Grow Steemit/Steem Inside-Out With One Other Hack!!! 

Click On The Link To Subscribe To My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TerryAjayi

I will be waking the YouTube channel up and storming it with steem/steemit related videos. My videos will contain rare Intel, "no    books" involved (in assimilateable bits).  

Quick Update:   

19,916 Steemit Posts Across #ulog, Since Its Birth A Month Ago! Ulogs.org Is In Test Phase! We Can Now Simply Tell Friends To Join Steem To Try#ulogging!!!

Join in and become a ULOGGER today.   

You can use these graphics as comment responses while curation #ulogs as "true fans":

graphics was created by @iwrite and picked from a post of @purpledaisy57

You can get minimalist-design ULOGGER footers like this (below) from @chaelpacia :


I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.   


Join the Steemgigs Community on discord: https://discord.gg/CGuPyyT  

"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?

Your Boy Terry @surpassinggoogle 


Your posts are always long and they take time to read, you know what I read it in 17 minutes. we know brother how dedicated you are for your projects like #steemgigs and #ulogs, It's not easy to make a vision and keep working on it years and years.

You have done it <3 and we love you for that.

I know# steemgigs is not complete yet, but 100 percent sure it will be great when there will be no flaws and everything will be easy to use, and you are working hard for it.

you are in the hospital with your dad, i can see the sadness in your eyes, be the brave brother, uncle will be fine INSHALLAH <3

Despite being in the hospital you still are thinking about the community, my friend that's your greatness. your humbleness, you polite behavior is making us love you more and more.

I'm not a developer, if I was, I would defiantly help you for the cause you are working for. but my Prayers are always with you sir <3 and my support is always with you.
Thank you for being with us @surpassinggoogle.
Wrote this comment in 5 minutes,
My English is not good, but i think i have done enough to pass my feeling to you :)
Love from you Pakistani Brother <3

If it took you 17 minutes to read it, you can imagine how much time he has put while writing it! :D

But my friend here is a Surprise for you :p

Terry doesn't write, he just speaks :p If you don't believe me, you can ask him.

Ha haaa!!! So true! He says that all the time! Then gifts us with these epic pieces of soul-level communication! ;)

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Very true my friend <3

Sir Terry a.k.a. @surpassinggoogle is one of a kind person. He speaks from his deepest soul and that's what makes him dynamic. God bless you more Sir Terry!

Yes what you wrote is absolutely correct,love you a lot terry boy.

we all love you terry @surpassinggoogle <3

Thanks for chuckles again! That's exactly what I thought when I read it too, @wiseeyes. But as @abdulmanan said, Sir Terry truly says he cannot write. ;)

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Bless you and Thank you so much for expressing the love and esteem in which we all hold @surpassinggoogle, @abdulmanan.

His dedication and loyalty and vision inspires and enfolds us all.

See you tomorrow at Sir Terry's talk.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

see ya!

I will be home soon and stronger and with more fire. "Your boy Terry" is a constant

Please check this out in your spare time.


Greetings, great surpassinggoogle.

Excellent post, man. I really enjoyed your projects and I hope that they all work out and more and more, you can do the jobs that help our community evolve. I hope that next year the Steemit has a larger base of people and the price of it is higher, for all these projects that you develop, besides the launch of the Smt. With that and the evolution of prices, everyone in here will win with this.

Thank you for posting and good afternoon!!!!

Thank you so much, @julisavio. Onward and upward!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Hello sir Terry,
I am so moved with this photo of yours. In as much as I wanted not to get sad and be affected with this, my heart yearns now for more reasons to become more active supporting these advocacies of yours in improving steemgigs and now the new @uLog site/condenser/apps. This post is like 24 hours ago and yet we were still able to chat on Facebook 3-days ago. I didn't quite know how to respond when you said you are in the hospital.

In my own little way, I could create some great write ups on blogspot, quora, and WordPress about how amazing steemit is, uLogs and steemgigs. This would fall under digital marketing since I am not adept with programming and web dev. Will be doing this through my initiative only to show this continued support I am doing not only for you but for everyone else here on this platform!

Speedy recovery to your dad sir!

I can see the dedication and passion beyond the writing that no matter where you are, no matter what "beautiful disruption" there is, the brain is always working hard.

We await for the development of ulogs.org. I am all in supporting your projects brother Terry.

May Jah give you strength and bless you more.

