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RE: Attention Community - Here Are Your Choices | Final Structure Proposals That Will Go To The Vote

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In fairness , I think the teams can describe their project however they want. They already got input saying it is low brow stuff.

To be honest I am most concerned about proposals that won't change based on quality feedback.

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I keep meaning to link you this, as I knew you had been doing an independent comparison -

Thanks for introducing this. I reached out to all 5 teams and have heard back from 3 so far which is really great. I will post it in around 24 hours. Hopefully, I can join the contest too. But mine is more of a read through a critique of all of the things and slightly negative, since if I agree I don't really need to praise them. I'll try to condense it a bit and I do need to wait to give the authors a fair chance to talk to me about some of the more controversial / harder to understand points.

Thanks for doing this in a fair and transparent manner.

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Haha no problem. It's a lot more work than I thought. I've heard back from all the proposals now except the github one where I posted in a 20 day old post on Steem about it.
The hive has an update now, and the link is in the comments of the post. I dont know if it is too late to go up here, but it is definitely worth reading.
Im going to post my increasingly long post in a few hours. I have a verybgood idea about all the differences now. None of these proposals should be dismissed outright and they all have some winning ideas whih should be considered for the final structure.

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