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It has been a wild ride on this blockchain since we started our love for Steem after the hive fork happened . I have been thinking a lot of application lately which includes different aspect of this blockchains sustainability .
As we know majority of the users around here have been welcoming to me and few of them being hostile as well .

I will start a with some major historic moment that has been unspoken till date .

My Irony with @bullionstakers started when i purchased a vote and apparently got upvoted from @ranchorelaxo , well the downvote started that day and i am still getting his downvotes . It stopped when i was in the top 20 witness list but as soon as i smacked down it has started again , but i'd really not care .

My first timer conversation with bullion stacker is pasted below once he started flagging me and offered me to work for him if i'd like an upvote instead of flags


I'd apparently had to take that deal because I don't like flags . But things did not went well . I even have been flagged because a whale literally don't like my logo . How welcoming is that .

image.png .

Well I did created a bot that scans for anyone who been purchasing votes form selected accounts and flags where i suggested him to go flag but that wont work because he wont flag whales ,, he only hates new comers and minnows .

Period .

I was quite fascinated about few bots and apps that existed while there were many developers around this chain and one of them was Steem Auto , Me and my team from India (I am currently Based in Nepal and I work for HP/HPE - if you like to know ) decided to give it a rebirth after madhiyari dumped it . It was hell of a job and honestly we don't till date understand the part of those codes we been hosting .I reached out in discord servers looking for madhiyari but he was not welcoming at all , and why'd he be as he already started hating this chain and was moving to hive . Tho we decided to put all efforts and brought back steem auto , Today i feel like we should have just started something similar from scratch instead of forking it . The project had three versions on a single repo , no information on what specific versions are used to and why the upgrade was needed and it was never like forking a git project , reading the installation instruction and hosting it , It was hectic . It fucked us all and took us a month and more to just understand the deployment . We are not very awesome developers here in steem but we did worked on the voters exchange club in the past and had some experience on it .

So happy ending at least we have had a running project that people would like and i believe this led us to the top 20 witness list as well . That was more happy ending .

some people have helped me a lot and i don't wanna tag them here as they don't like me anymore and i am grateful to those peoples .
We even post daily analytics on steem auto like madhiyari did and received good support from the PH-FUND team and i would like to applaud to @crypto.piotr for his selfless and continuous support to us . (We love you buddy) . At the same time we also had got @steemcurator05 account for a month and did voted those post from this account as well . We literally got thrashed from other top 20 witnesses (Specifically one ) because i used that account . I immediately sent those keys to the rightful owner asking her to change that .


I had three running account on steem , one operated by my wife @rupajee , which she completely abandoned as she is pregnant now , One for my husky @pluto-husky who i love more than i do to myself and i still post his pictures as i think its better to post on steemit than in Instagram , had my dog got support here I'd bring thousands of dog owners here in steemit , my dog is an Instagram celebrity . Much love for him | Period

In those times i was thrashed by a witness which led other witnesses believe that i actually am doing so

and example would be this


Well garbage it is but 4300 + people use it . SO be it I don't fucking care . There are more garbage projects here on Steem which even is not related to what core Steem blockchain is about . To be honest any thing can be in Steem including games , DEFI and stuffs because it gives us free resources as per stake and is replenished over time , no gas , no fees whatsoever.

After the operation of steem auto and me becoming top20 witness i tried to create a marketplace on the steem blockchain but i quickly dumped the idea as i was told it was a garbage project as well . Well garbage be it but i tried , HAD SATOSHI not tried to launch bitcoin , you wont be reading this post , so i believe we should at least try than criticizing someone else . the post link i still have those source code , its built in python so if you want to continue feel free to ping me .

I did met good friends like @xpilar and his team who even invested in me and we are working on some great stuffs that might be helpfull to the community and i will not dump the idea even if anyone calls it a garbage .

Things were going quite well until we had a breach in steemauto which went unnoticed for few days and trying to fix those stuffs , it went more kaboom .! I'd like to apologize to @upmewhale as the bug executed some fanbases that were not there and people including me profited from it and i am ready to refund the vote value ,provided that you require it , i am in your discord , just ping me .. cheers .

We had also launched a bot on discord server which basically notifies you about actions on your profile on the blockchain . The idea was to create something like gina , but with the notification option in steemit , its kindda useless with very few people using it but its there , if you want it just hit the server and register , its pretty easy .

Coming back to my stories I am writing this post today as three things happened

  1. Today i tested negative for COVID-19 and its good to be still alive , and my sister and my grandmother tested Negtive as well
  2. Its been quite a while i was isolating myself and today as i got to get out , I found one of my old packet around , opened it smoked that good pot i have been keeping since few moths and i am high (Not that much that i'll do silly things ) .
  3. Some pathetic things happened

I would like to tag @xeldal here as he seems to be a whale and upvoting some spams after the breach in our system happened (which is completely under control now ) , but today back to back three peoples came to me telling i manually removed this account from there trail . One even offered me a witness vote in return i re-enable the trail manually . I think these kinds of people are wolves leeching this chain wearing a sheeps outer so that they look good but they are not .