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yo Terry! how u? well, I know that u will do it no matter how long somethings get delayed.. cuz u da man.. that's just life happening. keep on!

You are a brother for all the steemians,your works and thinking always take you to the highest level of success .please take care of your self friend,because you has the fire in your heart to make the community the best and best.My blessings and supports always with you,pray for your father and for your happiness.

please take care of your self friend,because you has the fire in your heart to make the community the best and best.

So true, @maya7! I second that.

See you tomorrow at @surpassinggoogle's Talk. ;)

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

I've already checked out the ulogs.org and I've already said it that I'm impressed with what you are doing with it. Infact I'm going to try it out if I will be able to make a post from there today. Though still work in progress. This your new approach will see things done on time. Kudos.

How is your dad doing. I pray for his quick recovery in Jesus name. Amen

HI @fatherfaith,

I do all my comments from ulogs.net now. The posts I still write up in Steemit but then transfer over... although sometimes I forget and hit that 'Post' button. ;)

You'll love using it and when you do, you'll be leaving that great promo siggy for the site everywhere you comment.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

It feels bad that steemgigs was delayed, but then, it could be God's plan to make it better. The little time that I uses steemgigs interface, I can attest to it potentials, what it can do to give humanity a good face.

Come steemgigs, come shine
Come ulogs.org, come greatness
Come steemit, come fantasticity

I am sorry about recent development in your life, Dad will get stronger, trust. Indeed, you have been our boy Terry. You are strong than ever!

yes, you are right brother Everything is going the way God has planned it. we just need to understand this.

but it doesn't mean we stop doing hardwork, we stop trying. if we are not getting success in our life, nothing is going in the right direction, and for this condition, There is a way " The way of Prayer" , Which can change the things, but you need to pray from the bottom of your heart.

... it could be God's plan to make it better.

Yes, I feel that too, @autofreak. Divine ordering.

The little time that I uses steemgigs interface, I can attest to it potentials, what it can do to give humanity a good face.

I haven't use it yet but I know several who have and like it. Can you imagine when everything is set up the exact way Sir Terry envisions it and millions from all over the world are using it to share and Bless others their gifts and talents and
are being Blessed and rewarded in return.


Come steemgigs, come shine Come ulogs.org, come greatness Come steemit, come fantasticity

Ha haa!!! LOVE that!!! ;) Bless you, @autofreak.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

After reading your post.. I sign in ulogs.org site .. I use it in 5 minutes.. I feel so comfortable and it has many facilities such as busy.org... I see your wall photo sir @surpassinggoogle..

Thanks for using it.. Hope you regularly use ulogs.org.. It is so fast than busy.org...in new version ulogs.org alpha.. Sir @surpassinggoogle thanks for your information..

I use it in 5 minutes.. I feel so comfortable and it has many facilities such as busy.org…

So glad you tried it out, @prince121. I like how you describe it as 'comfy'. That's so fitting. It's become like a second Steemit home to me so quickly.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

I would love to help in this project Terry but I am not a programmer :( programming is one of the things I want to learn but right now I do not have much time for it, keep working on this :)

Glad to see you terry boy ulogs are rocking and i am so glad lot of newcomers are joining this platform.

This is great news sir hope it will reach who needs some work to do,upvoted and resteemed.

Again thank you for always being the kindnest. The support to all of us. #ulogs has been obviously successful but it seems you are not stopping on making it more beautiful. I wish I had something to offer for its improvement but all I can do is to contribute through writing my own ulogs. Nevertheless, it is a wonderfull one to come up with something to write. Looking forward to hear you on discord later.

Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle. Thank you for your non stop creative thinking on how to improve Steemit community and for your support to your fellow Steemians.

My continuous prayers for your dad, Terry!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Awesome @surpassinggoogle!

Incredible post, man. I truly making the most of your activities and I trust that they all work out and to an ever increasing extent, you can carry out the occupations that assistance our locale advance. I trust that one year from now the Steemit has a bigger base of individuals and its cost is higher, for every one of these tasks that you grow, other than the dispatch of the Smt. With that and the development of costs, everybody in here will win with this.

I am no programmer but Im here to share some love. We appreciate all your work Sir Terry but please be strong and rest even for a while. Always remember that health is wealth. Just a simple reminder ☺️👍🏻

For me its best to stay beside your dad even if it means youll be absent from the talk show later. Although you can still pop up once in a while.

