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Today we publish what users have been asking for so long. Steepshot announces power delegation program.

Power delegation & curation strategy

We encourage all power delegation sponsors to participate in our initiative. The delegated power will be used to improve content curation and support Steepshot users that follow our Guidelines while posting their content.


How do we plan to distribute rewards to sponsors?

RewardDistributionWhen distributed
5% beneficiary reward from all the author rewards on Steepshot platformDistributed among sponsors proportional to the amount of delegated Steem Power@steepshot.pay will constantly power down and spread beneficiary rewards to sponsors every week

What's the reasoning behind this initiative?

Here's a list of issues that power delegation is aimed to solve in Steepshot.

Issue 1. Underestimated content

Some users, especially beginners, leave the network not getting enough likes despite they post very high quality content. This is not fair enough and needs to be corrected.

Issue 2. Plagiarism

Some users just post duplicated content created by others not necessarily in Steepshot. Steem has build-in downvote mechanics, but mostly those mechanics don't work in practice because, unfortunately, very few people are searching for the image on the net during curation just to double check for plagiarism. Discouraging those users by simply giving more rewards to others will increase the value of both Steem blockchain and Steepshot.

Issue 3. Spam

Some users are spamming. Just one example of this is the user that was posting hundreds of unicolored pictures per day for all existing color hex codes (like #5d34ef) somehow earning a few cents per image without anyone downvoting those images. Even though it increases the number of blockchain transactions, tolerating spam won't bring any value to Steem and Steepshot.

Fortunately, we can see a few approaches in solving those issues.

Manual curation

With this approach @steepshot and the community just browse through all the content and manually put upvotes. It does not look scalable as the amount of posts is continuously growing.

Automated upvotes

With this approach @steepshot runs a bot and upvotes everything that was posted on Steepshot. We already tried this approach and the experiment clearly showed that it is not wise to give out rewards to everyone as people start to violate the Guidelines just to get an upvote much more often.

Semi-automated process

We extract the information about the image that could be identified automatically and provide it to all the curators while also using it while making decisions for upvotes from @steepshot account with the delegated power.

What image parameters could possibly be tracked?

  • NSFW rate. Our team has presented NSFW Bot at SteemFest 2017 and that could be used for tracking NSFW content which is not tagged appropriately.
  • Plagiarism tracking inside Steepshot. IPFS hash of each image could be compared to those already uploaded through Steepshot to make sure the image is unique in Steepshot.
  • Plagiarism tracking outside of Steepshot. External image databases could be checked in order to find other occurrences of the image on the net. Some of the existing Steem bots are already doing that.

We have started designing a panel that will allow Steepshot community of curators to use the data of automatic monitoring of the uploaded content. That panel is going to show the level of compliance with those parameters and our Guidelines in terms of each separate criteria to simplify tracking the content that should be supported by @steepshot and the community.

Upvotes from @steepshot

We will separate upvote transactions into two parts: 1) manual curation and 2) automated upvotes.

Since at first the panel will track a limited amount of information, it will distribute a relatively small amount of upvotes automatically. With the growth of the quality of the automatic algorithm the amount of automatic transactions will grow.

The idea behind automatic curation is to ensure that all users who do not violate the rules have a chance to get noticed and have a good experience of using Steepshot.

The idea behind manual curation is that algorithms cannot track everything and curators that follow the Guidelines could often make better decisions than an automated bot.

Curation - Who receives upvotes

Priority list looks like this:

  1. Compliance with the Guidelines
  2. New users, as we help to boost best quality authors faster
  3. Less than a fixed number of photos upvoted by Steepshot
  • We think some fixed number of upvotes from Steepshot at the beginning will be a good way to boost new accounts and users will be able to find their fans and start earning their own money on their own.
  • We expect that our curation rules can help Steepshot get many more Steem users on board and stay here comfortably with significant profit.



Before - After

The image on the left shows the "hot" feed, as we can often see it on a weekday. On the right, the "hot" feed, which now looks almost like this on Friday evening.

