Steem Dollar Interest at 0.01%

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We have interest on SBD again

Since a few days ago we have a small interest on SBD again. At the moment we have a consensus of 0.01%.

The APR is set by the Top20 Witnesses, to affect the value the witness has to be in that section. Anyone outside this group will not be part of the consensus.

If you wish to see a higher interest rate on Steem Dollars, you should vote on a witness that supports this. You can easily see this on SteemD Witness List in the column marked APR.

Vote by going to

Current APR By Witnesses

Vote for me as Witness

Do You enjoy what I contribute to the community, consider voting for my Witnesses or as a Steemit Proxy Voter.

By voting for me as a witness, you will support an active witness on Steem and BitShares. I believe a witness should keep up-to-date on current happenings and be a conduit between the many users and the system.

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Thank you @sc-steemit for keeping a watch on that. I had voted for you for witness already. Yet, based on the chart you have provided here, I voted for @steemed and @pharesim.

We need the SBD value to go back up. It is at $0.90 on bittrex now!

Good call. The fact that the price is low on Bittrex is not good. We need to calm down the selling pressure.

Poloniex still have their wallets disabled for sending/receiving so we can't count their price, still.

Actually, I think I will go buy a lot of SBDs from bittrex. I have watched the SBD price for a while now, it never stays below $1 for long. So it is like a guaranteed 10% profit here.

Interesting post

its different from last 2 months ago. Last month, a little bit bigger the the value.

Please read my latest post
Secret to be a good writer

What about the savings, it has the same interest? I cannot see it, in my browser it shows "missing translation: en.asset_currently_collecting¨

It shouldn't matter what space you have your SBD in, if there's an APR interest on the sum it should apply in savings as well.

I think there's a frontend issue with the translations. It's fixed in #1722

Oh!! interesting. I now feel very rich!

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