Steepshot updates: join iOS closed beta testing, full-screen mode for desktops, sponsors incentives and more.

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We are happy to let you know that you can join our closed beta testing an download Steepshot iOS app!

iOS TestFlight

40 participants joined already. Everyone interested, please, send your request to [email protected]



Send an email with the textto @
Please add me to TestFlight as iOS beta tester[email protected]


We keep uploading new versions, so don't forget to update the app! And remember once you've joined TestFlight, you will always be able to test the newest build of the app. We'll send you invitations for the future releases as well.


Development progress

iOS (12.03): Slider mode is now available


Web: Share your post

Press this button if you want to share your post to social networks:

Share button.JPG

Here is the list of available socital networks to share:

Web: Delete / Edit post

This feature currently works fine on Android, so we added this to the desktop app too. And it is planned to be added to iOS version.


Web: Fullscreen mode

We want Steepshot to become more comfortable place for creative people and photographers. There are several steps that we have outlined for this. The fullscreen mode is also on this map. Now we are also working on the feature where you can download your images with much better quality.

So, here is how to switch to fullscreen mode:


And here is how it looks:


Please note that you can use your keyboard to show previous/next photo, to upvote post, and to return back from the fullcreen mode to normal.


Power delegation initiative

Since we started out initiative we attracted 20 delegates. Thank you all!

This weekend we'll make our first distribution to delegates, and we'll post this info soon! Stay tuned.

If you want to delegate Steem Power (SP) to @steepshot you can do that by clicking one of the following links: 100 SP, 1000 SP, 10000 SP or any other amount.

Message to whales

We started Steepshot in early 2017, made a lot of progress for 3 popular platforms, developed Ditch.NET, and have even more stuff to come. What do you think @ned, @misterdelegation, @freedom? Would delegating some Steem power to Steepshot make Steem better? We think users that follow our Guidelines will benefit much from power delegation. Would be nice to hear the voice from whales. We are opened for the dialogue. You can also contact us through our official channels, slack, or email.

Curation progress

There are more than 2000 posts every day on Steepshot. Our curators team has grown to 3 members. Things getting easier a bit.

We try to upvote as many posts as possible. The aim is to make rewards more distributed and fair. Last week we recovered voting power to 90% and above. And we keep upvoting more posts than before.

For more details about who receives more upvotes from @steepshot - see this post or visit our Discord.


Community status

Now we have more than 330 members both on Discord and in our official Telegram group.
Just started to make some grow up on Discord:

  • moderators (5) - help us to manage the channel, to keep it in compliance with the rules
  • community managers (3) - stuff: @vitality, Stacie (@pasadomata); community : @victhor and some more candidates for this role
  • SMM marketer (1) - @scottcbusiness - helps us to reach out to people through social networks

Introducing new Stickers for our Discord channel:


Have an idea, bug report, feature suggestion or looking for upvotes and other community incentives? Join us on Discord

Want to stay updated on the last news or give us a feedback? Join us on Telegram


Brand assets

Join us on Discord to receive access to our brand assets (lots of them)








4 copy 2.png


This is awesome. Thank you for the continued support and updates to the app so far. I'm primarily an Andriod user and will try out the IOS version later today.

So far I'm excited to try out the power delegation initiative to help incentivize more users to ditch the non chronological Instagram & join the flourishing and creative SteepShot community.

thank you very much for all my explanations continue to work at @steepshot regards

Wow, from pictures I can see the steepshot app is amazing and ready for use, Am considering it.

No doubt, I'm ready to celebrate your success and hopefully be apart of the content that makes SteepShot so amazing.

I think the community is more supportive as far as helping others improve, most photogs, businesses and models here have blogs, and not having to click on several links to learn how they got their image or what they represent is amazing. You have nothing to lose check it out.

I'm lucky enough to be part of the first 40 users and so far I love it! It's even better than the Instagram app (it's not that great to be honest though). That slider view in particular is super useful.

I expected the app to be potentially unstable but I've been pleasantly surprised as it has been very stable so far.

Only minor gripe so far has been a bit of slowness to load the pictures but I'm not sure if it's due to the app itself.

@steepshot I'm curious as to why the reward value is not displayed within the app when it is in the web version?

Thank you for your honest feedback.
What about first iOS users, now 3 hours after this announcement there are already 53 testers!