Thanks to the chosen strategy we expect that we will be able to achieve such a high quality feed rather quickly after receiving the first delegations from sponsors.

Why to delegate?


  1. Sponsors get unbelievable benefits.
  2. The delegated power will help us improve the image quality in Steepshot.
  3. Sponsors are encouraging more visual content on Steem.


  1. Steepshot is the first visual content platform on Steem blockchain.
  2. The developers have proved their consistency and adherence to the basics of decentralization.
  3. At the moment, it is the only project on Steem blockchain, which is presented simultaneously on 2 platforms: a web browser and mobile devices (Android is available, iOS is being prepared for release).


Steepshot is a fast-growing Steem-based project and is used by people from over 150 countries.


Delegate Steem Power (SP) to @steepshot by clicking one of the following links: 100 SP, 1000 SP, 10000 SP or any other amount.


We already have the first 10 delegates! Thank you all.
So, we can say that the process is running.








4 copy 2.png


I have been making note of the projects I want to give delegation to when the time is right and this is one of them. I am currently waiting for access to SteemConnect via their website. I would do this now, however I feel like waiting a bit until SteemConnect is fully operational and I can gather some more info on how exactly SteemConnect works with my keys. Also I am looking forward to the iOS application @steepshot. Any idea when we will be able to access Steepshot on our iPhones?

Hello. Sounds great! BTW appreciate your long-time support.

  1. SC. We are in the process of implementing SteemConnect as we said earlier.
  2. iOS. The app is ready. We can send it for testing to everyone interested.
    In the next few days we are going to try to publish for approval in Appstore. Moreover, we have increased the number of mobile developers. Perhaps there will not be a quick start on IOS (it all depends on Apple). However, after the first release, we expect rapid development progress.

@steepshot, I think you make steem more accessible, and encourage new users...

Thanks. We hope so.

Yup. The snapchat style element, with the added bonus of (potentially) getting paid will do dividends to the steemit community. You should create a SMT (smart media token) when they are released to the world...

Thank you for the reply @steepshot looking forward to all of this. Do you have a rough date on when you are going to publish the app? - I will keep my eyes open for a post regarding that.

We're preparing to launch closed beta testing very soon.
Could you share your email with us here, by our official email ([email protected]) or in our Discord channel (https://discord.gg/9QsYr9f)?

Definitely project to check out.

Played with their android app... Definitely can congratulate guys on making a good product. Very beautiful UI and comfortable to use in general. 10 out of 10. Curious to see how they will improve.

#GiveThemSomePower <3

Isn't SteemConnect an official Steemit app? I'm just wondering what sort of checks you're going to do on it.



Thanks for the work you're doing with @haejin. So many of us really super appreciate it!

Awesome! Excited to see this materialize.

this is a great opportunity and good steep-ahead..

You guys created an awesome plattform. I only posted one image to test it by now, but I think it is one of the "Killer-Apps" that started to emerge on steem recently. Others being dtube, dsound, dmania etc....

So yeah, I will delegate some steem power to you just for the good cause. (Not that 1 SP would be relevant, but every little bit counts, doesn´t it?

Made a review of the Telegram Bot! Made some sugestions (just two of them ;) ) Glad you make another tool more

Hi. Our team thanks you for such a detailed report. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks a lot! Was a pleasure to do it ( I will be using it a lot ;)

Pd: I am just waiting for the iOs app to start to talk and promote more the app here in Berlin, everybody have iPhone in this city ... and me too ;)

Soon )

That's really great, I am using @steepshot from its start but these things will make it much more powerful and more user-friendly.

Absolutely right it much more powerful and more user-friendly. I want to thank you once again for your support, especially now that I'm aware of the numbers. Congratulations on the growth as well.

Why don't Steepshot images appear on Twitter when I post a link?

Also, will there soon be a way to embed a Steepshot post on another site, as we can do with an Instagram post?

Yes. It's a big issue. Still working to solve.
Embedding feature is in progress of developement too.