Missing that whale vote it seems ..LOL

by the way @ph-fund have also the trail paused i guess and i was looking in the database


Being accused to be a something i never was and neither i am is the worst thing that i will ever face .

We detected the breach and thanks to @bstrail who reported it on time and i quickly head over to their telegram to understand what had happened , seems few trails were executed manually through cli and spams were being voted . I even reported one of those spam account to reportspam channel in our witness discord server where majority of the witnesses like @justyy @steem-agora @dev.supporters @ety001 are and even there are individuals who operate @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog , but i guess no action was taken apart me downvoting those content .

If you guys go look into you will see tons of rewards there , but guess what everyone gets scared of touching a whale it seems .

Back in the days i used to downvote a lot of spam resulting to loosing witness votes . An example see rewards here and if you see anyone Downvoting let me know . because they simply wont , because whales are who keep this chain floated ,

If a chart deserves that much reward then i think my dog or my wife deserves way more rewards than that , correct me if i am wrong .

Back in the days when whaleshares started i remember participating in a conversation where we debate over either self votes were good or not and came to a conclusion that it is absolutely OK to vote yourself if you think you deserve that reward , i agreed upon this statement till date and don't think larger rewards are bad because you invested money to buy that stake and curated contents wasting your time so that your stake grows and you can give yourself that reward .

Anyway today i though steem auto was too much of responsibility to handle when some whales get in action so i am thinking to completely bringing it down with my witness server and resigning from steem forever or at least allowing only white listed peoples to create curation trail so that i don't have to worry about anything and only allies are gonna be white listed.

I also seek answers that if i was wrong at any point and i loose that top 20 position ,i'd apologize . :)

I also seek an honest opinion from steem users about me and my actions on the chain , negative and positive opinions are all welcomed .

special request to @bullionstackers to not flag my posts please as he thinks i am a sucker


and for the other guy laughing at it , Downvotes incoming bro .

As i have invested my time , money and focus on this chain for a long time . this is kind of regretful to think about resigning but i do am thinking about this seriously . I hope to get some feedbacks which might ease my mind .

if i am to bring steemauto down i will allow anyone to operate it as well as teach how to setup it and give my keys of so that they dont have to make any changes and simply use it as it sees fit. (Including the domain )

I will keep my nodes running for 6 more months as i already have paid for the servers

signing off
Steem Supporter

At the end i would again like to Put a statement .
Everyone likes to make money and 99% users here are to make money - including witnesses , content creators , curators . Dont fake that you are here to help someone else to make money as that will sound literally funny ,, nobody wants to waste time for free, if you don't agree then you are an idiot . So it is better that we help each other and We Grow Together . The reward funds are enough and we don't have to fight for it . So no flags only peace (Remember Proof of Brain -- No Spams).


It is easy to recognize when other people accuse people of something being done or not being done
Regardless, it is easy to come up with bed bugs and bullying when hiding behind a screen and a keyboard

When someone has decided not to like a person, accusations and bullying can go too far. The worst thing is that such things can start with envy and bullying can destroy the victim

I've experienced this myself and it can be tough to deal with it so I know exactly what @steem-supporter is going through now

@steem-supporter you have more friends here than enemies and we will all fully support you on your way. Do not be influenced by a few who call what you do rubbish, they just do not know better.
Such people probably have a problem in their real life as well and then it is easy for them to let their frustration go beyond someone they are hiding behind a keyboard and a screen.

Let's forget the people who are now showing us their backs, they do not deserve our support.
I know how much you have worked to make apps work and now Steemauto works very well.
Without such a tool, it would have been difficult for me to give votes to as many people as we do

Let's look ahead @steem-supporter and continue with the plans for this platform. Steem Blockchain is still only in its initial phase and with further development of apps, people will flock to this platform
There are unique opportunities in Steem Blockchain and other copies will just be bad copies.

That is awesome said ... Yeah I am looking forward to much more progress and bring my motto We Grow Together and Ideas On Steem to Life .

life is amazing as it seems and I love you guys


Hi @steem-supporter, thank you for this open letter. I can imagine how much courage that might have taken you to do this post and show what is behind the scene.

I remember you from early beginning as real optimist and positive thinking, with full dedication and trust in Steem and its future started the journey.

There is a lot you have done and were engaged. Few things I probably have done differently:

Steem-auto program, it is always difficult to redo something that is created by someone else, it is easy to create from beginning on, of course, provided you have some programming skills. I believe the problem with not working STeem-auto irritated many users.

As to market place for steem, I do not think that it is in demand here. That is why in my opinion, it will not find the people who will use it.

People in general, very selfish, seeing the others who are engaged and positive that can make some jealous and try to spoil your start up. That is very human thing, especially in the time of Internet when we do not speak and know people in person.

I absolutely agree with you, that we are all here in order to earn Steem. There many ways, like posting original content, curating and getting the % from that. Creating projects and been supported by @steemcurator01 (have no idea if that is one person and few). There are may be really very few who are bloggers and have no idea about earning but happy for having the friends. That is why, like you, I would just advise everyone who are here for long time and still believe that we can reach more on this platform together, we should support each other and our efforts to make this place pleasant and not to fight those who are more successful .