What about the rewards that are not displayed, let's pass our first approval in App store. After that the plan is to wait for approval with the rewards displayed in the app.

No worries, I'll make sure to report any feedback I have directly to you as well. Is Telegram the best way to report it? Or via email? Or any other tool?

That makes sense! I'd rather have an iOS app without rewards than no app at all.

It's actually interesting to use the app without rewards being displayed. In a way, you can upvote/downvote/comment other people's photos without considering any strategy as to which has better chances to bring you some money back.

Maybe we don't need the rewards displayed??
I'm only new on Steem so I'll leave it to users that understand the dynamics on the platform to comment on but it's certainly an interesting thought.

Yes, Telegram is acceptable for reports, but you can choose your best suitable communication channel.

"Maybe we don't need the rewards displayed??"
Well, let's see how this experiment goes.

This is so awesome!
I'm happy to be part of this amazing project, I'm here from the beginning of the beta test on Android,and it's always better!
I'm waiting for all you guys in the Discord server, join it!

Yous guys are more than ever killing it now. 😁 thank you and congrats ❤

Wonderful! Steepshot is growing by the day. It's the easiest sell to bring people onboard Steem. Posting pics is something which everyone already does. This is stupidly easy for them. With iOS I am sure there will be lot more on boarding. Great job! 👏🏼

Nicee! I've been seeing quite a few people that I follow are starting to use Steepshot. It seems like it's getting more and more popular. Hopefully the iOS closed beta goes well and the app won't take very long to be released!

Congrats ! you are one of my favorite apps on Steem.
I just asked to be part of IOS Beta Tester, hopefully subscriptions are still open.
Take care !

WOW! Splendid work your team have done so far. As I was waiting for iOS version app because I'm iPhone user. That's really nice interface which is quite user-friendly and smoothly. I'm just going to download it on my phone.

Congrats that your Discord channel has now 330 members. You all are doing great work. Keep it up!

Congratulation to the best one team of steepshot who had hard worked to compeletly the needs of the users of iOS and congratulation for iOS users and I am waiting your best moments shared in Steepshot!! On.

Oh, i want to be part of this movement. I'll get it on my android. Was already trying out similar apps, but i know steepshot will be the real deal.

Wow.. amazing.. steepshot is the best photography applications on Steemit.. i have download it on my android and in ios on iPhone my wife..
And i also registed SteepshotBot on telegram.

We are very2 interesting with steepshot..

Thanks you very much for @steepshot.

Congratulations for @steepshot. You was make the best useful your applications..

And i have make post with @steepshot Apps , this link it :

Warm regard from your user :

This is wonderful work, Although I am not a user of Iphone and of IOS, but Its lOoking like a very interesing app, steepshot its amazing to use this. can you also add me on discord channel?

You guys at @steepshot are on to something here. Great work!

Proud to be delegating!

Sorry, I use Android only. But I am happy user already.
Good that you approach iOS now. Time to invade the Apple market.

I just read the rules of steepshot, I will try even better to post pictures, okay this is very useful information for me.

I am very loyal to Steepshot. This application helps me in the world of photography. but I feel a little ignorant about how I can join this one. Maybe I should reread and understand again how it meant. because I do not really understand English But I'm sure with my perseverance, I can and understand everything.

Don't be upset. We have plans to make the interface translation into many languages. As soon as it is ready, we'll announce this initiative.

Thank you @steepshot
I will always be faithful and wait for you to use the language of my country, that is Indonesia.

Yay! I am excited for this, as an apple and steepshot user! Thanks much!

Definitely interested in getting involved with this! Been so pumped about the full app being released.

And I'm happy to have delegated to the platform, can't wait to see where things move from here!

Thank you

Steepshot is the best

extraordinary Thanks for the continuous update to the app so far. and very easy and useful, for I am primarily a user of IOS version from the first to the present day. I am very excited to be able to try out the initiative to help give more users to non chronological Instagram and join the evolving and innovative SteepShot community as well as creatively. I really like new things like the update of SteepShot, this is very useful

Already an Android user here and loving #Steepshot. Been uploading there more than I do on Instagram. It is always exciting for me whenever I see changes/updates in the app. 😄 Noticed though that these past 3 days or so that my older photos were missing so I stopped uploading. But surprised to check today that all my photos were back from the very first upload. Still, I'm still into this app and looking forward for it to grow a lot bigger. 🖒☺ We all appreciate all the hard work @steepshot. Sharing this on FB to spread the news.