This is a Great move, I hope more people support by delegating ! I was a silent user on steemit almost for 5 month's untill Steepshot was launched. I get more response/followers from Steepshot when I post my photographs than when I post it on Steemit. Frankly I feel this is one of the best Steem based application which has huge potential (instagram killer)

This is great news and it will definitely encourage me to use it more. I'm glad that Steepshot is taking copyrights seriously and implementing measures to discourage infringement.

I will continue to tell others about it on Twitter.

Yes, copyrights, this is what we are very much immersed in. These tasks are quite complecated, and we are strongly motivated to solve them somehow in the nerarest future and the best way we can in a long run.

Awesome... Hope You really get a lot more SP delegation. I know it is not a lot but I have just delegated 100 SP I hope it is helpful :D

You are welcome. My pleasure to support ❤

great idea to incentivize sponsors and good explanation :-)

thumbs up to you guys, amazing work!

I totally agree with a lot of what you say as being a newbie like myself is not easy. However a lot of the jargon is beyond me as I am not a tech head. I believe we need more easy to follow tutorials for those of us who can remember a life without computers. All of us need a chance. Peace and Love.

Peace an love, yes. Welcome aboard.

Thanks for making this post. I saw Steep Shot before, but wasn't convinced to check it.

Good to see you guys improving and implementing new ideas.

Gonna go and post some pictures now <3
fist (1).png

Thank you. And even more ideas are worth waiting for soon.

I'm happy I found this. I recently introduced a friend of mine who's a graphics designer and not much of a writer, he's been asking about steepshot a lot as he'd prefer to just put up images of his work rather than write ling epistle.

This will encourage him hugely..
Thanks steepshot Dev team.

A lot of people still don't realize that they don't have to post content directly to Steemit. There are so many apps that they can use if they are not into blogging; Steepshot; Zappl; Dsound; Dmania; Dlive; and more.

I have to imagine that more Instagram users will slowly start to migrate to Steepshot once they become aware of it and its benefits.

This is very true tho. But it's disheartening that some people will post some shit on dmania (although quality content is relative, some posts are just shitposts) and use bots or something to get hundreds of dollars in rewards while others are struggling to even hit 100cents in rewards with a valuable well written post or nicely done video.

And also some people believe that people who post on the alternate apps to steemit like zappl and steepshot are not serious "bloggers"

thats great really a good idea and i ppariciate it hope this idea will increase the the progress all who was post in steepshot and also steepshot will be more attractive and valuebale app hope it will give the benefits both sides and all others and now i will also try to post in #steepshot
to see the features and more updates last time i think it is really a great and exellent app

I agree. A lot of new people are coming into the community and it is a great way for us to increase the progress of the community. And that it will benefit all who are in the community. Thanks, I will try a post in #steepshot too.

I'm back! Sorry, Got so distracted travelling and producing Instagram videos. This new update looks ace. I'll get posting

Welcome back :)

great idea. some of my friends are on Steepshot. I'll try to delegate soon as my SP can. hoping for this project to grow. thanks.

One thing I really want to suggest @steepshot Developer to make app more fast and less memory consuming. Sometimes my phone got hanged because of @steepshot

But overall this is really a great one. I like it but need some regular improvements. And i think Developers are doing very good.

Thanks for the feedback. We are constantly working on this.
This task is not so simple. We have already made a number of improvements, but this is not enough. Perhaps, the work done deserves a separate large article.

I'm using this amazing application since the first beta version on android, i love it i love the project behind
This new incentives and strategy will make it grow more and more ! bay bay instagram ! this is blockchain democracy...
Thanks for your amazing works !
keep up great work @steepshot !

Wow I have to admit I thought you guys had way more steem power/sponsors and I want to thank you once again for your support, especially now that I'm aware of the numbers. Congratulations on the growth as well! I can't wait for the next updates that will make the app even better!

@steepshot hang very much. I think need much improvement in speed. I hope Developers will improve it.

So please take my suggestion and please make it more speedy to make it sure to don't hang that much on phone.

Sent you a 3.5 SP delegation. Hopefully it helps!

sounds good.. i had used steepshot once before and didn't use it again because of the same reasons listed here..

