Steem FCAS Score Upgraded to "A"

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We are happy to announce that after leveraging software developed by the Steemit Team to integrate data from the Steem blockchain into their system, Flipside Crypto has upgraded Steem’s FCAS rating to an “A.”

Flipside Crypto made headlines when it partnered with to provide sophisticated fundamental health data to the market.

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This improved score validates what we’ve known all along; that the Steem blockchain is a world-class protocol capable of delivering value to developers on par with any other decentralized platform.

FCAS is a comparative metric used to assess the fundamental health of crypto projects. The score is derived from the interactivity between primary project lifecycle fundamentals: User Activity, Developer Behavior, and Market Maturity. -

To view more FCAS scores, visit:

If you’d like to learn more about Flipside Crypto and their FCAS rating system, check out our interview of Flipside’s CEO, Dave Balter:

The Steemit Team


This is great news. Previously Steem had a "C" rating with 73 other projects receiving a higher rating. This rating upgrade may go a long ways as we are likely on the eve of many new investors making their way into crypto... Nicely done Steemit,Inc!

  • 3 S
  • 37 A
  • 27 B

Not bad...

Better than the alternative!

Im very proud of these new scores and suggest @nathanmars add this and #5 rank as mandatory images steem users must post on twitter as part oif the #seven77 challenge ... so many steemians post on twitter now, and they should all be posting under #blockchain #cryptocurrency and deliver THESE tow images to all the cryptocurrency focused twitter users they can hit:

and THIS image

We just post THESE two images everywhere on twitter and here thats where we can find all our new users and investors, BILLIONS in bitcoin up for grabs here, and we just need some sort of reddit tip bot that lets anyone who collects 3 steem to create a steem account via or

When did Kin get up there?

Yeah weird to see KIN up there, I wonder what sort of blockchain it is supposed to run on again? something unique like the TON gram telegram chain?

I haven't looked into it much... they don't have their own chain? It's for KIK right?

Yeah its for the KiK messaging app, i would rather invest in EOS based SENSE messaging app ;)

Maybe I can get SENSE on @steem-engine

WTF, this is huge!

Steem deserves more recognition than this though but I am quite sure it's just a matter of time. I also commend the effort of Steemit Inc and the steem witnesses for their great continuous impact on the platform.

What do you actually think we can do to help Steemit gain more recognition it deserves @theycallmedan?

The only thing that matters is the price... these FCAS scores are like the government trying to tell us a swamp is good real estate because the soil composition is rich in nitrogen for farming, but everyone knows its a swamp you cant farm there... these FCAS scores woudl eb NICE if teh PRICE was going up... no one cares, we need PRICE action and the ONLY WAY to fix that is ONBOARDING USERS.. we have crazy witnesses liek @gtg seriously giving up thinking that its Too expensive to onbaord anyone unles sthey "add value" when no we just are in a leadership droubt and we need infrastructrue paid for by the person with teh largest stake,

in fact @ned would only have to pay his share for onbaording costs, im sue other whales even dolphisn and minnwos woudl donbate to a fund to help onbaord millions of new users...

we need new users because eout of every few thosuand new users onbaorded you might have oen who invests a lot or who talks someoen into investing in some steempower for them to use etc.. also steem on coinbase... they added us to coinbase custody list sow e need to just get adde dtor egualr coinbase and get on twitter whne to coinabse on twitter like digibvyte and chainlink peopel did, if stinky linkies canm get on coinbase, STEEM should be, ESPECIALLy afte rthe FCAS score

actualy this fcas score miught help steem get added to coinbase proper faster

theyve since aided a lot of these already

Hmm... Nice point @ackza but I hope you also know that every crypto price or worth is depending on the value of BTC. There were times whereby steem used to worth more than $1 during the days of high worth of BTC.

I actually think the witnesses and Steemit Inc are really working hard to make this happen even though it's just gonna take time but trust me I strongly believe steem price will worth more than the present value when it's time.

Loving it!

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@thecallmedan so you are Dan who is very famous on steemit can you introduce yourself

I guess you confuse him with @dan (Dan Larimer), the co-founder of STEEM, but nowadays also @theycallmedan is rather 'famous' (and in my opinion a very positive acting whale) within the STEEM community without any doubts. :)

68 rep ladies and gentlemen

like you told :D

For sure I feel so inspired, like we're on a 2nd start to become FOREVER!