Wished I could help but have no clue about coding :(

prayer and many healing thoughts coming your way!!! You are going a great thing for all of the world. Sometimes it seems you reach roadblocks along the path it makes you stronger and opens up new and exciting things.

I believe there are a time and place for everything and as your post shows by the setbacks you had it left time for many other things to fall into place.

As always. strength set your way.

Thank you for all the projects and love you have given to the community. Please accept our love and appreciation from the community. It is indeed a very good initiative. Best wishes to our Ulogs and Uloggers.

May Jehovah bless your beautiful family. Hold on and pray. We love you. Xx

@surpassinggoogle even though i've not really had chance to know you but what i've heard about you is enough for me to doff my hat for your passion,vision and doggedness towards achieving every of your goal and i heard as well that you don't like it easy . i've visited both steemgigs and ulog, i must confess you are doing a good job. God bless you the more, don't stop been you and with your permission i'd like to copy your signature by changing your boy terry to "your local boy tosin.
Peace out

A time like this is when I wished I am a proficient in programming language, especially reactjs and solidity. There's always demand for such people in the blockchain space. I hope it all goes well your end. And I wish a quick recovery to the sick your end. Keep hope alive and keep steeming.

Greatest man in steemit have ever known.
Your actions towards steemit is very wide known and I pray God strengthen you sir,you've helped some newbies through the ulog,may God help you to accomplish your mission too bro

You really are, in the strongest you, being an inspiration to anybody while in the middle of trials in life...thanks for just being you...God bless you more on your projects.

in the strongest you, being an inspiration to anybody while in the middle of trials in life…

So true, @jerelyn. Thank you for expressing so well the love and support and respect we all have for Sir Terry. Bless you.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

@surpassinggoogle , I love your every project and appreciate your impressive efforts due to which every project got success. you are real hero of steemians as you encourage and support everybody specially new comers. stay blessed.

So very true, @rabeel. Sir Terry's vision is a Blessing to all of us.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Very helpful post. Your project is very motivational and effective. I love your project and people love you for your hard work.

let's hope you will be popped up on 24th. It's so nice of you that even you don't forget about your project and followers from the hospital. It reveals your passion, dedication and devotion toward this amazing community. This community is amazing due to hard efforts of people like you. I pray for your dad speedy recovery. God bless you @surpassinggoogle

It can only be passion, loyalty to good cause and true love for the community.

True words @autofreak
All the best to @surpassinggoogle projects
Let's all the projects shine and bring this commuity to no 1 position


This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Absolutely, @autofreak!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

So true, @kamchore. True passion, dedication and love. Blessings to both @surpassinggoogle and his father.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

I am hoping for ur swift recovery Sir. I'm sorry to hear you're in a hospital. OMG you should take care of yourself often. And your dad? Remember to tell your disappointment to God if you're worrying and discouraged sometimes. He will hear you and He is able!

When you said you need to cut down relationship, I suspected that you're disappointed? Out of 1 million people in the world, there are I think 5% that are true during ups and downs. Some people are good to us because they gain advantage and we can never test people who are good to us if life will not show its worst. But even if there are many people like that, the Holy book says to help gracefully even if we think that the receiver doesn't deserve it for God has plans on it. I know you know it 'coz I was there when there were personaged that criticized your works, but you still help them 'coz helping and loving people are your passion. Loving your critics is ur passion. You are blessed and will be blessed that you may never notice for helping and giving gracefully. I saw your post on FB before where ur head seemed to crack. Maybe because for too much work and maybe depression. Even though billionaires are deprssed too 'cos suffering and pain are always our twin as a human. These things test us how to go through. If you struggle today, always remember to rejoice in midst of that coz as I said in my current post, we are still in the process. God has set the right timing for you. You're a genius humble person and I know God has plans for you to be a king of overcomer one day. You will find a perfect girl, perfect family, and financial freedom 'coz you deserve these all the blessings from above. As pastor Joel Osteen said, we are not the finished product, so let's get up to live life because we only live once and approaching the demon's devour is nonsense to spend time.

I know you are not changing. Noticeably, the reason why you are blessed in Steemit and with a genius mind is the purpose. The purpose is to help the needy people, save the lives of the sick, to be an inspiration, and to make those who feel unworthy worthy. Another purpose is to use your influence to spread God and live with His words.Still,God's purpose to you is still in the process. I know you're strong enough to fight the roaring and corrupt demon.