I don't regret promoting steepshots on twitter... You guys are awesome.. Nothing as sweet as earning from your wonderful memories

I actually love delegating my Steem Power. I love that it brings me passive income @steepshot!!!

Love it! Really good idea! I love steepshot till now and try my best!

Another question is there a problem right now with the steepshot the webpage, the last two day I tried to upload a post via computer and it didn't work, only if I use the app.

I will keep on uploading my drone photography on steepshot and stopped it completely on instagram! Love you guys&gurls! ;)

Thank you for the feedback, but we do not see this. Is there still this issue?

Yes, I had it again today only in the web application, I was not able to upload my photo... it only works with the mobile app

I've had this problem a few times with large photos, when using the desktop version. I've had to resize my images two or three times before it would upload to Steepshot.

Ok, we`ll be watching for this.

Hi guys,

I'm currently a curie curator, but I'd love to be a steepshot curator as well... is there a way I could apply?

Also, I'd love to delegate some SP to Steepshot... can you guys set up some easy buttons or links so users can easily delegate to you?

Great. We are now taking steps to gather all the volunteers, curators, moderators and other activists. Everyone can write here or directly to me a personal message on Discord or Telegram. I will add to the list so that at the right time it is possible to start coordinated joint action.

Just delegated 100 SP

will we get something in return for delegating?

For shure!
Did you try to read the post?

I Read that but could not understand

By delegating steem power you receive a share corresponding to your contribution from the whole amount (5% beneficiary reward from all the author's rewards on Steepshot platform)!!!

This payout is sended weekly starting from March. (It is expected to occur in the middle of March)

We'll make special posts soon about all the necessary details.

Thanks for the info

@steepshot was missing these features till now.

This is a great information for me and us. Very very great step ahead there.

I really want to promote this as i can. Like it @steepshot

Thank you for the update. I can't begin to say how much I appreciate seeing, and how much I would urge you to continue, being transparent with the community like you are in this post. It's such a unique experience, for everyone, to be the co-owners and co-creators of a community project liek STEEM. We all want it to be the best that it can be and we are all incentivized to contribute where we can. So please keep on giving people the feeling that they are on your team and with you on this crazy ride in this new blue ocean we call "crypto".

Love seeing this initiative! Can’t wait to see where you guys go with this!

It is a great initiative. Keep up your good work. I have a small suggestion. It will be great if you guys introduce video posting feature similar to that of Instagram. That will increase popularity as People in India are highly used to posting short videos in Instagram.

Already in development. To be launched in March.

Wow excellent. Hoping to see this soon.

Strangely enough it is the first time i hear about steepshot , i'll have a look .
Sounds interesting
Thsnk you

You definitely should try the app! :)

@steepshot This is great! I love steep-shot. Easy way to share pronto :)
Best wishes.

Absolutely incredible idea! Super excited to see this in action!

I love this app, use from the beginning and desire to grow more and more in development. A big hug to all of Steepshot!

jsantana sign gif.gif

Thank you, we are grateful that you are watching the project, and have already gained confidence and enjoy the use.

Sounds like a good concept. Since I am a small user I am happy for the promotion and that you consider spam, NSFW etc. We have to make sure that good content is promoted.
✅ I did my good thing for today and used Steepshot already.

Exactly. We went for a long time to this and have prepared a lot of changes regarding the development. This initiative should bring values to both the social network, its users, and investors.

Thank you so much for this lot of information @steepshot. I mean, this helps a lot especially to young steemers like me. This makes things easier for us since you already gave us a guide of what to do. Man, I really appreciate how you put detailed information about each topic. Thanks a bunch! See you around!

No sir, Thank you! :) i hope there are a lot of people like you here. It is avery great help for steemers like me, newbies. :) Good day sir. more powers!

Incredible thought... This would truly go far to energize creators posting through the stage, I myself am an enthusiast of steepshot....😍😍😍👌

You are welcome!

Hi, @steepshot!
I'm using this amazing application from the first beta version on android, and everytime you are improving it!
This new incentives will make grow more then anything!
Thanks for your amazing works!
See you soon on steepshot!

