Is Steemit a Scam?

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In the last few weeks, I have taken to posting almost all my content on Twitter. I don't have many followers as I simply haven't used my over TEN year old account until recently.


Facebook, forget it? I get a resounding silence when I link something on there to my 200+ ‘friends' The Facebook lot just want to read one-liners, not some 700-word ‘thing' that I have written about music, or meeting smackheads in an old mill.

So let me refer you back to the click-bait title, Yes it's a scam that's why I have almost 30,000 STEEM invested, of course, it's a scam, go to Google and type in ‘Steemit Scam'. Actually, don't, I'll save you the time.


Many of the results are from 2016, yes THREE years ago when STEEM was first unleashed to planet earth. Considering it's 2019 and STEEM has not folded I think we can disregard those.

One is from our own @heymattsokol (Matt Sokol) who has recently returned to the platform after trying some other avenues. It was his concerns over bid-bots that caused him to leave and I’m right with him there.


I have a lot of respect for Matt, he gave me motivation when I was about to quit almost a year ago, and now he’s back Steemit is a better place.

One says it's 'flawed', I agree it is, but so are most things in life.

I would say this one is really the only true blast on Steemit (below). The person attained a reputation of (41) and got kicked off YouTube. (41) is a very low reputation and considering his #introducemyself post got $17, that would have pumped his reputation decently.


Jonathan Roseland claims he has worked his ass off, well maybe he has on other platforms but it’s quite easy to attain a (50) reputation without too much effort on Steemit. His 'ass' was worked off somewhere else I'm thinking.

He calls Steemit ‘a classic pyramid scheme’. I have to disagree there. I have over 750 followers and if it’s a pyramid I should be taking a cut of their rewards, right?

Wrong, I don’t because it is NOT a pyramid scheme. There are no referral incentives that I’m aware of.

I started this post as both something to read for the Twitter crowd and also for prospective scammers who might come looking for a get rich quick scheme.


You won't get Rich Quick using the STEEM blockchain.

If you are interested in joining Steemit then get that out of your head. 'Jonathan Roseland' is correct in this sense. Maybe he thought it was the land of milk and honey; well it’s not.


Don’t look at Trending

It’s false, fake and those rewards you see have been paid for by the author. I took the time to look at the top FIVE trending posts. ALL of them have paid votes. They may 'earn' $300, but they had to spend $300 to gain it.


Trending is full of content of varying quality and most of it has been upvoted by bots, which is a form of advertising. If you join Steemit, I would advise you to shy away from any form of 'paid votes'.


'I can earn more at McDonald's than posting my masterpiece on Steemit'

This is very true. If you enjoy burgers, flipping meat and splashes of fat on your t-shirt then you should go apply. They lead us to believe the prospects are fantastic looking at some of the signs in the outlets promoting staff recruitment.


It’s not all about the money; it’s about the engagement, the community and the satisfaction of creating. If you want an outlet for your creativity and want to gain some crypto then this is the place for you.


'I don’t care about ‘satisfaction’ I just want money and loads of it.'

Then Google ‘get rich quick’, and take your chances as you in the wrong place, There's no such scheme in existence and I won't con you telling you it's on the STEEM blockchain.


Those videos look great don't they? Off you go!


It costs me real money to gain a STEEM account, everything else is free, why should I pay?

Not strictly true, if you are willing to wait then apply via Accounts take a few weeks to create if you want a free one. If you don’t want to wait then they a cost around $2.50 from, for an instant one with a 15SP delegation thrown in.

Yes, this is a referral scheme, but nothing related to how the STEEM ecosystems works. I can also create FREE accounts instantly, drop me a message and I will create one for you. You can find me on Twitter using the handle @BrynRogers.


Delegation, Voting Power, STEEM Dollars, STEEM Power, Witnesses, this is too complicated for me.

Yes, it's complicated to start with and there's a learning curve. It was hard you learned to walk and drive too. Life is about learning. Nothing comes easy and is handed on a plate.


But... I have never written before in my life.

Neither had I when I joined a year ago. It's refreshing, invigorating and creative, try it. If you get some rewards (you will), it will feel so much better. I don't claim to be a great writer, and you wont be judged on your quality.


Can I get by without buying any STEEM?

Yes, but your progress will be much slower. If you are a decent writer, don’t put out your masterpieces right away as you will not have an audience.

