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RE: Steem FCAS Score Upgraded to "A"

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This is great news. Previously Steem had a "C" rating with 73 other projects receiving a higher rating. This rating upgrade may go a long ways as we are likely on the eve of many new investors making their way into crypto... Nicely done Steemit,Inc!

  • 3 S
  • 37 A
  • 27 B

Not bad...

Im very proud of these new scores and suggest @nathanmars add this and #5 rank as mandatory images steem users must post on twitter as part oif the #seven77 challenge ... so many steemians post on twitter now, and they should all be posting under #blockchain #cryptocurrency and deliver THESE tow images to all the cryptocurrency focused twitter users they can hit:

and THIS image

We just post THESE two images everywhere on twitter and here thats where we can find all our new users and investors, BILLIONS in bitcoin up for grabs here, and we just need some sort of reddit tip bot that lets anyone who collects 3 steem to create a steem account via or

Yeah weird to see KIN up there, I wonder what sort of blockchain it is supposed to run on again? something unique like the TON gram telegram chain?

I haven't looked into it much... they don't have their own chain? It's for KIK right?

Yeah its for the KiK messaging app, i would rather invest in EOS based SENSE messaging app ;)

Maybe I can get SENSE on @steem-engine

Haha that sounds great! I haven't heard of that btw, what does it do?

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