Wow it's interesting to know there will be a ULOG's own interface soon like Steemgigs. I'm sorry to hear you disappointed in Steemgigs. There was a time I posted there but the site didn't accept my work. It said I have a limited blah blah. I forgot but it was tough for me to post in Steemgigs even if I used Editor pic. Surely it'll be perfect soon.



you are sweet, so I stay speechless

Thank you very much for your post sharing.....
i appreciate your all post. and i love your project.
keep it up sir...upvote and resteemit done.

You will find many developers here and I am sure your #ulogs.com will be a great website soon! It will be good to fork busy.org for this as it was done for steemgigs!

You are working hard to make it happen. You have not forgotten us in such crucial time of yours. It will be a big surprise to see you at 24th!

Best wishes to your dad. He will recover soon. ;)

Yes, I agree, @wiseeyes. Everything is going to be proceeding right along now.

See you at @SurpassingGoogle's Talk!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

I am not a programmer nor a developer so I won't be of any help in this regard! But I am resteeming this post for my followers. Maybe they could partake in it.

Sorry to hear about your father. He will be fine soon. Just stay strong and everything will be fine.

Big Bro God is Good we need more prayers and always think positive no matter what happens may god father heal your father bro. Amen

It's certainly progressing, so much to attend to with #Ulogs.org so much progress have been made, and I know a whole lot more is still going to be made, it's the hospital Terry, I guess that's your father, I can imagine how it feels, but I guess brooding isn't just the solution, the fact that you're strong for him makes it the better, I wish you Whole lot of luck

Keep going and just rock!!!

My house painting schedule made me missing time when this post was dropped, but all the same am on it now, reading through the post, i would work for free for you @surpassinggoogle, even if its gonna cost me selling my things just to make #steemgigs.org, #ulogs.org a success i wouldnt mind... Would check the link to see which one i can fit in.. I really feel your strength..
I pray that God Almighty will strengthen you and heal your dad Mr Ajayi.... In Jesus Amen....

firstly i salute your father of teery..this time what condition your father health? i am obviously pray to god for your father health situation very early recover doing.i am understand your feelings.don,t worry. sir @surpassinggoogle keep faith to god.god of course listen your wish and i hope that your all dream success very soon.dau by day your ulogs and stemgigs very improve doing.every steemians follow this instruction..its very good two thing for every steemians very quickly success in the future.you are a great person and super hero in this comunity.i am thanks to know this platform because this comunify giving me to knowing as like person one of you. I would love to be part of your team in another branch that can help! since you are an example to follow by all, so surely it is an honor to be part of your projects, I will always be supporting, I hope your father improves soon, i support your work.hopefully you support my work.very well done..take care of your father and yourself.

Thank you for being willing to help @surpassinggoogle in any way you can, @timuann.

Let's give him love and support at his Saturday Talk tomorrow.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

How I wish I'm an IT graduate so I could help you for free. Anyway I pray for your father's health condition, Jah may heal him ij the name of Jesus.

God Bless You

Thank you so much for your kind intentions and wishes for @surpassinggoogle, @g10a. Bless you!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

I hope you fulfill your dreams of developing ulogs.org. I wish I could program or do stuffs like that. Keep pursuing your target and you will reach it.

Hello @surpassinggoogle, visiting your publication I remember when my mother was hospitalized and did not want to move from there, you are a fighting man, always in your publications I see a constant work to reach new goals or improve the current, you will see that GOD will reward you because you give to others and this is always rewarded.
I hope life will smile on you, remember that we all have difficult times, but you are an admirable person and that means you will never be alone.
Blessings and may life fill you with happiness, it is my wish with all my heart :)

i will pray for you man..I know it that sir Terry is a very kindful and lovely person..i am always supports him.

Always a great project. Ulogs.org has come to stay and will soon become a mainstay in the STEEM blockchain. I am still still planning a module for a group with #ulogs soonest.

I pray that your father will get well soon and healthy always sir ,,,
my message you can give a traditional medicine, which is a kind of vines tubers purple, if in my village called purple fruit(boh gadoeng) sir,
please try sir

Thank you so much for your very kind suggestion about traditional medicine, @nasrul71. Blessings!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

We understand your situation now, family first. So if you can't be in the talk show in the 24th, that would be fine. Hope you dad is now okay. Always pray to Jehovah.

