🔥How to create Steemit.com Account & The Costs (Free and paid options) - Updated September 1st 2018 (Cheapest is 3 STEEM!)

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This post covers the most up to date ways to create a steemit.com account, both free and paid.

Free Options

The free options for creating Steemit account are the following.

  1. Steemit official signup option (Can take up to 14 days for account approval in my experience)
  2. Are there any more free options? Comment below if you know any more options and I will add them here.

Paid Account Creation Services

Get On Steem3.00
Anon Steem5.000.1000.0025
Steem VC6.00

Other Options

-Fiverr has some interesting gigs, the average price is approximately $20 USD and takes 2 days.
-Steem Connect is a great services, I have read it costs about 15 STEEM, however I can't confirm this.


Some providers like @blocktrades provide Steem for new accounts, where as other providers provide temporary Steem Delegation. If you would like me to dig deeper and register an account on all of these platforms to completely uncover the true cost to create an account simple let me know in the comments below

Have I missed anything from this article? Comment below and I will update this post based on your feedback.

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The steem account creation comparison is missing some important data: if you buy a steem account for 6.10 steem from blocktrades.us, you get 2.1 steem in your account aftewards (i.e. the actual cost of the account creation is 4 steem).

Hey @blocktrades this is a very good point which I completely missed! Thank you for pointing this out.
This really helps the Steemit community understand where the funds go and how they are used.
Would it be valuable for me to test out all of these services and document it from end to end, including how much STEEM, if any the new account receives once created?

@blocktrades I have updated the table to reflect the additional payment options you offer.
Thanks for the feedback.

You probably also need to evaluate if the accounts that are created are fully funded or "delegated" accounts. For example, currently the truest measure of the cost of account is very small because most of the fee charged by the blockchain funds the resulting account. Practically speaking, we charge 1 steem, the blockchain charges 3 steem, but it gives back most of that as steem power in the account (maybe 2.5 steem IIRC). So real cost from our service ends up being about 1.5 steem (1 from us, .5 from the blockchain).

Assuming this is representative of normal account creation via buildteam, then they are creating delegated accounts instead of fully funded accounts: https://steemd.com/tx/2cf21312b06e4e6183adc4b80d6f0456cfb86e50. If that's correct, their effective price is higher than ours.

Thanks for the example.

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This is pretty cool! There are a couple here I did not know about. Nice chart. So it looks like Build Team's product (quicksteem) is the only one that allows for Ltc and Ether, as well as STEEM. And their price is good. They also let you backup all the keys with one click, so that's a handy feature. Anon steem's been around the longest, and he used to charge a lot more cuz he had a corner on the market. Good to see he's more competitive now.

The comparison isn't really very complete, however, see my comment below... Practically speaking I think our costs are actually lower, but I haven't used their service to be sure.

Also, I have no idea why it doesn't show LTC and ETH, we allow both (plus a number of others not listed).

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