These take time to build. It’s the long game, not the short one. Remember that and you will do well.



What if I buy some STEEM and power it up?

You will gain more influence and have a bigger vote if you do this. Explaining voting power is beyond the scope of this article but it’s essentially stake based. The more you have the greater voting power you yield.


How much will you get for writing this?

Probably around $5-$6. ‘Is that it’, I can hear you say. Yes, that’s it, but you have to remember STEEM is trading at around 50c now.

When I started it was around $2. I earn STEEM, not US dollars. If it was $2 then it would be $20-$24 dollars. Does that sound more palatable?


You might be earning $5-$6 but I won’t

Of course not, you have no audience, Do you expect them to flock to your blog and vote you because you have now arrived. There wont be any red carpet, but there are many incentives that new Steemians can use. As I said before, ‘The Long Game’. Persevere; keep going and the followers and money will come.


I hear about bullying and people being kicked off Steemit.

You can’t be kicked off. There is no ONE supreme authority. It’s all community driven. Rewards are not paid until 7 days after you gain them. During this time they can be removed by others if they disagree with them.

If you are here to write content and not abuse or game the system, nobody will remove your rewards. We all want STEEM to succeed.


I’m not going to say Steemit is the answer to your financial troubles or to make a quick buck. If you are interested for this reason, then turn around.

What you will find is friends, a vibrant community full of enthusiastic people, and a solid crypto-currency that is not a shitcoin.



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Yeah man, good thoughts all around.

My thinking hasn't changed too much from when I wrote the article about leaving Steem. After a 6 month break, I do still see a lot of the same problems - bid bots, weird lack of communication from Steemit Inc - BUT, idk, the community is really resilient and strong. For all its flaws, Steem is still a unique and powerful ecosystem. I don't know if I believe it will reach its full potential, but for now, I'm glad to participate.

Side note - that "Why I Left Steem" article I wrote on Medium has received about 4,000 views now, mostly from Google searches. One of my most popular pieces of content ever, kind of crazy!

Well its good to see you back. Many look at negative articles before positive ones.. look at the title of this one.. I'm still responding to comments days later.!

I agree, this was a useful post for newcomers. Matt also played a role in my decision to remain on the platform back in 2017, so I was especially sadden to see him leave -- and very happy to see him return.

I've tried all kinds of approaches on the platform. I eschewed upvote services for an extended time. During that time I was simply converting rewards into Steem Power. I recognize the danger and damage upvoting services represent. It wouldn't bother me if they disappeared, but as long as they are here, it is also possible to use them in moderation as a gradual method of transforming rewards into Steem Power.

Standing bloody ovation!

Thanks @adetorrent, it just comes out when I start.. like a river. I put it on Twitter.. maybe some will see it and come and see what the crack is!

Wow - 110 comments! I'll understand if this one gets overlooked... but actually if you Google "[almost anything] is a scam" you'll get at least a few results. I think it's called reverse marketing.

There is a nicely written post, my friend. Very well done indeed.

I really don't have much to add, you've covered it well. Like you I am not here for the riches, but for the engagement. I like hamburgers well enough but am pretty sure I couldn't stand the smell of my clothes after a shift at McDs.

Thanks for a wonderful post.

I like burgers too, but dont go to Mc's too often, there's much better ones around. Thanks @bigtom13.

Wow this post was excellently written! What a catchy title to get our attention. You covered some of the things I wrote about in my post today.

It truly is a learning curve here but getting plugged into communities and with helpful people sure made my journey much more smoother. I quickly learned that this plattform was about community, interaction and involvement. If people come here to make a quick buck, it won’t be fun for them because it won’t happen that way.

I’ve been here since 2016 and have worked my way organically to the rep I am now, building a community I love (@needleworkmonday) because I knew I would be here for the long shot. I figure I might as well gather some like minded people together that I can share with, it has made my journey even more enjoyable.

I look at earning crypto as a bonus. I have always thought about starting my own blog site but I have heard how hard and lonely it can be out there. Here, it’s like an instant community if you work hard for it. You literally have people supporting you and rooting for you...excited to see your posts. It did take a long time getting where I am at and some may look at me and say “but you’re still a minnow”. Yes that’s true but the people I have in my corner, the people that now support me and the communities that encourage me and vise versa, is so much more than my status. I do hope to become a dolphin one day but that isn’t my main focus . My main focus is to continue making quality posts, adding value on this platform and staying connected with the communities I am involved with.