Thank you, we are glad that you appreciated our development. This is important for us.

I love your platform guys! Keep improving it. I will be marketing it more than before in India. People love it here!

Thank you.
Yes, 15% indians. OMG!

I look forward to all the future updates and to see this platform improve. I personally can't wait for the updates. Many of the issues with quality posts have been driving me crazy and i'm glad that you will be working to fix that issue.

Glad you like Steepshot and our initiative. Welcome.

Great news! Finally someone have an idea how to help to promote newbies of Steepshot to grow :)

I'm using it a lot and I have seen many high quality pictures without even one upvote and other totally crap ones with a lot of them so I can only say one thing GREAT MOVE! :)

Wow!! this is great, its really good to see that you steepshot listens and know what its users want.... cool development and I believe it will benefit us all.

Love it guys , i love your passion and support, and ability to keep moving forward to better content with better strategy to keep the app moving forward in an honest safe way. i have and will always fully support your work.

be well

and steepshot on

Thanks for your words and stable move staying with us :)

Right on, you got my full support as a user and photographer. Thanks so much.

Nice. Don't forget to leave you suggestions on Discord or Telegram!

I am an early user of @steepshot but was waiting for these kind of features and now i am really really happy and i am loving @steepshot

Great project

Great news! I think it's really important to support the newer users and content as it can get quite discouraging to see huge rewards everywhere while you're earning a couple of cents on your posts, especially if you put a lot of effort to post only quality images...

this news is amazing! I hope you get the delegation and make all your plans come in to place

Great news!!! Cheers!!!

Great idea... This would really go a long way to encourage authors posting through the platform, I myself am a fan of steepshot

Hey good people of @steepshot, I'll look into joining steepshot for sure, it looks like a great set up and very worthwhile.

Plagiarism is a plague for all honest, creative photographers, as it's more difficult to get work selected due to the fear of plagiarism in the good people who do want to support good photographers, for fear of paying scammers. Which is quite understandable. I have a good reputation online for my photography and music, but who can expect any curators to check out the validity of each and every photographer? Not me.

So as photographers we need to realise that every single photo that is stolen, has a damaging impact on us all. A little more vigilance from all photographers to check a few more photos as they're looking through steemit/steepshot etc, would be very useful, if only we could get us all doing a bit more of that, it would make an impact I believe.
Is it possible to have a bot that reverse image scans all photos automatically, or is that a bit pie in the sky? I'm not very tech minded.

It is compicated, but it is possible. And that's what we are doing here.

Yes I was talking to a techy programmer friend who popped over, and he was pretty certain bots could be set up take on some of the manual tasks such as reverse image searching ........... for what actual use that is, I've found both google image search and tineye.com lacking of late.

Respect and best of luck with your mission @steepshot


Nice comment BTW =))) Think, the best one. The winner ))

It's amazing what Steepshot is doing here! Make sure to join their Facebook group and share your Steepshot posts there with everyone :)


Thank you, Scott, for your efforts.

Great idea.

With initiatives like this, more people would join the @steepshot train..


that is awesome extremely a smart thought and I ppariciate it trust this thought will expand the advance all who was post in steepshot and furthermore steepshot will be more alluring and valuebale application trust it will give the advantages the two sides and all others and now I will likewise attempt to post in @steepshot

to see the highlights and more updates last time I think it is extremely an awesome and excellent application

I anticipate all the future updates and to see this stage progress. I for one can hardly wait for the updates. A large number of the issues with quality posts have been making me insane and i'm happy that you will work to settle that issue.

This is a very great idea, alot of our posts are neglected as newbies, even with good content. Am happy because am a victim

In our application, a community of unbelievable photographers, artists and other creative personalities has already formed.
We see all the victims who place excellent posts, but do not yet get enough votes. Yes, it hurts. We are constantly thinking about how to improve the social network. This initiative is long-term, and this is only the first step.

Great initiative specially for beginners who really needs steem delegation☺

Delegate, this is great!

