Steepshot for the Web is getting better. Responsive layout, image rotation, enhancements and more updates. Prize for the best user review.steemCreated with Sketch.

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Hello, Steemians!

Today's update aimed at improving the current functionality, increasing stability, correcting several errors.


Responsive, adaptive design

Now the app is displayed much better when you open it on a mobile browser. We've updated all the pages to make them easier to use.




Now you can rotate photos while creating a new post.

Gradient on the buttons


NSFW caps



More updates & fixes

  • Now 0 likes, 0 balance are no longer displayed under the photos
  • Fixed bug displaying incorrect number of likes in the list of likes
  • Now all the pages have its one title displayed as the title of the browser tab
  • Now the like button reacts on hover
  • Fixed some notifications and labels
  • After changing the settings redirection works better
  • Improved displaying of the loader
  • Now the header containing username is not displayed on the top of the photos in the profile page

Prize for the review about Steepshot


And we want to admit the best user review on the responsive design issue:
Steemit on a Smartphone?! - The ultimative user test!

25 STEEM giveaway goes to @theaustrianguy


More info








I am hooked guys and I will not forgive you for the time you are stealing away from me!

Thank you. «Hooked» - the best compliment that can be heard for the developer.
What about time.. «Time stays, we go.» ;)

a very helpful application in terms of photography, I think this is one container that is perfect for photographers around the world.

I like this App. the design of this app is very nice. This app is usefull for photographer.

Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution. The easiest way to escape from the problem is to solve it. Steephot on or steem on which ever lol 😂 @liondani

hy when will i every steal away from you My in Uganda (mpozi tomanya)

how are you @liondani,,,

steepshot is an amazing project , i promote it in my community on youtube and telegram it will be huge in future thank you so much for your support

steepshot is looking mighty fine. really professional.
please consider an option for night mode (dark background instead of white), and option for full screen images for the desktop version.

Thank you. We are going to provide this view mode in one of the next updates.

Best platform to capture those amazing moments and still get paid and the web interface just superb love every aspect of it, clean and easy to navigate through out clearly detailed must say the developer really did a great job here, more updates probably coming in the future.
Hope to share with all my Instagram lovers

could not agree more. i was upset when the IOS support was pulled because of apple. i'm just hoping they find a way back, even if it does'nt display or show the voting or funds because i want to switch from instagram to this straight away, i use the web interface as @nomadpictures these days. good to see improvements.

i like aplication steepshot,,,
i'm from indonesia
thanks @steepshot

One of my favorite posting application. I love to see it with more and more updates and improvements.

I've just registered for this app!
Blockchain istagram!

Wow. Great to hear about this. I am a photographer who has just moved to steemit. Will definitely to check it out.

Hi. Does it just display photos that were posted using the app at the moment? Or does it draw them from your feed?

Also can someone share a link with info on what is happening with the iOS app? Will it be happening?

  1. The app dislpays only photos made in Steepshot app (mobile or web).
  2. iOS is no.1 plan. There was some approval issues in Appstore. We are working to solve this. More info soon. Probably we can see the launch in two or four weeks.

That is great news about the app! I use IG a lot and have 50K followers there and would like to try and bring them across when the time is right.

Does it have a schedule post feature?

Not yet. It is planned.

awesome job guys I have completely migrated over from Instagram so I hope I can bring some of my followers with me but I believe that's going to take some time but anyway yeah I'm getting the ball rolling and I appreciate everything you guys are doing and it's looking so much greater on the Android app at least that's what I use the most and I appreciate that because of the new apps that are available for and the steem blockchain I actually gave up my iPhone @steepshot

That is great to hear. I am hoping to do the same as I am sick of IG. It seems however that there is quite an uptake barrier to Steemit and the sign up process when trying to get followers to come across.

Excellent work i will surely try this app.. and thanks for sharing

Awesome app!!! It looks really nice - keep up the great work!

I sincerely appreciate what you're doing with Steepshot. I'm looking forward to the day I can give up Instagram. Keep it up!

Hello, @steepshot! I have made a contribution over at Utopian about your project and would kindly ask for it to be reviewed by you. That would be amazing!