I believe it's a matter of time before our Market Cap consumes many millions of bitcoins, eth, and other alt's with less use case and clunky addressing. We need to work on our Witnesses and getting more users involved with consensus. If this is done via GUI/ ubuntu images people burn with balenaEtcher , or other means to make things simpler for the average user. (Does bitcoin only have CLI full stack wallets and miners? No excuse for steem year three with this many world class developers)

It’s about time Steem got the recognition we all know it deserves. Congratulations to the Steemit Team on their hard work achieving this - I have no doubt it required a great deal of hard work and it would be nice for the community to recognize this.

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Congratulations team! Glad to see Steem be validated by such an important site!

Woow, this is a pleasure to read

It's about time!

STEEM is getting the recognition, but STEEM is not yet got the price recognition. Where is the problem and what we should do?
I think we should have an open discussion and will implement a methodology to handle this situation as well!


@steemitblog WTF with steem price it is dropping like hell worst performance compare to other Alts why not Steem INC is concern about it All steem investors are worried i converted my BTC TO steem when it was 6700 satoshi and now 3000 satoshi , i Loss 100% in 2 month

you should've invested in some healthcoins.

Buy on the top
Sell it in the bottom.
Repeat step xD

In order to sell in the bottom, there must be a bottom :D

That's what they are concerned about, that's why they worked on this...

In Steem we trust!


It's a weird feeling. I want steem to get the recognition it deserves, but I also want more time to buy STEEM on the cheap...

Same here

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This year the world will wake up to True potential of our STEEM

Nice! This is great news to hear and I'm glad our ecosystem and whatnot is looked upon with a positive attitude by the outside forces at be. :)

That's awesome! Well done guys!

Really excellent news. Steem was being developed at a time when so many organizations seemed to be desperately looking for a way to shoehorn a blockchain into their functionality, and Steem is one of the few which used it in a way that makes perfect sense with the technology, and encourages engagement rather than a "hodl and speculate" mindset. Not a knock against BTC at all - I think a store of value is a vital use for blockchain as well, but Steem leverages the same power to incentivize real, active participation in a time when social networking desperately needed innovation. Glad to see it getting the recognition it deserves.

Excellent job with this!

It's an hint that beyond moon for sure within months 😊

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Good job Eli & Team! Progress is always GOOD!

We need great news like this. The team are doing a good job...

Then we should see a rally back to $8 soon ? I see we are almost out of the Top 100 coins now....

Hopefully $1 is enough! 😂

Cograts! Well Played!

Meanwhile STEEM is sitting at 3000 satoshis. Probably 2000 soon tm. :)

Something positive, cool!

When are you going to work on addressing the plummeting coin ranking and get STEEM listed on exchanges?

So now with this can we expect to see the buy orders flood in for Steem? I have my doubts.

grease them wheels. forward motion!

FINALLY!!!! Community better wake up to the potential here. BUY LOW

Accumulating while price's low is nice.

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nice great job steem team :)
steem to the moon soon $$

wtf they calculated it wrong, steem should be first.

Might not pull off a long green candle but this is definitely a good thing for us. Kudos!

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Great news and great job reaching out to them to explain our particular metrics!

That is why I have stayed here for 3 years.. I always knew Steem's potential!

Does Steemit want to be known as JUST a blogging site?

The future Steemit Digital World

And I also talked about how Steemit could save millions of musicians and artists world wide!

Steemit can save millions of Musicians and Artists

So this does not surprise me, but still great job!!


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Good job guys! Congrats on the achievement!

I love Steemit 💞😀.. Keep winning 😊

Commendable, praise should be given where it is necessary.

This is amazing

Exciting! Also great to see that all but one of my investments have A or better rating!

FCAS is a comparative metric used to assess the fundamental health of crypto projects. The score is derived from the interactivity between primary project lifecycle fundamentals: User Activity, Developer Behavior, and Market Maturity.

Lot of works little helpful communication. Can we get a better discussion about what this means. And let's try to quote some better stuff... stuff that appeals to tens of thousands of normal humans

Top DONK for Steem!!!

Excellent and congratulations to the entire Steemit team because it is an achievement of each one of the Team Members. regards

STEEM needs marketing, it has to be done.

Very positive news, congratulations! :)

This is great! :) a real good step forward

Very nice indeed. One more step forward for Steem. Well done

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Hats off to you. Credit where credit is due.

another small step in the right direction along with all the other things that have been happening here.
Do we know what kind of following flipside crypto have?

Fascinating ... will be interesting to see how this affects the price of Steem...

Wow, great [email protected] Hope Steem achieves more 👍👍

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Amazing, I'm excited for the listing on Coinbase one day

It's good to see Steem finally getting some recognition... we need more publicity that can differentiate us from the myriad other coins/blockchain projects out there... projects that often have pretty much NOTHING to offer aside from an idea and very little execution.


Amazing time to buy more, only one problem i run out of money :(

How to start earn money?

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