Part of the photo disappeared because we were refactoring on the side of the backend. Yes, now everything should be all right. 🖒 Thank you.

Keep going and keep working @steepshot.
I'm sure you're the best for the future.

@steepshot BUG ALERT: Two photos are shown on my account ( that are not my own. When I click on them though, the correct photos are shown. Please fix this.

The two photos are the one of the Joker and the black and white one of the woman.

Now it seems to be fixed.
Upvoted as a thanks to this report your posts that were made within the last 7 days.

Cool! Thanks so much!

Thanks for the report. We are still in this process of refactoring on the backend. Do not worry, this is a temporary issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

That’s amazing 😊

We are happy to let you know that you can join our closed beta testing an download Steepshot iOS app!

Yay! My iPhone actually serves a purpose now, lol.

I would personally like to thank you @steepshot for upvoting my post. Amongst the rest of the decentralized platforms, is my favorite, I post on a daily basis, so your support is greatly appreciated. I am excited about the beta test opportunity and I will continue to support steepshot.

I’ve tested you app @steepshot and this is very best app. It needs some improvements like dark mode and add some filters in the camera of the app. I’ve used this app and I felt no bugs and anything else. If I feel something wrong, will happy to report.

Just sent a message to my wife. I'll have her help you out.

Soooo happy to see this :) I can't wait to test it out!!!

Steepshot is one of the best visual platform that was developed for Steemit. I hope that the huge delegators will see its potential, as I am.

I love the interface of steepshot app, it's simple and sleek and very easy to use. It's one of my go to app if I want to post a nice picture with a quick caption on it. After all, a simple picture can speak a thousand words. Did I get it right @steepshot?

Count my support for your app :-)

Thanks for getting upvoted on my previous posts, really appreciate it.

Keep up the good work and more power to your awesome team!

Yes you are right. Thank you for your pleasant words.

You're welcome!

Somebody else mentioned that you take 15% of our rewards. Where on your website is this stated? I can't find that information anywhere.

Thank you for mentioning, we will add this to the information pages as soon as they come out.

Yes! I’ve been waiting for iOS 🙌🏼
Thanks @steepshot it looks so good and real easy to use ~~ am I right to say that it’s limited to a paragraph of text?

Thanks for the feedback, we found this bug. The text restriction is set differently on our platforms. In the next update, we will fix it.

Thanks for the reply and all the graft ~~ I appreciate your volume of work going into this @Steepshot ☺️👍🏼 I am super stoked with your product!

A little extra from me.
Why @Steepshot can not create a lot of text. And I really want to share my photography story, although my photography is not too advanced, but here I want to tell you about the photos that I portrait.
Thanks @steepshot you are still the best for me.

Thanks for the feedback, we found this bug. The text restriction is set differently on our platforms. In the next update, we will fix it.

Glad about that @steepshot, some of my friends also want to extend the text description limit. Although I find it ok, but it would be great if I can elaborate my story together with my photo.

I'm excited and looking forward to that.
Cheers to @steepshot team!

P.S. if possible make it 300 words ++ Thanks!

Congraultaion to make beta Steemshot app for IOS. Being an apple lover i love to use it. Addition of slider mode is a cool future. Nice to know that your app hav more than 2,000 post daily. Congratulation to have 330 members. All the best. May you have many more and do wonder for this amazing community. Keep it up! @steepshot

This is one of my favourite steem apps, rocking on android already :) tipuvote! 0.05

thanks for the update so it is now easier to use steepshot

Oh my god .. @steepshot .. the best apps photography on future ..

Steepshot is a very interesting app for posting beautiful photos on social media Steemit.

I'm very confident that Steepshot will now be the world's number one photography app and will beat instagram apps or other apps.

I hope all instagram users will move to use Steepshot application in terms of publish moments moments beautiful and interesting photos they have because besides ease of using steepshot also we will get reward from the photo we post it because Steepshot is supporting application for Steemit photography part .

Thanks you a lot @steepshot. You and your team have photography. You make us so easy to post our image or photo.

And i pray Steepshot be the biggest Apps Photography. I was resteem and share your post @steepshot.

Me and my baby very happy with Steepshot.. all of people can see it here :

Regard from me:
Your Steepshot user.