I appreciate this informative post you wrote. It will save a lot of people time once they realize what Steemit is really about ;) Resteemed!

Thanks @crosheille, even better coming from one of the 'old crew'. I guess I'm new here being only a March 2018 starter, but I think I have learned a lot in that one year.

You are very welcome! 😉

Yes being here a year you can definitely learn a lot. Within six months I was starting to get the hang of things around here but after a year is when it started to really feel like home.

What a great post, I think some come onto the platform thinking they are brilliant and everything they write or share is gold and they should be a millionaire within a year, if their expectations are not meet its something wrong with the platform and not that their expectations of their own vision of themselves that perhaps may be flawed

Nice post! You liked though, rewards are at almost $13 now! You are such a scammer :) Just kidding. This was a great post with some really well thought out points. Thanks for sharing it!

It did rather better than I expected, though my fingers are worn out with all the replying I had to do!

Nice read, I disagree with some points but I enjoyed the post over all.

I realize that Proof of Brain was the original concept, but the problem with people thinking staunchly in those terms is that it heavily limits Steem's potential. For example, Steem Monsters is a perfect example of how people wish to use it in other ways.

I was actually drawn to Steem when I realized its SEO value. This blockchain is absolutely perfect for the web3 idea, because it can just swarm the net. I believe we'll find Steem frontends all over the place in 3 or so years. If I'm right, bidbots are destined to be a big deal, and I think we might just have to accept that reality.

Why I value Steem is that it has the most features allowing clever ways of funding projects and people. Upvote emissions + delegations is just brilliant. Its decentralized Patreon, ...on crack. The only way to make it better is for us to jack MakerDAO's idea beind decentralized crypto loans with Dai.

Steem is perfectly poised to do the same thing with STEEM as collateral for loans in SBD. Smartest thing we could ever do as a blockchain community.

I believe we'll find Steem frontends all over the place in 3 or so years.

Hope your right, the more access points the better.

Most of my points are releated to the blogging section. I know its a lot more than that these days. When I started there was little else. Theres been huge developments since I started and its only going to get better.

My experience has been very similar and agree that a big part of the attrition has been due to false expectations when arriving. However, I also think that the value from the community comes in many ways that is not only financial! I have enjoyed learning about many topics here as well as gaining perspectives from decisions I make on a daily basis with subjects that interest me like investing. This has expanded as more Dapps have come and brought me to consider my health and fitness with @actifit or some entertainment with @steemmonsters. This has demonstrated how it has become an ecosystem expanding the community to new experiences on the same technology which I believe is an indication of value creation.

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There's so much more I could cover, but it was over 1000 words already, and yes.. there's lots more to gain than some crypto. So much has evolved since when I started, and if anything its now easier to get attention, maybe not from the community initially but by using the many dapps.

I remember I found out about steem almost a year ago by some random video that was titled something like ' earn 300 by posting random pictures'. Not being braindead I of course realized that's too good to be true, but I did took a huge interest in steemit and I wanted to try it out.

Previously I have tired out a few social media platforms to post my art and find people who are interested in similar things as me - improve skills and form a community that help each other out in this journey. Of course I haven't found such a thing, people only care about how much 'likes' they get.

When I finaly got onto steemit it was so refreshing to see a community that actually cares about good content. There are curation groups that look for undervalued content and try to help out the creator! Wow I said to myself, never have I seen such a thing happen anywhere else.

Ironically I did found out about steemit because of a 'get rich quick' video, but I'm definately staying for the community and want steemit to stay strong and succeed.

I'm so glad you stuck it out, and you are getting some attention now. People do see talent, but not right away and what you do is great. Its informative, and is a form of tuition for other artists.

I'm in agreement. The community is what makes this blockchain worthwhile. I started out with a free wallet, and made it to minnow by my one year cakeday. And I waited almost 3 weeks for my wallet because I thought it would be a good idea to jump into Steem in December of 2018! Who thought that was a good plan?

I was active on Tsu for about a year and a half before they shut down. They ran a similar concept to Steem: make content, get upvotes, get paid. But the community wasn't nearly as nurturing as it is here.

