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RE: Let's Hasten The Development Of!!! Help Us Tend To Micro-Tasks (Issues On Github) For Steem Or SBD. Open To All Programmers.

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Your posts are always long and they take time to read, you know what I read it in 17 minutes. we know brother how dedicated you are for your projects like #steemgigs and #ulogs, It's not easy to make a vision and keep working on it years and years.

You have done it <3 and we love you for that.

I know# steemgigs is not complete yet, but 100 percent sure it will be great when there will be no flaws and everything will be easy to use, and you are working hard for it.

you are in the hospital with your dad, i can see the sadness in your eyes, be the brave brother, uncle will be fine INSHALLAH <3

Despite being in the hospital you still are thinking about the community, my friend that's your greatness. your humbleness, you polite behavior is making us love you more and more.

I'm not a developer, if I was, I would defiantly help you for the cause you are working for. but my Prayers are always with you sir <3 and my support is always with you.
Thank you for being with us @surpassinggoogle.
Wrote this comment in 5 minutes,
My English is not good, but i think i have done enough to pass my feeling to you :)
Love from you Pakistani Brother <3


If it took you 17 minutes to read it, you can imagine how much time he has put while writing it! :D

But my friend here is a Surprise for you :p

Terry doesn't write, he just speaks :p If you don't believe me, you can ask him.

Ha haaa!!! So true! He says that all the time! Then gifts us with these epic pieces of soul-level communication! ;)

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Very true my friend <3

Sir Terry a.k.a. @surpassinggoogle is one of a kind person. He speaks from his deepest soul and that's what makes him dynamic. God bless you more Sir Terry!

Yes what you wrote is absolutely correct,love you a lot terry boy.

we all love you terry @surpassinggoogle <3

Thanks for chuckles again! That's exactly what I thought when I read it too, @wiseeyes. But as @abdulmanan said, Sir Terry truly says he cannot write. ;)

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Bless you and Thank you so much for expressing the love and esteem in which we all hold @surpassinggoogle, @abdulmanan.

His dedication and loyalty and vision inspires and enfolds us all.

See you tomorrow at Sir Terry's talk.

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see ya!

I will be home soon and stronger and with more fire. "Your boy Terry" is a constant

Please check this out in your spare time.

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