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RE: Steem FCAS Score Upgraded to "A"

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This is what I'm taking about! Steem getting the recognition it deserves!


Steem deserves more recognition than this though but I am quite sure it's just a matter of time. I also commend the effort of Steemit Inc and the steem witnesses for their great continuous impact on the platform.

What do you actually think we can do to help Steemit gain more recognition it deserves @theycallmedan?

The only thing that matters is the price... these FCAS scores are like the government trying to tell us a swamp is good real estate because the soil composition is rich in nitrogen for farming, but everyone knows its a swamp you cant farm there... these FCAS scores woudl eb NICE if teh PRICE was going up... no one cares, we need PRICE action and the ONLY WAY to fix that is ONBOARDING USERS.. we have crazy witnesses liek @gtg seriously giving up thinking that its Too expensive to onbaord anyone unles sthey "add value" when no we just are in a leadership droubt and we need infrastructrue paid for by the person with teh largest stake,

in fact @ned would only have to pay his share for onbaording costs, im sue other whales even dolphisn and minnwos woudl donbate to a fund to help onbaord millions of new users...

we need new users because eout of every few thosuand new users onbaorded you might have oen who invests a lot or who talks someoen into investing in some steempower for them to use etc.. also steem on coinbase... they added us to coinbase custody list sow e need to just get adde dtor egualr coinbase and get on twitter whne to coinabse on twitter like digibvyte and chainlink peopel did, if stinky linkies canm get on coinbase, STEEM should be, ESPECIALLy afte rthe FCAS score

actualy this fcas score miught help steem get added to coinbase proper faster

theyve since aided a lot of these already

Hmm... Nice point @ackza but I hope you also know that every crypto price or worth is depending on the value of BTC. There were times whereby steem used to worth more than $1 during the days of high worth of BTC.

I actually think the witnesses and Steemit Inc are really working hard to make this happen even though it's just gonna take time but trust me I strongly believe steem price will worth more than the present value when it's time.

Loving it!

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@thecallmedan so you are Dan who is very famous on steemit can you introduce yourself

I guess you confuse him with @dan (Dan Larimer), the co-founder of STEEM, but nowadays also @theycallmedan is rather 'famous' (and in my opinion a very positive acting whale) within the STEEM community without any doubts. :)

68 rep ladies and gentlemen

like you told :D

For sure I feel so inspired, like we're on a 2nd start to become FOREVER!

I believe it's a matter of time before our Market Cap consumes many millions of bitcoins, eth, and other alt's with less use case and clunky addressing. We need to work on our Witnesses and getting more users involved with consensus. If this is done via GUI/ ubuntu images people burn with balenaEtcher , or other means to make things simpler for the average user. (Does bitcoin only have CLI full stack wallets and miners? No excuse for steem year three with this many world class developers)

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