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We are excited to introduce a new feature for that increases the fairness for all vote-buyers and also rewards those, who are supporting Smartsteem by selling their votes, delegating to smartsteem and by being a valuable member of our whitelist.

New Feature: Dynamic Limits

Do you know the feeling of wanting to promote your posts via but only receiving the message that no vote-sellers are available?

You probably do - our votes are often times sold out.

This happens due to some users who bought up many of the votes, which in return left the rest of the users without votes to promote their posts.

That's why we decided to introduce dynamic limits.

Truly Smart Limits

When we thought about implementing limits we wanted to create a system with the right balance between giving everyone enough votes for their daily & weekly promotion-needs while also rewarding users who are making this possible by being vote-sellers and delegators.

And of course - we want to give everyone on Steem an incentive to become part of - by delegating, selling votes or simply joining the whitelist.

That's why we came up with our completely unique limits system.

How does it work?

Our Limits are divided in two categories:

  • Basic Limits
  • Bonus Limits

Those are also divided into Daily & Weekly Limits.

Basic Limits

Every User on has the same Basic Daily & Weekly Limits. These Limits are not usable for other accounts - only for the author.

Bonus Limits

Now these are the Limits, where the real fun begins.

Based on your sold-votes in the last 1-7 days and depending on how much Steempower you have delegated (will be calculated as 11x 100% votes per day) - your Bonus Limits are increased.

You can also share these Limits with multiple accounts. For example if you were to buy votes from an account who is delegating to Smartsteem for another author.

Last but not least - our whitelisted users get an additional bonus on their limits!

Where do I find my limits?

You can always find your own, individual Limits in your Smartsteem profile at:

We truly believe that this feature will help many of you to get a bigger share of our vote-selling market.

Nevertheless, we will always keep on improving.

Thank you!

Team Smartsteem

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Disclaimer: This post has been up-voted via @smartsteem and all delegators have been credited accordingly.


Not sure what should I do, delegate or sell vote. I've been using minnowbooster for a long time and seems like they only sell vote to whitelist now and yet that's only for invite only. So it's more likely luck is playing role there.

At - you're able to calculate your estimated revenue with vote-selling & delegation.

The values above are in STU - meaning: SBD & STEEM (not USD). Delegation gives you higher revenue, but no curation and you're not able to use the steempower for yourself (your own posts and others).

For the calculator click here:

We also have a whitelist of over 1400 Users ( who have been manually reviewed by our team of reviewers.

While selling votes, you're always able to decide if you'd like to sell your votes to whitelisted users only (even based on Star Ratings) or to everyone.

Great!! I’ll look into it and will delegate some of my SP soon :)

It's cool something convienent to check and caluculate reward.

I've also noticed a sharp decrease in non white list votes. Smartsteem has been consistent for me the entire time i've used it. Keep up the great work.

This should help move things along quickly.
Been trying to decide whether to delegate or to sell votes.

This is kind of tilting me.

I saw your post is very good ,i hope one day you success

As usual.extremely keen thought. You were one of the first to accompany a whitelist for your administration and this new component will bring more "decency" to the framework.
Good Work Well Done.

Thanks for the hard work

I also delegated 26700 SP yesterday. I support

This will somehow give a leveled field in bidding bot. Smartsteem is really smart in giving the community a fair and just reward in every bid that they received

There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals. Go smartsteem

Quite an interesting features for sure and i was waiting for a feature like this from a long time because it's really frustrating when we got no vote seller available sometime, let's see what this feature going to do in future.

My last upvotes buy was very unfair...

I've paid 2.5 SBD, to get upvotes worth of 0.8$

post link:

I sent you money for two my posts in sum 10SBD and I didn't get votes.
Please, vote or return money.

Thank you

another great news again

How do i calculate my daily earnings by delegating 1000SP to you guys?

most varsatile voting bot

i hope one day you success

Thanks for sharing such nice informative post.

smartsteem is an awesome projects. Let me acquire some steem power

Nice, success!

I am just hearing about smart steem and I am excited to give it a try. this could really be a useful tool for all steemians especially minnows!

These are pretty fresh concepts @smartsteem. When I get back my SP I'm in..

please.. @smartsteem
Can't u help me about thisSteem.jpg

Have you solved this problem? Mr. @smartsteem

Will always be new problems

As always... very smart idea. You were one of the first to come with a whitelist for your service and this new feature will bring more “fairness” to the system.
Thumbs up !

[email protected] me send 10 sbd you are not upvote my post check plz and refund me

Seems that something went wrong there. You have been credited 10 SBD to your Smartsteem balance. Please login on and withdraw it from there.

thnks you sir

Great review, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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One question did work with @smartmarket . They received many votebid but they didn't reply anything. Including mine.
but i hope you will make different.
But replay me if you work with @smartmarket

Did it work now?

