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RE: Steepshot updates: join iOS closed beta testing, full-screen mode for desktops, sponsors incentives and more.

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I'm lucky enough to be part of the first 40 users and so far I love it! It's even better than the Instagram app (it's not that great to be honest though). That slider view in particular is super useful.

I expected the app to be potentially unstable but I've been pleasantly surprised as it has been very stable so far.

Only minor gripe so far has been a bit of slowness to load the pictures but I'm not sure if it's due to the app itself.

@steepshot I'm curious as to why the reward value is not displayed within the app when it is in the web version?


Thank you for your honest feedback.
What about first iOS users, now 3 hours after this announcement there are already 53 testers!

What about the rewards that are not displayed, let's pass our first approval in App store. After that the plan is to wait for approval with the rewards displayed in the app.

No worries, I'll make sure to report any feedback I have directly to you as well. Is Telegram the best way to report it? Or via email? Or any other tool?

That makes sense! I'd rather have an iOS app without rewards than no app at all.

It's actually interesting to use the app without rewards being displayed. In a way, you can upvote/downvote/comment other people's photos without considering any strategy as to which has better chances to bring you some money back.

Maybe we don't need the rewards displayed??
I'm only new on Steem so I'll leave it to users that understand the dynamics on the platform to comment on but it's certainly an interesting thought.

Yes, Telegram is acceptable for reports, but you can choose your best suitable communication channel.

"Maybe we don't need the rewards displayed??"
Well, let's see how this experiment goes.

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