Big Changes are Coming! Take Control of Your Voting Power! - A Proposed Solution for the New Steem Candidate

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As you've probably heard, Steemit is about to revamp the way users' Voting Power works. If the proposed changes are approved, we will have a lot less high powered votes. Under the current system we have 40, but with the new system we will only have about 5. This has caused a lot of controversy in the announcement thread here:

@donkeypong makes a good argument against the changes. Personally I'm conflicted about the changes, but it got me thinking:

A Possible Solution That I Think Everyone Can Agree To

How about we let each user on Steemit decide their own individual voting power?

Allow each individual to select how many high powered votes they want to use.


The fact is, a one-size fits all approach to the voting power levels may not be the best. Some users are way more active on Steemit than others. Power users can easily cast five votes per hour. Bots unlimited. While others do not have much time to digest and curate content and are only interested in a couple per day (or less).

If we allow people choose how many high powered votes we have, we don't limit the power users and we're still able to avoid the less active users "wasting" their voting power by not casting enough votes - which was the original motivation behind the proposed changes the way voting power works.

So why don't we set the default number of high powered votes to 5, but give users the option to set the level higher if they want to use more. Ideally you could select from 1 - 40 (or more) votes, based on your level of activity.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading.

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Edit: Looks like high SP users already have the ability to adjust their voting power with a slider. I support opening that option up to everyone. But the default should be set low enough so that the average user is utilizing their voting power effectively and not wasting it.

I think You Are Only allowed
only 5 targeted votes
You still get 40, but can only
use 5 as targeted
I am assuming targeted
is in the steemit feed

As I understand it, the higher the vote target the more number of votes you should be casting per day in order to be fully utilizing your voting power.

I predict that they will be implementing a pay for more power votes in the future. Although I liked the old way better, I didn't like the fact that bots were being used to cheat.

Upvoted not because I totally agree (hell, who understands it all anyways?) but to keep the conversation going, and to see well thought out and articulated points like yours on the table for others to consider.
Best, Guy

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