It's amazing when you think about what a bunch of people around the world can do. But I'm glad you're here, just like everyone else in this thread!

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Thank you for the get rich quick links, they were just what I needed 😂

I tried one and now I'm rich.. it happened in just a few seconds.. the more you click.. the richer you get :)

Hehe :)

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Yes community is the best that steemit has among the rest of the coins. I am a bit of a networking fun and I use to go to etherium meetups few years ago. 400 people meet monthly to discuss ideas and create new projects but I realized that what was missing is cohesion. On steemit network people they do projects as well, but they also remember to improve the platform as a whole. Also far more woman are here so the conversations are funnier and more juicy

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I wish I knew about Etherium a couple of years ago! I could imagine that might have been stodgy and full of blokes. Yes, there many ladies within this blockchain and on the discord channels too.

It's the fact that there's always something new within STEEM appearing.. whether its a game, or an incentive.. its all exploding around us...

You made so many good points in this one.

This is looking like a blunt FAQ for our platform... And I like it, sometimes straightforwardness is exactly what a big headed new user needs to bring them back down to the reality of things.

Overall, I’m very happy to be on Steem 😎

I always did get straight to the point, no need to raise more false expectations for the new prospects.

This is some quality writing!
It is refreshing to have a look at the steem basics, essentials and meaning :)

Thanks @dalz, it took some writing.., and cleaning up.. hope there's no errors. My editor is on holiday right now!

One of the best content I’ve read about our Blockchain

Thanks @nathanmars, Im trying like you are to get us some attention.

Good to see people getting the faith back on Steem and returning with more positivity. It further helps in growing the platform.....I learned two things patience and persistence does pay off and also exploring the platform

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There is a lot to learn and it's daunting to newcomers, but it does sink in over time. It takes time to gain a following and there's always something happening. An incentive, a contest.. not everyone is on the take.

Very articulate, and no nonsense, article on the subject of steem perception. How people view steem is all skewed imo. I have to admit, I got caught up in the idea of earning enough to live on from my writing on steem when I first arrived here 17 months ago. The frustrations I've felt would have been less if I'd read something like this when I first landed. Unrealistic expectations are undoubtedly what inspired those negative articles that you've highlighted. I feel you hit the nail on the head when you wrote:

What you will find is friends, a vibrant community full of enthusiastic people, and a solid crypto-currency that is not a shitcoin.

Anyone who arrives and reads that statement will find it to be true and are less likely to become frustrated 🙂

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Thanks @raj808, when I start writing it just comes out, I intended this to get some attention out of the blockchain, and I hope some read it and realise it for what it is. Work hard, and you will get something eventually.

Nice article. I liked it.
I wrote a Post about being on Steemit about 2yrs ago that I believe is still relevant. Give it a read if you have the time.

A bit more comedy in yours than mine!, was that March 2017? Its says 2 years ago.. but its not precise. Wish I had discovered STEEM earlier.. one of my regrets.

People's only concern is can I make "real" money most of the time.
I say "The USD is real money?".

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Maybe one day we will be able to buy our McDonalds, with STEEM. It's coming with Starbucks acceptance of crypto recently. Thing are starting to happen I want to be a part of it.

Well, let's just say that the click-baity title worked as I have never clicked on a link from Twitter much faster than I did this :)

You nailed it in the nicest possible form. It was apt and straight to the point. Steemit ain't a get rich quick scheme, most who tag it as scam get disappointed when they are unable to buy that Lambo within few days of signing up.

Well, let's just say that the click-baity title worked as I have never clicked on a link from Twitter much faster than I did this :)

Yes, it was a bit cheap wasnt it? I wonder if this will entice anyone to start.. telling the truth is sometimes better than preaching crap and false promises.

Very good write, congrats. And well decorated too :)

Apart from the blogging platform, Steem is rapidljy becoming a gaming platform. game dapps are emerging on a daily basis.

Another, even bigger audience and user base ...

Keep on steeming :)

Apart from the blogging platform, Steem is rapidljy becoming a gaming platform. game dapps are emerging on a daily basis.

Thanks, and it is.. the more the better.. every month there's progress.. maybe thats why its bucking the trend and STEEM is rising in a sideways market.