I'm new to this space,and I'm very much interested
I would like to know how the process works.

thanks for your information. waiting for new post

Can you vote?
I new in Steemit and I need some help for encouragement :)

You are asking for a upvote in different platform my friend :P
We are only here for steem ;) is very similar to steemit, both use the steem block chain. I used to both to vote and comment on posts. Same account and login info.

Follow me to have more useful information

That article is very interesting, I'm genuinely starting to dig into this @steem ecosystem and voting process. Can you tell me, if @smartsteem is helping this system to evolve, or mostly targeted to use it's flaws to generate profit?

This is really a good news buddy. Thanks

Thank you for the information. I, too, will delegate my SP In Smartsteem.

Nice post bro.But I want to know about How I can get more sp.If you talk about.

I love this new features, its quit ideal for the advancement and succes of samrtsteem.
Nice post

Very nice .
I think this is very useful to us

Guide new people like me how to delegate you?

What good was lost with that of the limits of votes and how to manage the market thanks

Really this is very helped us to easy work.

These are your open limits on the left side. You have used none of your limits so far.

Hello sir,
I was bid 5 SBD on steem bot tracker but I do not get any upvote and reply from your end.
see my transaction details:
You have started following @smartsteem
Time: 2018-05-03T08:26:12
Coin transfer to @smartsteem (5.000 SBD)
[Open your wallet]
Recipient: @smartsteem
Amount: 5.000 SBD
Time: 2018-05-03T08:28:06

Please inform me regarding this transaction there is any issue

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @smartsteem

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Let's hope it helps

Thanks for your service on Steem.

Its cool!

follow me and i will follow you!

Damn! It's not place to get hundreds of followers just by posting picture. Do some quality post bro and you will get follower by your own. No spamming is allowed here!

Where are the legit ways!

Thanks for introducing us !

I saw the features of smartsteem, it is just fantastic!

Definitely interesting features, let's see what this function will do in the future.
It is a very smart idea.

Your post is very good!

Now look me in the eye and Follow Me @cryptopay-blogYour post is very good

Thanks @therealwolf .
can you review my account
you add me to Blacklisted

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 01.21.17.jpg

Does it mean we can't buy more upvotes if we have reached the limits?

I am a member of steemvoter. Is it permissible to subscribe to SmartSteem?
please reply

This update is nice. It's like the feeling when I met minnowbooster the first time but with a twist. I hope it makes smartsteem even better for both sellers and buyers.

Beautiful post. Its very informative. Thank you so much for hard work. Upvote and Resteem done.

I think this is a smart move, it will help prevent abuse though limiting large amounts of daily posts from one account.

Do you offer resteeming services, sir?

No they don't offer resteeming for now. Only sell/purchase vote and delegation. :)

I want to purchase vote

Hi, I like the way you write articles. I will follow you, I hope you will follow & vote me, as we are interested in one topic. Let's increase the power of Steemit together!images.png

I'm not advanced and knowledgeable enough to comment on your services yet, but your logo may need some more thought. WAY too close to the Third Reich's Waffen SS logo, IMHO:

Lots of powerful people might very well be turned off immediately and un-necessarily. Just trying to be helpful....

Good luck!

(followed and upvoted.)

Thank you for the insights. We've already heard such concerns, but we are not giving into hate and fear. A lightning bolt is a great symbol - and we're proud to have 3 as our logo.

Thank goodness it's three!

Why did I not receive money from this post? I will be removing my delegation of 555 SP to you if this is not resolved!
Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 9.05.54 PM.png

How is changing a logo that looks suspiciously close to a Nazi symbol giving into hate & fear? At the worst, perhaps, I'd say that it would be giving in to political correctness.

Although political correctness didn't matter to certain laundry businesses in previous times :D

wow! this is very nice and helpfull post

Thanks for the info and update.

Thanks for the information and the hard work, good post!

I think a limit is a good way to improve the system and give every user a fair chance to promote their content, good work team @smartsteem

Crypto signals - Its notifies about the rise and fall cryptocurrency

Most top traders use this app

Masterminds at smartsteem: great work :)

Thankyou, good news, waiting for new

I enjoy using @smartsteem services and keep moving forward.

This is a perfect concepts @smartsteem. I hope it will saving our valuable time.

I signed up with you to sell votes, but nothing has happened. I'm not sure why it is not working. Also, What are your requirements to be whitelisted?

Congratulations friend! That looks pretty good. Keep it up. I invite you to read my publications and leave your comment or vote.
Success is on your side. Happy Thursday!💖💛🇻🇪💃🏻

this is great, thanks for generosity too!!

Hi man, yesterday I transferred 0.100 and they have not yet given me the vote ....@smartsteem...

Do you accepting delegation this time?

what is smart score plz tell me

I have transfered 0.100 SBD to smartmarket, already more than 2 hours. but i do not get upvote from you, try check back what is wrong? @smartsteem

I sent this link to you upvote. but he did not move up.

Please chek

I don't know what is wrong with your smartmarket, it always returns my bid. I am a star one white list user of smarts term. Com. Please answer if you can?