Good post, man. I really enjoy your project and I hope they all succeed and more and more, you can do work that helps our community evolve. I hope next year Steemit has a bigger and higher price base for all the projects you've developed, in addition to the Smt launch. With that and price evolution, everyone here will win with this.

It is excellent everything you do that follow the project from now I will start to use ulogs.org that I see it has, utilities such as busy.org is excellent hope that your projects continue to progress and giving a positive side to all of us steemianos 😘😍

Greetings Surpassinggoogle. It's Good to see that you have come to realize why the development of https://steemgigs.org it kinda of slow.

I want to make the fact clear that surpassinggoogle loves each and everyone of us, just that he has to take this decision for each of us betterment despite the fact that he loves relating to people.

Like he said just a "bit"

Love is sacrifice. Now he has to sacrifice a bit of his major personality(i.e relating)

So please respect his decision.

Love you all. @kainos-success

Been Wondering if the current developers like @eastmael or @kizzbonez can lend me a hand on teaching some stuffs in developing using github. I was not really a programmer of websites because I developed windows desktop applications. It will be a great help if they can help me a little to understand more about github. I'll try to DM them both

Hello @normalguy, I suggest to start learning git first. There's an ineractive site that will teach it. And then downloading git for windows (I'm assuming you're on windows)

Github is also just a code repository. Have you used a source code managament system before

Yes I downloaded it and was now trying to learn it. Really hard to shift on another environment hehehheehe

Another project you have in mine. I admire your ideas brother @surpassinggoogle. I will visit the link of github. Also saw your picture with your dad, I hope he is now okay.

Saya doakan semoga ayah anda sehat selalu sir terry,,,, amin

Hey Terry... Good evening from here. How's Dad doing now?

Very great surpassinggoogle sir... giphy (5).gif

I am not a developer, but I am sure that a proposal will appear that will meet the expectations, your ideas and projects are good and the best thing is that there is no distinction of race and language, I would love to be part of your team in another branch that can help! since you are an example to follow by all, so surely it is an honor to be part of your projects, I will always be supporting, I hope your father improves soon, blessings

Nyc post help me here ti grow like you upvites and comments 🤗🤗

Gud evening sir Terry... I hope your father is perfectly OK .... How are you doing today sir...

is great friend surpassinggoogle we can see that you are supporting your father in this difficult moment and I'm sure they'll be home soon both, but it does not stop impressing me as you continue to support your projects and your followers that despite the time you live you have not carefree, a person worth admiring, greetings :D

patience sir terry, i understand your feelings because i also have experienced it, when my father was sick first, keep him well sir, I wish you well soon, may god always be with you and those near you, amiiiiin

wish u all the best for your ulogs & steemgigs site project

Take care brother, we'll pray for you and your Dad's good health

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

It is well with you. May Jehovah grant him rapid recovery. And may He strengthen you during this times.

very importans that micro tasks, and advice that can help us grow more. I'm interested in

i wish i am a programmer so i could contribute something, for the acceleration of development of this site. unfortunately i'm not. all i can offer is support your projects, and my prayers to hasten the recovery of your dad @surpassinggoogle

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

It seems that you @surpassinggoogle are still in the hospital with your Dad. May the healing hands of the Lord be upon him and may you find peace in your heart. You are a big help to our community. We are thankful amd we will always support you!

This is awesome work from you where you are creating something for programers always a huge fan of your work.love a lot ulogs.org

We will find people who believe in your vision and get them to help with the dream building.

It has been hard but we will find them. I am confident

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

"We must believe in brothers because we, ourselves are brother."

Another words to treasure. Yes! You're one only Terry, our boy @surpassingoogle we are always at your back. You're the person who witnessed our growth the most, you're always there whenever we needed without calling. Thank you so much. Prayers for you and your family. We love you sir! <3

Hey Terry @surpassinggoogle

First of all, hows your dad doing? Trust he is doing well... Prayers for him. May Jehovah give him quick recovery.

Secondly, everything will turn out just fine eventually...

Terry boy this is really awesome update from you,love your contribution towards ulogs.com

Thankyou to new program in ulogs

@surpassinggoogle you are doing a great job for the ulogs community,once again i really thank you for the support.

Hi Terry, trust your dad is doing better now health wise.

I will be home soon and stronger and with more fire. "Your boy Terry" is a constant. If i ended up not attending with you on the 24th, @melanie0625 and @zoeroces and the others, you may know why but don't be shocked if i pop of there!

I won't be surprise seeing you o!, we will be glad having you there.
But take your time to put things in place.

