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RE: Steepshot updates: join iOS closed beta testing, full-screen mode for desktops, sponsors incentives and more.

in #steem6 years ago

This is awesome. Thank you for the continued support and updates to the app so far. I'm primarily an Andriod user and will try out the IOS version later today.

So far I'm excited to try out the power delegation initiative to help incentivize more users to ditch the non chronological Instagram & join the flourishing and creative SteepShot community.


thank you very much for all my explanations continue to work at @steepshot regards

Wow, from pictures I can see the steepshot app is amazing and ready for use, Am considering it.

No doubt, I'm ready to celebrate your success and hopefully be apart of the content that makes SteepShot so amazing.

I think the community is more supportive as far as helping others improve, most photogs, businesses and models here have blogs, and not having to click on several links to learn how they got their image or what they represent is amazing. You have nothing to lose check it out.

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