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If you haven't yet read the announcement post for Engine yet, go there first for info on what Engine's goal is and how it will achieve it.

Engine is meant to be a community project, and I'd like to kickstart that with some community involvement on the start of the mainnnet. What features do you want in Engine in the future which will then run on the Steem blockchain? Some possible ones that I've come up with are:

  • Non-fungible tokens (with DEX)
  • User-created fungible tokens (like SMTs, with DEX)
  • Collateral-backed ENGN loans
  • Prediction market

But I know that the community is very creative and I'm sure can come up with many more features that can be built on top of Steem. So I've created two issues on the Github repository asking for community feedback which can be found here:

But I'll also write those issues out below.

First, I'm looking for a 'wishlist' on what you might want to be on the mainnet. Feel free to use the replies section here to converse or use the discord in the #suggestions channel or issue on github. This is issue #2:

What certain subapps do you think should be in the mainnet before launch? Even if your idea isn't perfect for the original launch, do you think it should be in later versions?

I'm open to ideas and Engine needs to be a community endeavor to be effective. What do you want to have running on the Steem blockchain?

Next, I created a proposal for a non-fungible token feature with some questions that need answering and also needs some feedback! Feel free to use the replies section here to converse or use the discord in the #nft channel or issue on github. This is issue #1:

I'm thinking of adding in a built-in optional breeding functionality like in cryptokitties. E.g. each type has an isBreedable property which determines whether NFTs of that type are breedable as well as other properties to determine how often breeding can happen, etc. Tell me what you think!

An NFT could be represented with a JSON of something like this:

 type: "steem-monster",
 id: 23461341,       // Number representing the NFT; each time an nft is created the 'current' id is incremented
 metadata: "" ,      // Metadata about the NFT. This would include things to display in interfaces
 genome: "ad30d2f31..." // Number representing the NFT's genome. This would be used in breeding functionality.

All transfers of NFTs would be done using their ids.

So, the questions that need to be answered for the token are:

  • Should they have a breedability option?
  • How much money (if any) should it cost to create an NFT type?
  • Any suggestions or questions you have?

Also, what is your opinion on the idea of NFTs in the Engine network? Should this even be done or should we prioritize > with something else for the mainnet launch?

Join the discord at https://discord.gg/4kvet8u to discuss in the #nft channel.

Join the Engine discord to discuss, ask questions, and receive notifications of project updates!

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I thought it would be interesting to make non-fungible tokens that represent an account's reputation. Accounts that garner high reputations would be able to leverage their status into other activities like taking out personal loans.

I've also been thinking about several proof-of-brain games that could be built here. I think an (Apples to Apples / Cards Against Humanity / What Do You Meme) type game could create more value than blogging does. At the very least it would provide some variety for our user-base.

Most recently I've been brainstorming the logistics of a Dope Wars adaptation.

Without much effort, I believe this community can create very valuable products. You know those Facebook Zynga games like Farmville? Imagine something like that on Steem, except instead of having the option to pay to get ahead everything you create can only be player made and traded. The only way to get ahead would be to pay another player for the resources. Perhaps this could be implemented on your DEX.

This transference of value from corporate owned video games to community owned ones can not be understated. We could make a terrible game with terrible gameplay and it would still be interesting/unique because it's player owned.


Yes, this is all very interesting stuff. I was also thinking of making a reputation fungible smart media token that is nontransferrable and has high inflation, but Ive also seen some great uses of non transferrab.e NFTs for reputation like in Gitcoin kudos, which could definitely be done on the proposed NFT platform.

Im also really interested in making a game on Engine (maybe like clash of clans or farmville), but I would need to collaborate with a game dev to actually create a good game frontend.


I think the trick to making products that scale will be some kind collaborative bounty system. For example: say you release a game without any kind of graphical front-end, just a pre-alpha proof-of-concept. You could let people play it and get the community excited about it long before it was finished. Then people could upvote the sections they wanted to get done first. Anyone who completed the work according to the specifications would get the bounty.

I suppose it would even be possible to tip digital items acquired in the game itself to fund its own development. That would be some next-level meta-development right there. Could you imagine a programmer working 20 hours for an arbitrary resource like 342580 gold or 3568 sheep? Decentralized development is going to be quite odd.


Actually Engine will have a similar system to what you are describing — about 10% inflation yearly will be distributed to developers or other contributers. Also, it would be great to tip with NFTs too!

Im also planning on launching Engine by mid-February, since it’s designed to be easy to update.

I would love the community features as promised by hivemind.

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:D Thank you for the suggestion; thats definitely something that can be done with Engine, and Ill be implementing it soon for the v1 launch! Great idea, any more? ;)


Really, with g+ closing down, this could be massive. I need somewhere to move my community and i know many many more community owners too

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I think it will be the only big feature for the mainnet launch; I want to launch before February. I’m hoping to team up with @jarvie (already contacted him) from SteemPeak to integrate with the interface, I dont know how I would even approach integrating with Steemit, or even Busy... I’m going to see if I can get in touch with the owners of Partiko too... But the biggest thing will be to launch it quickly. Also, what do you mean referring to g+? google plus?


Just seen u comment too on sos discord, will message you there

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Why not include in utopian.io?
I'm not a expert but maybe @portugalcoin can give you some sugestions.

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This does extremely interesting.

I am looking forward to see how this moves forward.


May I ask you if you have any input? Are there any specific features you want running on Steem?


I'm really not that knowledgable, but thanks, and good luck.

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