Go in on the test flight yesterday. it is looking good folks. If i get any intersting ideas or find any flaws I'll let yall know. Keep up the good dev.

have just sent a request :)

Thanks for using my picture :)

This is Superb........!
Steepshot is developing by the day. It's the most effortless pitch to bring individuals locally available Steem. Posting pics is something which everybody as of now does. This is idiotically simple for them And it's incredible employment.

@steepshot this post has been upvoted and resteeemed for much support by the steemit community.

here as a lot of scam texts...and a lot of useful texts which have no audience...

Hi @steepshot thanks for cruising by my content. Is there beta testing for android?

congratulations to the steep @curam

Hi. Is it no longer possible to copy often used hashtags directly into the Tag-line? Now you have to write every tag separately and thats not so fresh. (tested it on Chrome and Firefox)

Dear @steepshot

I wanted to inform you of an opportunity that #promo-steem has for @steepshot and other major projects on the steem blockchain.

We are the media partners for the London Crypto Currency Show on 14th April. In return for this, we have managed to get our hands on 14,000 usd of promotional access in the form of 2 x hour long presentation seminars and one 4 x 3m exhibition stand.

Instead of using the presentation time and exhibition stand to ourselves we decided to let the major projects and notable steemians use it. So we are giving away talking spots and the opportunity exhibit at our stand for free.

This is quite a big deal since the London Crytpo Currency Show is organised by the London Investors Show, a well-established, long term investing exhibition which brings in crowds of 2,500 experienced investors through its doors at most events. This is therefore an excellent opportunity for the steem blockchain to make a strong mark at one of the premier blockchain events in the UK, and Europe basically for free.

Please see this blog for further details. I hope you are interested in either sending someone from your project to talk at one of the seminars, supporting the event or spreading the word to other major projects or notable steemians.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for all this support @esteemapp, and thank you for making a contest that lift the spirit for the writer, I will join

very good information, i will give it a try. continued success of friends.

Hello, I need help. I tried to log in using steem but it does not accept my password/ key.

I am very glad to see the steep will continue to survive in steemit, maybe steep still flying around the world

thanks @steepshot for making user friendly interface at your platform ..
I really like to use application steepshot

Hey @steepshot
I am having trouble viewing my own posts in Steepshot app. I can see the posts of the people who I am following but I am unable to find my own Steepshot posts so plz fix this in a new update.

Soooo happy to see this :) I can't wait to test it out!!!

In seeing this photo, your eyes are not focused


Thanks you a lot @steepshot. You and your team have photography. You make us so easy to post our image or photo.
I'm waiting for all you guys in the Discord server, join it!!!

I like you steepshot, your post is very good :)

There are many things that i have learned from your posts :)

You can check my article about Target of between 200 - 300 photographs to go in one of the Promo-Steem Promotional Presentations for The London Cryptocurrency Show. Over 100 photos so far..!! and give me your feedback!

You can find the article here Target of between 200 - 300 photographs to go in one of the Promo-Steem Promotional Presentations for The London Cryptocurrency Show. Over 100 photos so far..!!

i very often post with steepshot but never got upvote from steepshot, i feel disappointed with steepshot

hi all i have just been hacked @yusuf93, this is a very painful thing for me. actually there is an account that I click below it offers upvote suddenly I enter my key and now it can not enter again ....


I apologize to steepshot if my words are wrong !!!

@sufia is my sister's account

Hi there @steepshot ;)

I'm wondering... really good girl friend of mine is active in Photography and she takes beautiful pictures

How can she qualify for a bit support from your side?

This is her picture she uploaded just now

We need your help Steepshot! :) And we'll return it exponentially's a Good news Steepahot!!.. We've new friends. Congratulation for iOS user, see u on Steepshot app. Waiting for the best moment you'll share go head.

now thats great news especially for steemit lovers.
I am iphone user so it is best for me and i will enjoy it more.
Keep it up buddy

What's the minimum I can delegate, and get paid for?

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Hi I am having difficulties uploading photos to steepshot, can you give me any advice. The image just appears too large and I have to hit the back button, and it won't upload. Thanks!

Hi @steepshot, I just created a video review of your iOS app so I thought I would share it with you. Thank you so much for letting me beta test your app for iPhone X!

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amazing!!!! love this App already!!!

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