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RE: We are Making Good Progress

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Congratulations. You just permanently deleted the main value proposition Steemit has promoted for years. What happened to proof of brain?! Since the beginning, you've promoted the idea of allowing community and stakeholders to collectively judge what content should be Trending and receive attention. The accounts and posts you've now blocked received overwhelming support from the community, and you just made the decision to ignore community consensus and remove it. Thus deleting everything Steemit has worked to promote and found its future ideas for SMTs on.

And what's the idea of pointing to what a commercial website would do? The whole point of Steem/Steemit has always been to provide something different. It's funny to see the new owners themselves state what others have said as a joke, that you may as well not use a blockchain at all and just run a normal database if you're just going to ignore what's on the blockchain whenever it suits you.


it's always been proof of money-for brain ... if i have 20k sp and you get 1000 votes by people with a brain and 15 sp each

then my vote counts, dont be naive

I actually agree with that. But it's Steemit Inc themselves that defined the term proof of brain and made it the centerpiece of their product and the foundation for SMTs which was supposed to be their main focus.

So they're still undermining everything they've claimed to believe is a good product.

Communist Chinese bought it. Bye bye freedom of speech.

Hope they can make thing differently from now..wait and see for now..