Interesting post. I have noticed though thag some poeple are on here just to bully. Ive seen some massive cliques on here with politics going on between groups, but Im new and i dont belong to any community or clique and people have ganged up and downvoted my posts before. So kind of like street gangs waiting around to shake down any innocent person who happens to walk by. Strange but true

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I noticed your latest was flagged to zero, do you know why? I may be able to help if there's no justification.

I literally have no idea?

Posted using Partiko Android

OK, I'll try and sort these out for you. Flagging is fine if there's a reason.. but I hate this kind of thing. Love your Hyena post.

How can you sort it out? Is it possible to block people like this from my page, Id hate to ppst anything else and have them just downvote me again

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)Reveal Comment

Very well written. And what a day to write it. When steem is at 0.55$
I have to agree that steem can't be your bread and butter at least for now. But can't say in future. Looking at the new games and platforms on steem I see great value in steem now.
Steem Monsters and Drug Wars are pretty viral now a days.

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Beautifully written. Thanks for the positive enlightenment. Truly is.... Community is the key. Blessings!

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it’s about the engagement, the community and the satisfaction of creating. If you want an outlet for your creativity and want to gain some crypto then this is the place for you.

It's funny - since I went and got a "regular job," I'm on Steemit less often but enjoy it more. It gives me the motivation to write and then polish a piece of writing, and share it with a few good people who actually might read it. And the conversations are much more genuine.

I guess I came in at a good time - about 21 months ago. I never invested a penny in and while I traded a bit of Steem for Bitcoin, I've never taken cash for any Crypto. Not that it isn't satisfying to work hard on a post and then see some big numbers - but it's still more of a social validation than anything else.

Its get engrossing being on here, so much I have to force myself off sometimes. Its good that you are on less, I'm sure its not healthy for us.

It's a scam. Shit, I'm out. Skips past text and goes to exchange to sell STEEM.

Posted using Partiko Android

It is, you would have done well to get out at 21c a month ago :)

I'll get out fast now before people thing that we have a developing product backed by a powerful community. Just have to leave before that fake news goes out.

Posted using Partiko Android

I've been here for over 2 years been through the good times and the bad, I've started on site making good friends and getting to know a lot more than i would have done sitting scrolling through Facebook. Its hardwork, frustrating at times but well worth staying around, its the members that keep me here :)

It is frustrating sometimes.. , I dont use Facebook much now.. too much boasting about this or that. I find Steemit and its other dapps far more interesting.

Facebook annoys me too. Peoples status's drive me mad. I'm more comfortable here :)

It's worth noting, " I can also create FREE accounts instantly, drop me a message and I will create one for you."
They can't drop you a message unless they already have a steem account...

Posted using Partiko Android

This is true, this comment was for the Twitter crowd.. but I havent had any takers yet.

You should include your Twitter handle in the steemit post! Then folks can find you if they find this later.

Posted using Partiko Android

Good point, I have added it.

Excellent summary man! Resteemed!
Steem on

Posted using Partiko iOS

I f**king love this post! Thanks man!

Posted using Partiko Android

Lol😆 Steemit is only decentralized social platform who pays us and we don't have to wait for payment. But others platform where you have to wait for payment to others third party. Not only for payment or investment purpose rather we can use it as a social platform. Think positive be positive. Love Steemit.

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Great write up and well explained. !tip

Thanks @davedickeyyall, this was intended for viewing outside the blockchain really. There's so much more I could have said.. but that will be for another day.

I understand. I wish I had seen it when I was new. But I actually found STEEM before I heard of so I kinda had a different outlook coming here

That's an old article, why didn't I write an article about steem scam on my blog... However I will try to turn negativity into positive one...

Posted using Partiko Android

Are you the writer of the article I highlighted?

No man... But I am planning to write an article that revert it into positivity...

Good to hear, and I hope it's intended for scope outside the blockchain as well as inside. We need more people investing in STEEM.

Yes 100 % agree. Where is there a place that is not flawed. I don't know of any.

How can it be a scheme when I have never invested one penny... In fact I have taken out a couple grand... Yet I have never powered down. I guess if I am being scammed, all I can for is more lol!

I wish I could say the same (I have taken something out), but I havent.. not one penny. There will be a day when I need it, hopefully not before Im dead.. but then my daughter will have something.