It is up to you to go or to stay. I would not ask you to do what you do not like, that is why you know the best what you should do.

Good luck!

That was an honest feed back ,,thanks for stopping by and leaving this awesome comment

Together we grow

Well, I hope you continue working and doing what you do. For what it's worth, you're one of the very few witnesses I am actually voting for because you're actually visible and actively part of building the community.

Keep on keepin' on!

Hello , thanks for your kind words buddy . I do believe in open speech and visibility which is crucual to platform like ours to grow and have enhancements .
I hope you have a good weekend .
Thanks for coming by and dropping your comment


Hi @steem-supporter thank you for your works that you been doing for steem community. I appreciate the efforts. I have some feedback if you allow me:

  • your rupa discord notification needs more improvements, its function is more like spamming, we users need it to operate as how we want, like how gina did, we want the setting where we can choose what notification we want and don't want as gina bot has.
  • next is your trail site, it seems it has many security breaches or flaws, you should be working on it until it is safe enough and making sure to improve the code from time to time so it won't go berserk or have problems like you stated.
  • as for the other apps that you want to build, you should be working on them until they finish and show the community how to use them, for example, that open market site, would be useful for the steem community members to list their stuff for sale there. We will help you with the promotion or make the apps known to other communities, you just need to finish it up and don't stop halfway just because someone said it "garbage".
  • keep on working on what you believe will benefit the steem community and bring value to steem blockchain as a whole, the support will come eventually.

Keep on working and add value to steem blockchain and never stop or give up just because you get a comment of "garbage apps" Be strong!

Thanks for your feedback really appreciate it

Soy nueva en la plataforma pero ha Sido un total dime y respuestas en múltiples comunidades que los pequeños no nos demos cuentan de los conflictos de los más grandes.
No saber o entender las razones por las duscusion más me frustra por qué tal como cuando ve uno a sus padres peleando uno no entiende pero duele al punto de uno entender que vivir separados es mejor protegiendo tanto a uno como a él otro.

Pero me pongo en el lado de la justicia y como me sentiría, se que yo me levAntaria, me sacudiría el polvo limpiará mis lágrimas lavada mi cara y continuaría mi gran labor emprendida en Steemit porque si yo con tan solo tres meses amo y me siento comprometida imaginate tu con tanto tiempo.

Espero poder tener la oportunidad de prender cada día más y que con el apoyo de ustedes podamos manejar temas muchos más profundos

It is sad to read your story! The SteemAuto is a great tool, and the fact that you have gotten it back on track and up and running is awesome! Of course, anyone actually doing something stands in danger of being fired at (you never fire at someone asleep, only at those who actually do something), and I am really sorry that you are suffering because you are actually doing something!

It is such a pity, that instead of working together to grow the platform, we so easily start attacking one another instead!

Maybe it would have been easier for you to just skip the entire SteemAuto and do nothing, but then the platform would be lacking a great resource.

I just want to encourage you to keep on working, keep on publishing, and do your uttermost to be a blessing... even in the midst of what might seem like opposition and struggles!

Pretty amazing vocabulary you got there ..I really hope I was born on a English speaking countries sometimes. Anyway thanks for your feedback

My English is packed with mistakes as well, it is not my native language. But, thank you for the compliments no matter what! Keep up your good work! :)

We love steem auto and i am using it since long time. I think You should not give up because you are adding great value in steem blockchain.

Hello friend, there are many things you have endured from such a character, but always the best option is to remain constant despite the difficulties. I am glad to see that you have received support from your friend piotr. No doubt we are here to support each other, I wish you a lot of success.

See you later, have a great Sunday.

@steem-supporter first of all I like to start with this big thank you for your steem auto it is an amazing service you have created for the betterment of the community and the platform.

And I like your work before also and in future also. I am eagerly waiting for your new project like open market.

Don't just give up , we all are with you, dont just discourage with small incident in life. As we all know you are doing very good work for the community.

So cheer up and start your work again. And please don't close the steem auto service. And have a good smile on your face. 😀

Dear @steem-supporter

my good friend @unbiasedwriter shared this post with me a moment ago.

interesting that you've mentioned @bullionstackers. I consider this user to be one of the most unpleasent and hostile people I came across on Steemit. I would say that he is almost as awful as infamous @acidyo and @azircon.

Today i feel like we should have just started something similar from scratch instead of forking it

Indeed. It was my thought from the very beginning. That it may be easier to build it from zero, than changing someones else code. Anyway, you guys did piece of great work there. Kudos :)

Anyway today i though steem auto was too much of responsibility to handle when some whales get in action so i am thinking to completely bringing it down with my witness server and resigning from steem forever or at least allowing only white listed peoples to create curation trail so that i don't have to worry about anything and only allies are gonna be white listed.

Why not. That wouldn't be such a bad idea to whitelist users. However, giving up shall not be an option. You have people who trust in you and want to continue journey on Steemit with you. Keep it in mind.

My request is NOT TO GIVE UP.

And try to enjoy your weekend buddy, will DM you via Discord
Cheers, Piotr

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