Congratulations friend! That looks pretty good. Keep it up. I invite you to read my publications and leave your comment or vote.
Success is on your side. Happy Thursday!💖💛🇻🇪💃🏻

this sounds very exciting to me. I keep an eye on it. :-)

whats up smart steem i bit on your bot for last round but it pushed my bid to this round? The only reason i bid on the bot is because it was super profitable now because i got pushed to the next round its no where near as profitable and im pretty upset by that. If i got pushed to the next round because my bid wasnt old enough (is was 15-20 min old) then your bot should have refunded my bid and told me or told me it was going to be pushed to the next round. if i could id take a refund over a upvote

Man, same to me. The bot change my session in the next round because was too profitable.
And when i ask in Discord he reply to me was the first time, Sure..

Congratulations @smartsteem! You have completed some achievement on Steemit and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

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Do not use this bot, the bot has moved my session because it is too profitable. For no reason. I asked for explanations in their Discord and the answer was: We do not know, all is well! They do not care.
I talk to him and he understand only what he want. I have the screenshot of both session.
Also while we were discussing he left me because he did not know what to say.

Great!! I’ll look into it, hopefully always successful yes,

Greetings from Indonesia
Thank you for the information, please further guidance to me from Smartsteem team how to work step .........
Are the speakers in the activities I post on my account from members of smartsteem?

Hi @therealwolf i have an issue with buying votes, I'm a one Star scored but when I buy a vote i don't receive a valuable vote (as i should receive)
As an example, i send 1sbd i receive vote with 2.1sbd!


Hey man I noticed the return pick up quite substantially lately! I assume this is because the steem price has increased. I was getting around 3.5 SBD now I see it's going near 5 a day for what I delegated.

Is there a way to estimate the return based on future steem price? Is it based on more than Steem price?

If steem price doubles from now, does that mean in theory that the returns from delegation should double? If that's not how it works, what else do I need to watch for?

Auto Re-Delegate/Re-invest?

I've been crunching some numbers regarding reinvesting the rewards everyday and was wondering if there a way you guys can program some kind of auto-reinvestment system?

It would be really useful so I can leave it on autopilot.

More calculators/tools?

Your calculator works so well I can't imagine delegating to another bot since I can't figure out what sort of returns it could provide, and it's way too costly and time consuming to experiment with the wait to undelegate. I haven't yet seen any other bots provide a calculator.

I would love to have some more tools like the calculator to help estimate certain things using approximate figures.

it is truly useful & helpful idea !
we steemians can figure out our limits.

Hi! Why does not vote sale work? Can you check it?

I had sent you through @smartmarket 0.120SBD 1Hour ago with this Link but not get vote nor return yet!!
Screen shot is below:

did you ever get the upvote?

Yes I get vote many times from smartmarket. As you get vote from Rocky1 sent with url link, to smartmarket.

Why are you mentioning Rocky1? i ask because i've been waiting over 4 hours for the upvote the same as your comment that stated you waited how long? an hour? the message states every 2.5 hours or so but i'm now waiting much longer than that ... and nothing to do with Rocky1

My friend I understand that I can't get vote from smartmarket.
You should explain your question. Are you sent request to smartmarket?
Is smartmarket not responding?

Tell me I'll guide you.

thats correct. smartmarket never upvoted my post i sent over 5 hours ago

they are not responding

My friend now copy Link of your post. And go to your wallet and open send sbd. Then transfer 0.001 sbd to smartmarket and at memo paste your link and write that you had sent 2sbd with this link about 5 hours ago but not get vote nor get refund.
Then smartmartket will vote you.
Otherwise not.
If you not get vote send him again.

hi, it all worked out! thank you so much! :)

My friend you don't reply me now you have got vote from smartmarket or not.

Great update thanks smart steem

What an ingenious solution to root out what were obvious loopholes in the curation/voting rewards system!

Thank you for the great information!

Any other article along the same subject line to help others new to the space with upvoting and using bots?

Great post thanks for sharing for the good information

hello @smartsteem or @therealwolf I sent 2 SBD 4 hours ago with my memo/link to @smartmarket with no upvote. i was considering deli to the program, but not sure what is going on with the bots? please help!

Screen shot 2018-05-01 at 10.03.13 PM.png

Hi I didn't receive the money from this post? Why is this?
Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 9.05.54 PM.png

One question did work with @smartmarket . I cant sell my votes? Can you check it?

Awesome. So one thing I wanted to know is, will it be possible to upgrade white-list rating in the future? Or are we set for life :D

This post, with over $50.00 in bidbot payouts, has received votes from the following:

smartsteem payout in the amount of $291 STU, $540 USD.

For a total calculated bidbot upvote value of $291 STU, $540 USD before curation, with approx. $73 USD curation being earned by the bidbots.

This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform @smartsteem and is by no means a judgement of your work.

This is a welcome devt. Thanks for keeping it under check


Loving it! Thanks @therealwolf for all the amount of effort that you put in your product/business.