Entry post:

Thank you. This functionality will soon appear in our application. As for displaying the photo gallery in Steemit - it's on their side to decide.

now better than ever,, and thank you for using my photo in this article 😊😊😊😊😊.

hopefully @steepshot can always provide the best for the convenience of its users.

Regards @fauzi11

So happy Steepshot improving. I'm using it every day now, as long as you don't start with stories I'll keep using you :)

Ok I need to utilize this. Very on point guys. Keep up the hard work it’s clearly paying off. Pun intended.

I don’t know anything about this site can you explain me dear steepshot?
When something is easy to use people love it so much because people don’t want to think about how to use it . Design of it looking simple and nice I like it and people will like it because simple and useful .

Yes. It's that simple. Go to the site (or download the app), enter your Steem username and private posting key.
Now you are in a community of people who share their moments of life with photo!

Wohoo , Can I make money on this site ? Or is this site based on steemit?

It works with Steem blockchain. So, yes, we can say that It`s based on Steemit. Make money? Sure. You like to post a photos, your daily moments in social media? This is your choice.

I am gonna join this beautiful project . Thanks for informing and enable us to know about it . New stemians needs to learn these platforms and you teach me Thank you my dear friends

Nice :)

I will definitely check this platform. it looks amazing in your post.

This looks better than Instagram !

Hi. I just put a post up using the web app and I have some feedback and questions.

  • It says that you can use up to 20 tags so I entered quite a few tags but less than 20. Once the post is up I cant see any tags at all other than the first one? Is there somewhere to see them ? I went in and edited the post on steemit to add back up to 5 tags.

  • only the first tag has carried though along with the "steepshot" tag to the block chain. Is there a way for at least the first 4 to carry over so it gets a better chance of being viewed on the Steemit platform itself?

  • it would be nice to be able to frame the square that gets seen in the feed from the photo. One of the advantages here is being able to post any dimensions The feed however is square (which I like) however being able to choose which part of the photo forms the square would be amazing. 500px used to have this feature when it had a square feed stream .

Thanks again for all your efforts. I really hope you can pull this off.


1,2 - need to fix
3 - planned for the future release

Thanks for the report.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to everyone.

Finally, a blockchain instagram app. Gone are the days where we can no longer profit from our own intellectual property. I am loving the idea of a platform made solely for photography.

Its amazing, i am loving it.
Ita faster also. Responsive and ultimate app. Totally loving it

One last question. Does Steepshot compress the images? As the quality of the post seems to be significantly lower than the photo I uploaded. Is there a way to specify your own hosting so this does not happen? I had to go into the post on steemit and link directly to a better quality version of the post to overcome this.

  1. Yes, Steepshot slightly compress images as well as many other platforms do (like Google Photos). We plan to do it more accurately.
  2. There is no more hosting needed. We are using hybrid storage architecture: IPFS+Cloud.
  3. It seems that your problem is to view it in fullscreen mode. We plan to implement this soon!

Thank you for your feedback.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

This is amazing. Thanks for adding a super professional app to Planet Steem. I'm done with Instagram. Can't wait to use this one. Time for gamers and wrestling fans to adopt this.

Great App, especially the layout, you get to see more of the photos, great Job.

Keep up the good work guys

Definitely going to try it later after this update. Thanks . We know u guys are working hard

just seen it mentioned on another post, so I got curious and checked the website, and via it came to this blog.
Resteemed and upvoted. I check it out later and probably sign up for it.

Nice .. i like it

look very usefull for all the photography post.

Definitely checking this out. Is there an option where you can automatically sync photos from your instagram account to steepshot?

I certainly think you are getting into a blue ocean, It is a great concept but it does not promote quality but a follower base and quantity, that is the thing I love about How does the reward system work? It seems that you are giving away big sums of money for little to no effort.

I definitely want to get together quickly a few sbd, to buy myself a smartphone and be able to use this incredible platform, I congratulate you for that interface, intuitively clean, and very friendly, I fell in love.

Very good application, is it taking % from our earning like dtube and chainbb and utopian and others ?

Yes, that's it. Steepshot - is a community of people sharing moments and their lifestyle. You will never know until you try it ;)

you didn't answer my question, dtube is taking 25% from our profit if we use it, chainbb about 10% and utopian 20%, how much steepshot take from our earning ?

Beneficiary reward is 10%

This looks so cool!!! I wish it was available on iOS. Great job @steepshot !