I am optimistic that your projects will all be okay Sir Terry. I wish I can help, unfortunately I know nothing about coding.

Awesome work from you sir love your contribution towards ulogs.com.

You are the man the world needs
Only God knows if you sleep all day. Keep doing the great work, but you should always rest Sir Terry

First I pray for quick recovery of your Dad but now our Dad because with him there won't have be the boy terry.
I really salute your courage @surpassinggoole and I have the belief that #ulog has come to stay.

Happy to see you helping your Dad @surpassinggoogle You are a good son 😊

Hello sir,this is a great iniative from you and this will be helpful for lot of talented people i love your support sir,have a great day.

You are doing a great now @surpassinggoogle from blogers to programers this is truely amazing,keep supporting you are the person who currently holds lot of expectations,you never failed in it though,have a great day.

Divvying up what needs to be done in to little bits sounds very exciting for faster progress, @surpassinggoogle! Brilliant idea and perfect for Steemian developers to be showcased and brought in to the spotlight for their gifts and talents.

I'm not a techie but the new features in the Busy fork that we're experiencing and using on Ulogs.net are sweeeet. ;)
And knowing that those and more will also be used for #SteemGigs soon is even better news.

Thanks so much for who you are being and all that you do and please give your Dad a warm hugzzz and loving pats on his shoulders and arms from all of us.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Good luck. even while in the hospital you still have to work hard to think about this project.

And thanks for sharing step by step about ulog post

I am very glad to see my friends want to see the sick, my friend is really a generous person. I upvote and resteem yes.

My prayers are with you always and I believe in less than no time daddy will be better. I'm not a programmer and don't know much about it, but I believe someone will be of help in this project. Stay strong always big brother Terry

You will always be an inspiration bro terry @surpassinggoogle. I pray that God will heal your Father the soonest. I knew how it feels to see a sick Father in pain and in a hospital 'coz I experienced it too with my Father, 10 years ago. 🙁 That's all I can help for now, to pray for you to be stronger and to pray for the fast healing of your Father. God bless!

@surpassinggoogle awesome work from you sir programers have a job on their hands now.

May Almighty Ease your pains going through and bless with blessings. @surpassinggoogle You are still hardworking its great to see.

Really nice initiative for developers in steemit account. Best of luck with ulog.org

I would need a new phone for busy/ulogs.org etc. because I cannot access on iOS 9 or an OLD Globe SIM for my android (with Smart microSIM) or Globe wifi to access them 😁

Siempre con tus publicaciones aprendemos cosas nuevas e interesantes que de seguro nos servirán de mucho en el futuro @surpassinggoogle. Saludos y continua asi amigo

Keep the spirit @surpassinggoogle and @angelacs may God always bless you all amin amin ..

It is obviously a great offer...., I wish I could join the project. But sadly, I am not a programmer... I don't understand coding. I am sure abundance of Ulog programmers would help you. Best of luck Sir @surpassinggoogle

We will always understand Sir Terry. My prayers for the fast recovery of your Daddy. You have helped us a lot and we all pray for you and your family. God bless you always. 😊😊😊

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

All is well sir terry😊. A lot of steemians are praying for the fast recovery of your father. Just keep the faith and everything will be fine. God bless you Sir Terry.

your dedication and passion is really amazing. If i'll be in your situation i might not able to handle any other work anymore. but you are a very strong person ,you really are an inspiration to everyone. I know having your father in the hospital is not easy ,but you still manage to do this and that. i saluto you sooo much
I always pray for yourstrength too and that you kepp going andgoing .I also pray that your father will be better sooner. All the best for you sir Terry @surpassinggoogle. love yah! ❤️❤️❤️

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

God bless you and God will provide for your father.

I had to go to steemworld just to see your posts! I also burned most my VP scrolling down looking for your post on Steemit.com.
I loved this

...truth is, i love the more testimonial harder route (beautiful disruptions)

Keep that head up and thank you for today!

May god continue to give you strenght this time. And my prayers for your dad sir terry...just hold on to our God.

Have a blessed sunday ❤

Marking for further reading in the night

Bro @surpassinggoogle who's the patient behind you?

We are praying for your dad, sir Terry God bless you more ...

It is a nice and beautiful concept you have chosen to go with. Being brotherly isn't something to be crucified for. Although we should take caution while trying to be nice to everybody but the reward of it is unimaginably great.

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