Steepshot for the Web alpha 2 release. Search, Endless scroll and more features. Community guidelines.

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Hello, Steemians!

We are pleased to let you know that we are steadily improving our service. Today we are presenting the new updates to the Web version of Steepshot.


  • You can search by keywords and get results for the appropriate usernames and tags
  • Also you can get the search results by simply clicking on the corresponding tag

See the intro video about how it works:

Endless scroll

  • Now you don`t need to press a button to show more posts. They are loaded automatically when scrolling down.


  • Now all the tabs are loaded in parallel, which significantly reduced the delay in opening pages
  • We refactored the code, which also improved the speed of loading pages

More updates

Individual links
  • Added video how to login to Steepshot
Comment section
  • Now when editing a comment, pressing the arrows on the keyboard will not jump to the next or previous slide
  • Word wraps are now displayed correctly
  • Now the profile page loads faster and correctly displays the data
  • Now the avatars are always round, and the user's picture is displayed better
  • Added new avatar placeholder
Browser compatibility
  • Fixed compatibility with IE
  • Fixed compatibility with Safari
  • Fixed a number of text messages in notifications
Tags in creating a post
  • Now you can add uppercase tags, and we'll translate them into lowercase letters

Community guidelines

We encourage you to follow simple rules when publishing:

  • All published images should be of high quality.
  • Your content should not be perceived as repulsive and shocking.
  • Publications should not incite hatred and be directed against a social group. Also, one should not publish calls for violence or terrorism.
  • It is undesirable to publish something that has no attributes of authorship. For example, a screenshot of the phone screen.
  • All adult content must be marked by the author by the #nsfw tag. Publication of pornographic content is not allowed.
  • Advertising or fraud is not allowed.
  • You should not publish requests for the transfer of money (for any reason) and negative media (messages in the spirit of "repay it, or it will happen terrible").
  • If you have doubts about your content, refrain from publishing.

We expect users to downvote the content that does not follow the rules mentioned above and allow ourselves to hide it.

Link to guidelines:


We see that our community is growing every day. We would like to put here a list of examples of names that we believe bring to our advantage:

Steemit profileSteepshot profile
Steemit profileSteepshot profile
Steemit profileSteepshot profile
Steemit profileSteepshot profile

Support them! They deserve your upvote!

More info

How to start using Steepshot app? What is the tech behind? See this post








Awesome news! Thanks for the great platform!

This is great project. And to be honest the its scroll feature is what I like the most. Didn't have to wait to load next

Hurrah, endless scroll. Thanks #steepshot, loving your hard work.

Have you got any plans in place to try to stop the rampant plagiarising of imagery as well as the use of stock photography to scam upvotes out of people that we see on Steemit every day?

Yes, we do. The main question is in the definition of plagiarism and in technical ways of tracking it.

For me, there is no reason that any author should be posting anything but their own material on steepshot. Maybe that's not the view of others however. Technically, I know it's very difficult to track this, especially as google have closed down their image search API which is the best way to manually find images that are on stock websites. Im sure you guys will work it out ;) Its one of the most exciting platforms out there.

Couldn't agree more, I want to connect with people posting their own original content on #steepshot

It's really improving platform and concept

Just discovered stepshot, seems like an amazing idea. Can't wait to get my camera to be able to contribute. How does the reward system work? You get paid in steem or? Are you planing to implement SMTs?

Thank you for your questions, @runicar. The rewards system and economics is bound to Steem and you get rewarded in Steem. Regarding SMTs, we'd like to see the actual implementation first before making any plans.

That's so cool I'm looking forward to making my first contributions soon :)
Resteemed to get the word, would like to see more people contribute their work. Steemit is full of talented photographers.

good good good!!!

Very cool app, I downloaded it and this is a game changer!

I hope steepshot suport for ios

Thank you for the amazing platform😍👌👍

It might be interesting to also have a slider so you can define the percentage of the upvote. Or even, by default, setting the % low. For example 1% or 5%.

Just because people will want to 'heart' way more pictures than they do with blogs.

Very interesting project, im gonna try it out.

I hope steepshoot suport in apple

hi @steepshot , @vitality I saw the iOS button appearing in steepshot website, but it doesn't work for Malaysia store, is there a walk around method?
Please advice.

Ooh i love is feature but i miss 2 things on this moment ! Or i haven't figured it out how, but how can you see the full image that is post it? They ask for a high quality image so why can't we see the full image on the blog of steemit! And the other thing i missed is that the picture don't rotate in the mobile app. I hope these 2 things will available in the future!

Good info
Thanks for sharing

Hey, do you know when steepshot will be on iTunes because I really want to get apart of this action??

Are planning to add support for 'schedule post' ? So, that it would be better to continue posting even during vacation and also target particular country viewers at their local peak time.

this is great, Ive just started steepshot recently and so far ive been enjoying it <3 i love the platform

excellent post, I invite you to stop by my blog, greetings

As an iPhone user, steepshot did not understand the fact that the application for Iso was not developed after developing for Android. In such a situation, I have experimentally used the @steepshot tag, and I have not been able to check the warnings properly due to business trip on a very busy schedule on overseas. However, I think that the down-voting of your group was too strong punishment to me. I will be careful in the future. So please do not give any more down voting again due to I shouldn’t delete as you see. And for iOS users, please give us good news as soon as possible.

I'd love for Steepshot to be better than Instagram and allow pictures to be blown full screen..

What percentage of the post goes to @steepshot?

According to beneficiaries is
weight 1,000

edit : found out 1000 means 10% which is reasonable

No more App for iOS?

your post is so nice.I love your post

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All Steemians are welcomed to take a look.

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