Very nice!

Best platform to capture those amazing moments and still get paid and the web interface just awesome love every aspect of it, clean and easy to navigate through out clearly detailed must say the developer really did a great job here.

Thanks for share this artice. @steepshot
I just created here a account today.

Good to hear and I hope ios version to be released soon

This is amazing, how can I get in contact with you guys?

Can you schedule your posts in this app? Thanks

Cant wait to use it. Is anyone else having issues downloading on app store and web as well?

dear friend really very nice information.
I know this subject just now your post

woow nice post ! thanks :))

attractive and lovable post of the week @steepshot

Great work dear @steepshot
I think it's a best platform to capture thise amazing moment.
Thank for arrenging this amazing contest .
Good luck

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Ya, steemit for handphone, that's how we beat facebook

This is perfect @steepshot ! I am thankful you created this for Android. Convenience and accessibility! Great job guys for this innovation! Resteemed!

Thank you @theaustrianguy !

Looks like I have to check out on this .. first time I hear of it! As a photographer myself it looks quite interesting, thanks !

Desconozco el idioma pero es un post algo llamativo, intentaré traducir. Éxitos..

an exceptionally accommodating application as far as photography, I think this is one compartment that is ideal for picture takers around the world.10. I like this App. the outline of this application is extremely decent. This application is usefull for picture taker.

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Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information. I know it will do a lot of good to the Steemit community.

nice post ...... will try

And here I am again on steemit then off too steepshot 🤷🏻‍♂️

I like :-)

Nice photography

hey i was wondering do you have any ETA on when the IOS app might actually drop?

Thanks to the information @steepshot , your update was very weel done rotation mood, nsfw was very iniative update..great work.

More Power and God Bless.

i upvoted and resteem your post
sir plz resteem my post i need your support to start my steemit career

Thanks to @steepshot I really like this app. this really helped me.

Thank you for the prize guys, really appreciate it :) Was a nice surprise, since I wasn't expecting anything! Cheers and keep it up, changes look great!

I can't seem to figure out a way to rotate my picture after I post a pic on SteepShot. When I am creating the post, the picture orientation is correct, but after it posts the picture is rotated 90°. Is there a way for me to correct this?

Instagram on blockchain, keep up the good work ;)

Brilliant. I too thought of posting series from my recent travels.

This is my first steepshot post. Please check out and give your feedback.

this information is very interesting, the features contained in steepshot is also getting cool. I became interested in using more steepshot applications for a long period of time.

beautiful work, apparently blockchain technology, will change the game on the internet :) keep up ;)

I just dicovered this and I love it. Posted 2 pictures and more will come :) Great idea and platform :)

I went to download but it wasn't responding
Can anyone offer me any help

This app is the bees knees!

Juat downloaded yesterday. If anyone like scenic shots of the beautiful land in Wales, wildlife, history, homesteading my photos may be of interest to you =D

I super love @steepshot I use it daily

Just tested you new UI with my short-content account @taug - Guys, I love the new UI!

One thing: When you want to add more than a sentence, there is no smooth option scrolling up and down in the description area! Rest is great :)

Hi. Not sure if this is the best place for feedback but firefox has started blocking about half the photos in my feed and it says that "part of this connection is not secure" . It was not doing this a few days ago? Any thoughts as to what to do?

Hi. For anyone else with this problem it was an update to the gohstery plugin. I could bypass it by nominating it a trusted site.

I am just seeing this. I will have to check it out.

A very wonderful initiative

very interesting your post, with the information you provide, half of one has helped and understand how to use steepshot application, this post is very useful for me especially ,, and for them generally Steemit users and steepahot, thank you for sharing ,, success always for you ,,

very beautiful pictures !!

very nice post bro i will wait for new

steepshot the best way to post your photgraphy

iam open steepshot by application, in the same time i can not open by browser.. why?
i must to closed a which one? thank you

I tried it a great application. I like it .

It is the best application in the world I like it, thanks steepshot 😍

It is a usuful application ♥ i like it so much @steepshot

Looking great

Seepshot the best photograph app for steemit, may you add picture filter for steepshot app android?

I am into designing bruchure for fashion industry. Was looking for a similar app. Definitely check in it. thanks for sharing.

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