Well I didn't need it. I first was skeptical of Steemit. So I thought I would take out 50% (the liquid rewards). So many people back then felt it was monopoly money. I wanted to be able to confidently tell folks I was bringing over that the money was indeed real. When Steem mooned I was kicking myself lol! I encourage people to take out a few bucks eventually just to buy a burger because it is wise to have the accounts set up and functional before you need it! Also that burger psychologically really cements in your mind how real it is.

Great post. I accept that Steem is not perfect and people will abuse it, but that does not mean we cannot enjoy it and help others. I see massive potential if people can get past the suspicion that it's all a scam. It's not really like anything else and you have to adjust your expectations. It takes work to succeed, but you can make that fun. I don't make enough to justify the time I spend here, but I enjoy it.

I don't make enough to justify the time I spend here

Yes, that's a good one, me to but things are improving. McDonalds are recruiting, but I prefer the freedom offered here.

There's no scam, no 'you must pay', but expectations are simply too high for new people.

Very well said my friend. This platform is driven by community and person can earn some steem in 7 days so if he or she is good at thing which they created through article or throughout dtube video . And you won't het rich quick that is for sure because people can get rich quick if there is a SCAM going throught that platform. Good things come with the the time. it take your time to get it earn from it and i truely believed in this .

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I beg to differ about trending. If you think about advertising, from commercials (which cost a lot of money), to everything else around us is one big advertisement. If I pay $300 I can get on a trending page that has millions of eyeballs. If I pay $300 for google I won’t get near the front page. Google also won’t give me back $300 plus 1-10% back on my investment either. I honestly think the trending page gets hated on more than anything but that’s only if you listen to other people and not take in what’s its worth to YOU! At the end of the day this is all subjective. just because you think it should be a certain way doesn’t make you the man in charge or make you the person that knows what he is talking about. Everybody has their own experience with Steem and for the most part of what you said is true... but trending is pretty dope and I’ll pay attention to someone investing in theirselves rather than someone posting free all the time waiting for upvotes

Hi, that's fine... we all have our opinions. I see your a musician too and use dSound, its good to see original creators on the blockchain. You make a good point about the mostly return on your investment.

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Steem is not Steemit.

After being here a year, I'm quite aware of that.

At first when i wanted to join steemit. I really thought it was a scam and i alomst quit steemit but someone advice me not to and today i am grateful for not taking that action

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Its an eye opener to me. Thank you. Let me hold on to steemit

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I liked reading this FAQ, some of my thoughts about STEEM are put in words here. It's really not a get-rich-quick website. I'm just glad that STEEM is rising again.

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Wow! SALUTE YOU SIR! Well said! and I strongly believe what you had written here.

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True education can be taken in error. For the sake of catching my mistakes, thanks. I will try to use the right way.again sorry sir.

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Good information sir

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Do you see this kind of thing often, why do they do it?

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No, its not normal. I dont see anything wrong with your content.

Well thank you so much for trying to help out. Its really kind

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I believe in every word in this article. It's all about creating and supplying the community with great content.

You know, winning 6 bucks to write and article without having to leave the comfort of your home it's fair to me.

Great article. Thanks!

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People need to realize that STEEM is not a blogging blockchain only, STEEM is a cryptocurrency, and just like any other cryptocurrency it can be used to make dapps, games, supply chains, etc...

True, except for the "just like any other cryptocurrency" part, not all of them allow this kind of flexibility.

BTC is distributed to the people through mining, STEEM is through writing content (Proof-of-brain).

eehm that's imprecise to say the least. STEEM is distributed in 3 ways: first, the witnesses who "forge" the blocks get steem. Second, every vested user (i.e. users owning Steem Power) receive a cut of the inflation. And then finally we get to steem that is distributed throught upvotes. On steem we like calling that rewards from proof-of-brain, but this includes rewards from all upvotes, including self-upvotes, vote bider upvotes, etc. I would say some portion of steem is indeed distributed through "proof of brain", but certainly not all of it.

True true and you are def right on those, I didn't want to go into much more detail because it would make the whole comment way to big and I'd like to make a post about this topic in the future, but yes, you are right about that. I think you forgot to put curation rewards in there, unless you are putting those on the upvote section

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Dang dude, your going to wear me out!!!

Thanks @jlsplatts, and @spaltz. This post got a little overrun, I'm not used to having reply to so many messages :)

It is definitely worthy of the attention. Thanks for not sugar coating it and for just being real about this thing we call Steemit.

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