It sounds awesome and it is such a brilliant idea!

I'm happy I saw this! Some of my companions are on Steepshot. The graph you exhibited is extremely critical for individuals to comprehend where the votes are originating from and what benefits they will get from this appointment venture. Not all tasks have that sort of introduction. Incredible work!

This seems good, I was posting a lot to steepshot, but eventually stopped because it wasnt as rewarding as i hoped it would be, and the feeds would be saturated with content that was highly upvoted... but frankly, not good at all. Im hoping to get posting in steepshot again if this is happening :)

This post is very informative and the chart is very important.I will try Steepshop and will share my experience. Thanks :)

Nice! @steepshot is my favorite app on the Steem blockchain!!!
Upped and re-steemed!
Pd: I will delegate from my spanish account @trans-juanmi!

Ppd: Btw, what about the app for iPhone???

Stay tuned! )

My first ever steemit post was on steepshot :) doing it for the pleasure of building a little consistent gallery and for the "mood" posts that are meant to be shorter :), so these are great news :)

Nice to hear!

I'll be a user when not comes out for iPhone!

Thank you @steepshot for caring about your community! We love Steepshot, publishing our content from Instagram on it is such a smooth experience. Keep on updating the platform and Steepshot will be one of the biggest players of the Steem-Blockchain!

Nice :)

Best luck!

This going to be a great development and progress for steepshot. It is nice to see your iniative to make continous improvement for the platform. Hope you get the necessary delegation needed to execute all your amazing ideas and plan. Keep it up😊

we should collaborate and cooperate with each other

Great news and Great idea... This would really go a long way to encourage authors posting through the platform, I myself am a fan of steepshot

Loving @steepshot already but this update looks amazing - keep it up!

Excellent initiative! Thanks for sharing. @steepshot
I will inform my friends to follow him!
Your publications will be very useful in our beginnings in this platform.
Greetings from Venezuela.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am very excited to be part of this community :)

I am new to Steemit and have been trying to learn as much as possible.
Lots of the content you mention above I did have concerns over and this highlighted them perfectly. I will definitely add this to the ever-expanding to do list.
Many Thanks

Thank you too. Welcome to the family.

I have recently started using Steepshot and really like it now.

WOW, this definitely was a well-deserved update, so should be some time here to develop into something beautiful! Yes, one of our guild members put me up on the alpha version of Steepshot on Android (lucky me) and I love it! I hope at some point soon, all of the Steemit networks (both mobile and PC platform) should have some sort of draft queue feature, further attempts to automating and streamlining publishing the content.

Thank you @steepshot for making this happen! Now I can easily share media from my mobile, on the go, to my Steemit feed anytime!

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Wow...that's some good idea. Though I haven't use the steepshot, already excited to use this since most of the time I post photography.

Ups. Time to get onboard! Welcome to the family.

I am learning about this application, I have a question like dtube to publish through you are left with a part of the profit of the post?
At the moment download the application to test it, success in the project :)

Glad to see apps taking the curation seriously. I also believe an automated prefilter (NSFW detection, etc) into manual upvotes is the way to go.

A machine will never be able to fully understand why a content is good, but it can be quite useful to filter out the bad stuff.

Thank you for admiring this. Exactly. We are making some serious steps in this area. On our development map, this detection is an important link, part of more than hundred other elements that we have already outlined.

i like it when a platform is continually been innovative and adopting modern methods that would further enhance participation.

Your ideas are great @steepshot

download (10).jpg

i have delegated 10 SP for testing.

I added this post on my new weekly digest called What's Up Steemit!
Great stuff, love it!

Absolutely beautiful news here! Community is strength on this platform and the more that we can create collective rewards the better we all will become. It's just like crowd sourcing but for the blockchain. Though still a little red fish I can not wait to delegate to get this project rolling. Need to keep that genuine content rolling out so I can get that SBD/SP flowing in :)

This is a great and profitable step for us. Words are not enough to appreciate you, this post would surely get my resteem, more steemians needs to see this. Thank you @steepshot